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Announcment: TCGplayer Organized Play in 2014

TCGplayer Staff

10/10/2013 2:30:00 PM

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TCGplayer Organized Play has grown by leaps and bounds throughout our 2013 season. Tens of thousands of players have participated in our events. Venues around the country have hosted over 700 MaxPoint events, awarding players hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash and prizes. And our State Championships coming up this weekend should define the Standard format leading into the $50,000 MaxPoint Series Championship which is right around the corner, on November 1st - 3rd, featuring Live Coverage!

So first and foremost I want to thank the entirety of the Magic community - players, organizers, judges and others - who have participated in our programs and made the MaxPoint series what it is today.

I want to take this opportunity to also share some of the great additions to the MaxPoint system that we have coming up in the next year.

Continued Evolution of MaxPoint Events and Prizing

This year we offered a great lineup of prizes, and next year we're going to continue awarding them based on our “Play Local, Win Big” philosophy. We're bringing our championship to the Northeast, October 24th - 26th, awarding another $50,000 to our top finishers. Players have another year of seasonal playmats, great MaxPoint tokens, and specialized prizes from our various Organized Play programs.

October 24th - 26th

MaxPoint Redemption Program

One of the items we are most excited about is the upcoming MaxPoint Redemption Program! We know that there's a number of players out there that can't attend our Championship each year and are looking to get value out of the points they've earned.

Coming in 2014, players will be able to exchange MaxPoint tokens for some great TCGplayer branded products and other amazing items! These items will only be available by redemption.

Items such as sleeves, messenger bags, playmats and all sorts of swag, and all the way up to a flight to our championship will be available for redemption.

(Items and art are subject to change.)

More Diamond $5k Opens

TCGplayer will continue to offer a robust schedule of $5,000 Diamond Open events around the country where players can not only compete for huge cash and prizes, but can also redeem their MaxPoint tokens for byes!

And don't forget, points from 2013 can be used at this year's championship and for byes at Diamond events next year.

Organizer Rewards Program = Even More Events

Players that participate in our events aren't the only ones getting rewards. The MaxPoint series is also adding on an Organizer Rewards Program, which will ensure that players around the country will see even more events in local stores where they can earn cash and fame.

Additionally, we're adding to our Organized Play with some great, unique programs...

Player Appreciation Weekend

One such program is our newly added Player Appreciation Weekend. On February 22nd and 23rd, 2014 TCGplayer will be running some very special events at stores that have previously participated in the MaxPoint series. Giveaways, exclusive prizes, and more will be up for grabs so keep an eye out for upcoming details!

February 22nd & 23rd

Huge Evolution of Our State Championship Programs

TCGplayer understands the growing confusion with various entities trying to run States programs. For us, it's very important to continue to set our events apart. TCGplayer has been providing States participants with a path to a huge money championship for years, and in 2014 we're going even bigger to make sure that our State Championships mean something amazing to you.

In 2014, TCGplayer will offer three State Championship events, all in different formats to ensure that our State Champions have a true claim to fame. In the Spring we will offer our first Limited State Championships featuring the Theros/Born of the Gods sealed format. The summer will bring our first Modern State Championships, and we will come back next fall with the format's rotation and our Standard State Championships.

State Championship Tiered Prizes

Knowing that we are going to have State Champions in multiple formats, we want to go above and beyond for those players that may do well in more than one event. So in addition to any prizes awarded by organizers, State champions will receive a special “All Access” pass that will allow them free entry into any Diamond Open event!

On top of that, any player that wins two State Championships will be awarded a $350 appearance fee for attending the $50,000 MaxPoint Series Championship. Should any player win in all three formats, they will be awarded a $1,000 travel appearance fee if they attend the Championship!

More Surprises for 2014

TCGplayer will have more details on each of the above programs as well as more exciting announcements leading up to the launch of the brand new season of MaxPoint events.

Be sure to check out our live coverage for the 2013 TCGplayer.com MaxPoint Series Championship featuring our own Frank Lepore and special guest commentator Caleb Durward along with GGSLive starting Saturday, November 2nd!