Worldwake Preview - Lodestone Golem

TCGplayer Staff


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Worldwake heralds the beginning of change in the world of Zendikar. What was once merely unusual is now becoming unpredictable, as the landscape and inhabitants bend to the turmoil. What treasures are buried and waiting to be uncovered? Players around the world will discover the next chapter as Worldwake is unveiled at Prereleases on January 30th and 31st.

As players, most of us are concerned with what Worldwake has to offer the game of Magic itself. While there's a lot of expansion on the themes of Kor, Vampires, Allies and Landfall, the major addition is Multikicker.

You can look at Multikicker as the vast potential that exists in the mana of the world of Zendikar. The magic there is so potent, spells can swell beyond their normal bounds and constraints. A small lizard may grow to a deadly beast, an elf can inspire his companions to greater feats, and one spell can consume a number of enemies.

In addition to multikicker, the land is also offering a new potential threat. Those that can wield the wilds, so to speak, will be able to harness the strength of the lands themselves, turning sources of power into legions of willing warriors.

For today's exclusive preview card, things start to look a touch unfamiliar. It doesn't fall into any of the previously mentioned categories... it instead looks to be a possible hint at what's to come in the future.

While the other mechanics and themes of Zendikar seem to focus on the vastness and potential of mana, Lodestone Golems hampers one's ability to make use of that power. We know in the third set of this block, the Eldrazi rise. Are they angry at the explorers that are intruding on their world? What use did they have for the abundant mana thats found there?

The card itself also offers only questions to deckbuilders. How does this creature work into the current pool of cards? Is the benefit of slowing your opponents down worth the drawback of playing mostly or all artifacts yourself? Lodestone Golem offers a Juggernaut-sized body for four mana, but how does it fare in a world of Lightning Bolts and Path to Exiles?

As Worldwake continues to be revealed, those questions and more will be answered.