Feature Article from Peter Day

Magic.tcgplayer Is Dead. Long Live Magic.tcgplayer!

Peter Day

3/18/2020 11:02:00 AM

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Hi! I'm Peter. I edit Magic content on TCGplayer.

Let's start with the important stuff:

Today, we're launching a brand-new content site called TCGplayer Infinite. All of our current writers will migrate to the new site, which is prettier, more secure and mobile-friendly. If you enjoy reading Mark Nestico, Kevin Poncelet, Emma Partlow, Yoman5, Seth Manfield, Adam Yurchick, Brian Braun-Duin or Nick Prince, you can find their articles every week at https://infinite.tcgplayer.com/magic-the-gathering.

My boss Jon Corpora, whom you know from Pretty Deece, has an article on Infinite explaining why we build a new content site and some of the exciting things we're planning to do with it. You should check it out.

This is the last article we will publish to magic.tcgplayer. Infinite is still growing, so while our team works to replicate some of the functionality on magic.tcgplayer, this site will remain live. Once Infinite is off the ground, we will sunset magic.tcgplayer and redirect the URL.

So… yeah! Any questions?

Why Did You Build a New Content Site?

Today, TCGplayer is known for being the #1 marketplace for trading cards and collectibles (it's not bragging if it's true), but our content site actually predates the marketplace. Back in the day we were known as brainburst.com. We've been reporting and commenting on the Magic scene since before Orim's Chant was legal in Type 2—that's Standard for you young'uns.

In the years since, magic.tcgplayer has started to show its age a bit.

Last year we went to our developers and told them we wanted the site to be mobile-friendly, https-compliant and not look like it was modeled on Geocities. They told us it would be harder to bring magic.tcgplayer into the 21st century than to build a whole new site from the ground up.

So that's what we did.

Who Are You Again?

I'm Peter Day. I've been behind the scenes editing magic.tcgplayer since March 2019. Before that I was packing cards in the TCGplayer Direct warehouse. My first cardboard love was Counterspell, because no one else at my middle school had any, so I built a Mono-Blue Control deck with Vizzerdrix as the finisher. It was very successful.

I'll be behind the curtain at infinite.tcgplayer.com/magic-the-gathering.

Where Can I Find Old Articles?

We've already duplicated every article from January 1st 2014 forward to TCGplayer Infinite. You can now read them without pinching your phone and squinting.

We have all the articles from before 2014 saved to our database and will import them to Infinite as our priorities allow.

What Can I Expect From TCGplayer Infinite?

So much! Read Jon's article for the lowdown.

I'm Sentimental About the Old Site.

Me too. Even positive changes are bittersweet.

Magic.tcgplayer, for all its flaws, is marked with care and attention from all the people who have poured their hearts into it. I'm reminded of them every time I see the >>Print<< link at the top of an article, or the NEWS ARCHIVE → button in the footer screaming in all caps, or the WoW Class(es) field on the article submission page.

Druid, Hunter, Mage, Paladin...

Does anyone else remember the WoW TCG? Just me?

These quirky artifacts stand in tribute to the cardslingers who came before me. The ones who didn't know whether this “internet” thing would take off, or whether their hobby would last into the 2020's, but who carried on anyway. The ones who loved this silly game called Magic so much they simply had to talk about it with anyone who would listen.

I'm incredibly lucky that I get to spend my days wondering when we'll get a high-res image of the art on Shatter the Sky. It's because of the fans that come before me that my job, and jobs like it, exist. I'm so grateful to them. We intend to carry on their legacy with TCGplayer Infinite.

If you've been reading TCGplayer since the old days, thank you. We do this for you, and for ourselves, because we love Magic, and we never want to stop talking about it.