Which Type of Commander Player Are You?
The Commanders Quarters

In a well-known article Wizards published in 2013, head Magic designer Mark Rosewater outlined three psychographic profiles his team uses when designing sets. These profiles, named "Timmy," "Johnny" and "Spike," categorize Magic players according to how they play, and what they most enjoy about the game. Ever since, players have enjoyed asking themselves which category they belong to.

Now, these psychological profiles are marketing tools to help keep Magic fun for as many people as possible. As an individual, you may fit into more than one of these categories, or none of them. That's fine! They're broad generalizations, meant to be descriptive, not proscriptive. Asking yourself how you fit in isn't about trying to let these profiles define you. It's a way to self-reflect on an interesting question: why do you play Magic?

With that disclaimer over, let's make some labels!


Timmy, Power Gamer

This player loves casting the biggest, baddest spells they can. Huge creatures. Game-warping spells. If it has a prohibitive mana cost, they want to play it.


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This player sees Magic as a puzzle, and they want to find the cleverest solution. They like crazy interactions and game-winning combos that show off their creativity and mastery of the rules.


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This player just wants to win. Everything else is secondary to eking out a competitive advantage.

So how does this relate to Commander? Let's take a look.