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Fat Stacks - The Theros Review

Cassidy Silver

9/26/2013 10:00:00 AM

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Welcome to another edition of Fat Stacks! It's that time again, where the entire world eagerly awaits the new set to drop, and we will dig deep into Theros to find some Commander goodies.

Theros marks something new Fat Stacks, because I was actually able to attend the prerelease event! I haven't been to a prerelease since Mirrodin was Besieged, so my initial reaction to most new cards comes from the point of view of someone who is merely reading the cards, and testing out the ones that seem interesting at first glance. It's not that I don't like prereleases, just that I am either too broke or too busy to ever make my way to one. This year though, Jeff from the Gaming Goat offered to hook me up, so I was able to get a good look at a lot of cards that tend to shine through as the set gets played.

Anyways, I am going to format this set review by just mentioning what I like, and what EDH decks they will slide into. I already wrote about Daxos of Meletis, Anax and Cymede, and Tymaret, the Murder King in previous articles, and I know the former two will make an appearance in my upcoming Rafiq of the Many article, so we will skip over them for now. Up first, of course, is white.


 Celestial Archon
Store QTY Price  
Jacks Knacks 1 $0.05
Graham Collectables 2 $0.06
Karns Cards 1 $0.07
Bayside Thrift 2 $0.08
Elementalgames 3 $0.08
BaT Comics Games 4 $0.08
Grimmus 1 $0.09
Crimson Wing Games 1 $0.09
Atomic Dreams 2 $0.09
Gam3 no 11 $0.09
Magic MTG Card
Magic MTG Card Celestial Archon Magic MTG Card
Magic MTG Card

Celestial Archon – I was not terribly impressed with Bestow at first, mainly because the mana is intensive with these cards. I would still say that most of them are not worth it, but in a color like white, we are set up to use Auras anyways. Celestial Archon is a decent creature, comparable to something like a Serra Angel, and since I've been running a lot of deathtouch equipment lately, first strike is one of the most important abilities to have. Paying seven mana to bestow seems like a lot, but we have to remember that the Archon will become a creature again if the enchanted creature dies, so we have to adjust our understanding of how much we are willing to pay for auras. Many different decks will accommodate bestow creatures, but I think something like Krond, the Dawn Clad, or Bruna, Light of Alabaster, will benefit the most. Unfortunately, they are not auras in the graveyard or hand for Bruna, but the support for enchantments are already built into those decks.

 Elspeth, Sun's Champion
Store QTY Price  
Ulrich and Helvas 1 $9.00
Guild Mage 1 $9.00
EdwinFelspar 1 $9.00
Trade Routes MTG 1 $9.39
HouseofCards Winston 1 $9.49
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East Coast Gaming 1 $9.75
Moose Loot 2 $9.97
Nemo Card Shop 1 $9.98
Old Man Adventures 1 $9.99
Magic MTG Card
Magic MTG Card Elspeth, Sun's Champion Magic MTG Card
Magic MTG Card

Elspeth, Sun's Champion – It's been a pretty long time since we had a new Elspeth, and I didn't really like Elspeth Tirel very much. The first thing that I notice right away is that she is six to cast, which means the likelihood of her being a competitive staple is much lower. Pricewise, I am guessing she will be in the mid teens in the near future, and even less as things progress, which is always good for casual players. When it comes to EDH, she is definitely a power house, but her ultimate ability is kind of weak. After the original Elspeth, Knight-Errant's sick ultimate, I think this emblem is a bit more balanced. Three Soldier Tokens is nice and all, but nothing really too impressive there. The selective Day of Judgment is what is really awesome on this card, especially in decks like Tajic, Blade of the Legion, where he starts out at 2/2, but boosts to 7/7 (okay, he's indestructible, bad example, but you get the point).

 Gift of Immortality
Store QTY Price  
The CollectiveCCG 1 $0.98
A Curious Museum 2 $1.01
The War Zone 1 $1.18
actionmtg 4 $1.25
Mage's Sanctum 1 $1.28
Auggie's Games 2 $1.29
Game On BD 1 $1.35
ClassicalCardsNMore 3 $1.35
Scorchulators LLC 4 $1.40
Land In Front 1 $1.47
Magic MTG Card
Magic MTG Card Gift of Immortality Magic MTG Card
Magic MTG Card

Gift of Immortality – This card is pretty cool, creating a semi-indestructible state for our creatures. There are a lot of enchantments that are similar, but they usually require a Sun Titan type of card to get the actual enchantment back. This is another card that Bruna will love, but my mind immediately shoots to Zur, the Enchanter here. I built a Zur reanimator deck for a fan earlier this year, and this card is perfect for that deck.

 Heliod's Emissary
Store QTY Price  
Graham Collectables 18 $0.01
Mana Rock Gaming 1 $0.01
SalesbyStephenB 1 $0.02
Karns Cards 3 $0.02
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Level Up MN 24 $0.04
The Gaming Cantina 23 $0.04
The Gaming Cantina 23 $0.04
Auggie's Games 6 $0.04
Magic MTG Card
Magic MTG Card Heliod's Emissary Magic MTG Card
Magic MTG Card

Heliod's Emissary – The other White bestow creature to make the list, this card just straight up wrecked my face at the prerelease. The creature itself is a 3/3 for four mana that taps down an opposing creature. Something like Seasoned Marshal is hugely outclassed now, and the Bestow cost is reasonable if you consider that will still be around if the creature this is bestowed upon dies. Again, we are talking about decks that are set up to play with auras, but I think this one fits into low-curve White aggro decks as well. Combine it with Gideon Jura type effects to get maximum value.

 Phalanx Leader
Store QTY Price  
Wood Tower Gaming 3 $0.05
Graham Collectables 14 $0.06
OldSchoolGaming 1 $0.06
OldSchoolGaming 1 $0.07
FernandezCards 3 $0.07
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StorytellersTCG 2 $0.10
Laminators 4 $0.10
Level Up MN 18 $0.10
Magic MTG Card
Magic MTG Card Phalanx Leader Magic MTG Card
Magic MTG Card

Phalanx Leader – I've already toyed around with heroic creatures a bit when I built Anax and Cymede, and I am pretty disappointed with it. The ability is way too ‘build around me' for the small benefits that it gives. For the most part, the spells I run that would target creatures are removal spells, or possibly strong auras like Eldrazi Conscription. Either way, I will not have nearly enough spells to make most of the heroic stuff worth running. Phalanx Leader benefits the entire army at once with a permanent bonus, so even only a few activations will be worth it. This is a great card for token based white decks, like Rhys the Redeemed or Darien, King of Kjeldor.


 Aqueous Form
Store QTY Price  
Sorrows Path 13 $0.09
Graham Collectables 19 $0.13
Scorched Apple MTG 1 $0.14
BaT Comics Games 4 $0.14
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Redfourwin 5 $0.21
HouseofCards Winston 8 $0.22
GalacticTCG 4 $0.23
Magic MTG Card
Magic MTG Card Aqueous Form Magic MTG Card
Magic MTG Card

Aqueous Form – This is definitely a card that I would not have found out about for a while after the set is released, and boy howdy, this card is amazing! For a single blue mana, we make a creature unblockable and scry one when they attack! This is great in something like Ruhan of the Fomori, or Wrexial, the Risen Deep, or really any blue-based aggressive deck.

 Curse of the Swine
Store QTY Price  
BaT Comics Games 3 $0.31
Titan Games PR 4 $0.41
Exiled Games 1 $0.50
Heroes Ink Comics 2 $0.51
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Magic MTG Card
Magic MTG Card Curse of the Swine Magic MTG Card
Magic MTG Card

Curse of the Swine – BLUE GETS EVERYTHING! Seriously, I am blown away that this card is monoblue, and the fact that it exiles X targets is just so incredibly powerful. Sac outlets will be even more important for graveyard decks, and I already know that my Karador, Ghost Chieftain deck will have an uphill battle against this card. The sting of the amazingness of this card is tempered by the cool flavor of the card – I know it is based off of some Greek story, but it totally reminds me of the scene in Willow where Bavmorda swine-ifies the good guys. Put this in any blue deck, because it is ridiculously good.

 Shipbreaker Kraken
Store QTY Price  
Grimmus 2 $0.09
Elevate Gaming 1 $0.10
MTGCCG and More 2 $0.10
Bayside Thrift 2 $0.10
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Magic MTG Card
Magic MTG Card Shipbreaker Kraken Magic MTG Card
Magic MTG Card

Shipbreaker Kraken – I may not have a high opinion of some of the mechanics in Theros, but I have no problem with monstrosity whatsoever. The idea that we can pay a reasonable cost for a midrange creature, and spend more later to make it stronger is right up my alley. It is kind of like the level creatures from Rise of the Eldrazi, only with a much simpler façade to it. The Shipbreaker Kraken in particular is a great choice, because it goes from a 6/6 for six to a 10/10 for eight. Dungeon Geist was a good card, and basically this Kraken is four Dungeon Geists in one when it gets monstrous.

 Thassa, God of the Sea
Store QTY Price  
Pack Players 1 $7.71
Strategy First Cards 1 $7.85
OffTheWallGames 1 $8.42
Mr Fahrenheit 1 $8.60
Paper Dragon 1 $8.70
DanTCG 1 $8.72
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Goblin Games MHK 2 $8.89
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PlusOneMetairie 4 $8.89
Magic MTG Card
Magic MTG Card Thassa, God of the Sea Magic MTG Card
Magic MTG Card

Thassa, God of the Sea – I didn't mention white's God, Heliod, but I think Thassa here is the real deal. Scrying every turn is extremely good, and she has the lowest CMC of any of the Gods. Actually, Thassa looks like a chick, but is named the ‘God' of the sea...oh well. I think that we might have some problems with blue devotion, but a three drop indestructible enchantment that scrys every turn, and can make creatures unblockable, seems fine as well. This can pretty much slide into any blue based deck without much issue.


 Agent of the Fates
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MnJ Cards 1 $0.08
Sorrows Path 2 $0.09
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Magic MTG Card
Magic MTG Card Agent of the Fates Magic MTG Card
Magic MTG Card

Agent of the Fates – Once again, I am torn on this card. I love me a Diabolic Edict, especially if it is attached to a creature, but I am really not sold on heroic. Black creatures are usually big enough on their own, and there are only a few spells in the color that we want to target our own creatures with.

 Erebos, God of the Dead
Store QTY Price  
EdwinFelspar 1 $7.00
timewarp cards 1 $8.25
Triple A Treasures 1 $8.37
Brush Sales 1 $8.80
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timewarp cards 1 $9.15
MrBs Magic Emporium 1 $9.17
Cardsologie 1 $9.31
The Guild House 1 $9.41
Magic MTG Card
Magic MTG Card Erebos, God of the Dead Magic MTG Card
Magic MTG Card

Erebos, God of the Dead – Whereas I think Thassa will likely be an enchantment most of the time, Black is the greediest of the colors, and tends to require a lot of black mana to be cast. Black tutors also have the ability to search out permanents, while blue tends to grab non-permanents, or mostly-colorless artifacts. My point – we will probably have access to Erebos as a 5/7 beastie. Stopping the opponents from gaining life is very nice, as most effects tend to stop the entire table from gaining life. Having access to a pseudo Greed is worth the playing of Erebos as just an enchantment. I got a copy of Erebos in the prerelease, and he is currently at home in my Kaervek the Merciless deck.

 Hero's Downfall
Store QTY Price  
Triple J Magic 1 $2.77
Zulus Games 3 $2.91
Common Ground Games 1 $2.91
Lilianas playground 1 $2.95
A Curious Museum 1 $2.97
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paladins games 2 $3.00
Hex and Company 1 $3.04
Victory Point Gaming 2 $3.05
Magic MTG Card
Magic MTG Card Hero's Downfall Magic MTG Card
Magic MTG Card

Hero's Downfall – I love Dreadbore, so of course I am going to like the instant version that can go into non-Radkos based decks. Not much more to say than that...it goes in pretty much anything.

 Hythonia the Cruel
Store QTY Price  
actionmtg 4 $0.25
BaT Comics Games 5 $0.28
Auggie's Games 2 $0.29
JMJ Games 1 $0.30
Elementalgames 4 $0.31
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Bayside Thrift 1 $0.32
East Coast Gaming 7 $0.35
Golden Phoenix Games 1 $0.37
Magic MTG Card
Magic MTG Card Hythonia the Cruel Magic MTG Card
Magic MTG Card

Hythonia the Cruel – I haven't decided whether I will build a deck around Hythonia yet, so I'll go ahead and talk about her here. I love the idea of making a voltron/control deck with her, and that was actually another card that I pulled in the prerelease...actually, we will just talk about her more later.

 Read the Bones
Store QTY Price  
Cupcakecharlie 19 $0.07
Graham Collectables 38 $0.08
Rocket City Gaming 2 $0.10
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MTGCCG and More 12 $0.14
Q Music Shop 1 $0.15
Camis Corner 1 $0.15
Magic MTG Card
Magic MTG Card Read the Bones Magic MTG Card
Magic MTG Card

Read the Bones – Another card that may have fallen by the wayside had I not attended the prerelease. Read the Bones is a bit more expensive then Sign in Blood or Night's Whisper to cast, but gives us an amazing scry two on top. Theoretically, we can see four cards total with this card, which is very handy if we are digging for a land.


 Purphoros, God of the Forge
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NeverendingGameStore 1 $14.50
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J.R.Cards 1 $15.93
Magical Vixens 1 $15.94
Magic MTG Card
Magic MTG Card Purphoros, God of the Forge Magic MTG Card
Magic MTG Card

Purphoros, God of the Forge – There are not a lot of monored cards that jump out at me in Theros, but the power of the Forge God makes up for it almost completely. He goes perfectly in token based Red decks, like Tajic or Krenko, Mob Boss, because he will trigger two damage for each creature. Something like Assemble the Legions will become literally insane with Purphoros in play! He can also pump up the entire army, so yet again we are loving him in a token deck. Red has a lot of really powerful permanents, and if we are running Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker, the devotion is basically done.

 Rageblood Shaman
Store QTY Price  
TheHavreCardMan 1 $0.02
cogentmtg 1 $0.05
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Scorched Apple MTG 3 $0.20
Magic MTG Card
Magic MTG Card Rageblood Shaman Magic MTG Card
Magic MTG Card

Rageblood Shaman – Woo hoo! Minotaur tribal!!! Minotaurs are not overly supported in MtG, so the prospect of them actually becoming a thing is exciting. There are not many Minotaur legends to build around, but we could certainly jimmy-rig a Tahngarth, Talruum Hero deck. Tahngarth is sweet.

 Stormbreath Dragon
Store QTY Price  
GhostGamingTCG 2 $1.75
Mountain View Magic 4 $1.75
Big Tom TCG 1 $1.75
Land In Front 2 $1.91
Zulus Games 1 $1.93
Plaid Magic 1 $1.95
Epic Works Games 2 $1.96
SynkUP 1 $1.99
Ulrich and Helvas 3 $2.00
The DeeP 1 $2.00
Magic MTG Card
Magic MTG Card Stormbreath Dragon Magic MTG Card
Magic MTG Card

Stormbreath Dragon – I love this card for my Gwedlyn Di Corci Megrim deck, and it's pretty much the prime example of a monstrosity. It scales very nicely from a 4/4 creature on five mana into a 7/7 on seven. Hopefully, the huge price doesn't stick around the level it is currently at, because this thing could be playable in EDH, but it's not that good.


 Bow of Nylea
Store QTY Price  
BreakPoint TCG 8 $0.88
Fallen Phoenix Games 1 $0.89
A Curious Museum 2 $0.91
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Autumn MTG Trader 1 $1.00
paladins games 1 $1.00
Kuma Cards 1 $1.00
Zulus Games 1 $1.10
Magic MTG Card
Magic MTG Card Bow of Nylea Magic MTG Card
Magic MTG Card

Bow of Nylea – Wow, this card is just too good. I mean, all of the Gods' weapons are good, but the Bow of Nylea really takes the cake. Giving all creatures deathtouch is awesome, especially if we are running it in multi color decks where we have access to first/double strike. If not, we can make those mana dorks extremely lethal! Where the other four weapons have only two functions, for some reason this thing has five! This offers us far more options for this card, and really one card fulfilling so many roles is a form of card advantage. I can't wait to put this in my green decks.

 Nemesis of Mortals
Store QTY Price  
Wood Tower Gaming 2 $0.02
Graham Collectables 23 $0.03
SynkUP 1 $0.03
Magic Mana Vault 1 $0.04
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Ghost and Jester 2 $0.05
Magic MTG Card
Magic MTG Card Nemesis of Mortals Magic MTG Card
Magic MTG Card

Nemesis of Mortals – This is another card that wrecked my face in the prerelease, but it's been on my radar since it was spoiled anyways. It is perfect for so many of the graveyard strategies out there, including Jarad, Golgari Lich Lord, or Karador, Ghost Chieftain. Karador is the obvious home though, as this huge Snake basically has the same ability as the leader of dead Centaurs.

 Nylea, God of the Hunt
Store QTY Price  
ThatGUYs Stuff 1 $6.00
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Epic Works Games 1 $6.99
HelivanahMTG 1 $7.00
Magic MTG Card
Magic MTG Card Nylea, God of the Hunt Magic MTG Card
Magic MTG Card

Nylea, God of the Hunt – On the surface level, Nylea might actually be one of the worst of the Gods. The expensive Giant Growth type ability is pretty close to being bad, though giving all the other creatures Trample is definitely desirable. The best thing here is that green is almost solely based around permanents, so the devotion is going to be pretty easy and quick. It's very conceivable that we have five G's spread amongst the early board, especially with an Elfie mana dork early game plan.


 Ashiok, Nightmare Weaver
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Silvery jem 1 $3.68
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Thor Cards 1 $4.00
Six Feet Under Games 1 $4.05
Magic MTG Card
Magic MTG Card Ashiok, Nightmare Weaver Magic MTG Card
Magic MTG Card

Ashiok, Nightmare Weaver – I like this card a lot, mainly because it is such an odd little planeswalker. Ashiok steals creatures, and turns them into Nightmares, which is just about the coolest dang thing I've ever heard, though it does remind me of Chainer, Dementia Master some. The ultimate on this thing is actually kind of wonky, being a lot more situational than most ultimates. Really, I think this is going to be a fun planeswalker more so than a good planeswalker, but at least it only costs three mana.

 Horizon Chimera
Store QTY Price  
Frankobaby 8 $0.04
Karns Cards 4 $0.04
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Ghost and Jester 3 $0.05
Mages Library 4 $0.05
Magic MTG Card
Magic MTG Card Horizon Chimera Magic MTG Card
Magic MTG Card

Horizon Chimera – I love this creature for so many reasons, the least of which is the weird look it has. A 3/2 flying trampler with Flash is pretty cool, but of course the real reason I love this card is that life gaining ability. With a few exceptions, we will gain a life every turn, and since we are playing blue and green, we will probably gain way more than that. I like the way cards like Sylvan Library or Brainstorm interact with the Horizon Chimera, because we are drawing a lot of cards, even they don't stay in the hand. My favorite interaction, though, is with Drogskol Reaver. For each card we draw, we gain a life, and for each life we gain, we draw a card. Of course, it is important to have a way to get rid of one of the two pieces before we draw ourselves to death, but we can easily draw the key cards to stop the cycle.

 Prophet of Kruphix
Store QTY Price  
Flying Coqui 1 $0.37
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Karns Cards 1 $0.55
Cards by Daves 1 $0.55
Magic MTG Card
Magic MTG Card Prophet of Kruphix Magic MTG Card
Magic MTG Card

Prophet of Kruphix – Dang, this card would be so amazing as a monogreen card! Not that it isn't amazing now, it's just that I want it in my Omnath, Locus of Mana deck so bad. Oh, well. Anyways, we basically have a Seedborn Muse crossed with Yeva, Nature's Herald, and Seedborn Muse in particular is notorious in EDH. The funny part is that Seedborn Muse is mainly abused by UG decks, as the open mana makes control decks run near-seamlessly. Pretty much any Simic deck will love this card.

 Reaper of the Wilds
Store QTY Price  
Comic Asylum 8 $0.10
Bayside Thrift 3 $0.10
Karns Cards 1 $0.10
AE Games 1 $0.10
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Dark Citadel 1 $0.12
OldSchoolGaming 1 $0.12
BaT Comics Games 2 $0.12
Magic MTG Card
Magic MTG Card Reaper of the Wilds Magic MTG Card
Magic MTG Card

Reaper of the Wilds – This is a very cool card, with a lot of interesting abilities that make it a very powerful creature. Giving it deathtouch or hexproof for a few mana is reasonable, and not really a hindrance for the two colors that know how to make mana. I really love the scry ability though, especially because I use Viscera Seer so often. Put these two together, and we will be filtering through the deck like mad.

 Triad of Fates
Store QTY Price  
Sorrows Path 4 $0.04
Comic Asylum 8 $0.05
Pandemic Liquidation 7 $0.07
Karns Cards 3 $0.07
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Basin Gaming 1 $0.10
Leos Artifacts 4 $0.10
DreamDaze CFG 46 $0.10
Magic MTG Card
Magic MTG Card Triad of Fates Magic MTG Card
Magic MTG Card

Triad of Fates – This card is just bizarre, and possibly too slow to ever be good. I guess the idea is to put fate counters on our own creatures, and either blink them, or exile them for two cards. It seems like a lot of work for effects that are easy to come by otherwise. The cool thing about this card is the fate counters themselves, and the interaction with Oblivion Stone. Is this enough to warrant a space in Orzhov decks? I don't know yet.

 Xenagos, the Reveler
Store QTY Price  
Lilianas playground 1 $3.00
MerrillMerrill 2 $3.00
Lilianas playground 1 $3.25
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Labyrinth Game Shop 1 $4.17
Plaid Magic 2 $4.35
OldSchoolGaming 1 $4.46
Magic MTG Card
Magic MTG Card Xenagos, the Reveler Magic MTG Card
Magic MTG Card

Xenagos, the Reveler – I haven't seen as strong a planeswalker as Xenagos in a while... I mean, this guy is a straight up powerhouse in EDH. His +1 ability is a frickin' Gaea's Cradle, only it can make Red mana if we need it! The 2/2 token with haste costs no loss of loyalty whatsoever, and gives us an offensive option that is not usually offered by planeswalkers. His ultimate is not overly epic by any means, but he is also building up to it by making a lot of free mana, so it is forgivable. I am struck by how RG colors now share three planeswalkers, two of which were released within months of each other! Xenagos has plenty of synergy with both Domri Rade and Sarkhan Vol, excellent ‘walkers in their own right. I hope to secure a Xenagos for my Borborygmos Enraged deck as soon as possible.

Lacks Color

 Burnished Hart
Store QTY Price  
Sorrows Path 14 $0.40
TorrentialFrostGames 1 $0.41
Labyrinth Game Shop 1 $0.43
Kaysville Seller 2 $0.47
Tier Zero Gaming 4 $0.48
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starland cards 2 $0.49
MattyDeezCards 4 $0.50
Zulus Games 52 $0.50
Magic MTG Card
Magic MTG Card Burnished Hart Magic MTG Card
Magic MTG Card

Burnished Hart – I found out about this card through one of my biggest fans, Alex Szeto. I am so glad he told me about it, because I think it may be one of the best cards in the set... for EDH, anyways. I mean, it is basically a Solemn Simulacrum, which can go in pretty much any deck (and often does). I actually like it better than ol' Sad Robot for a few reasons – 1) Three CMC is the magic Sun Titan number, which the Solemn is not, and 2) The Burnished Hart fetches more land! The draw trigger on the Solemn Sim is nice, but let's be honest here people, it gets played because it gets land. The three CMC is also nice because I get stuck on three mana more often than four, and having a Solemn Simulacrum in hand while stuck on three lands is just the Fates being perverse. The Burnished Hart sets us ahead two turns overall, which makes up for costing a bit more in overall mana cost.

 Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx
Store QTY Price  
Ninety Five 3 $6.98
Ninety Five 45 $14.95
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Magic MTG Card

Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx – In a lot of ways, Nykthos is the new age Cabal Coffers. We've already discussed which colors will be best for devotion a bit, so we can really apply that back to Nykthos. I have a copy of it that went into my Omnath deck (of course), but I expect to have this card in most of my mono / dual colored decks. At three colors, there will probably be a lot less devotion going on, not to mention the undesirable nature of a colorless land in three color mana bases.

Well, that is my take on Theros! There were a lot of other cards on this list that got cut as I realized how long this article was going to be, but I am sure we will get to them in the future (or not). I think this set is perfect for getting players back into the game, and from my experience with the prerelease, super fun in limited. Can't wait for Saturday!

There is so much in store for you wonderful readers! I have had a lot of really cool requests from readers to experiment with, and plenty of older deck archetypes to update with Theros cards. I think next week will be a Hythonia the Cruel deck, but I can't be sure just yet...

Send any requests over to FatStacksEDH[at]gmail[dot]com. That stuff goes straight to my phone, so it's easier to get back to you. Feel free to friend me on Facebook (I do tend to curse and troll, so beware), and every once in a while I stop by my @WriterofWrong Twitter account. I hate that character limit!

You can see pretty much all of my articles from the past two years if you click the link that is also my name at the top of the page. They are worth reading, because the decks frequently reappear as I Tinker with the builds.

My fellow Chicagoans, you should stop on by Gamers Link Chicago! We have EDH tournaments every Sunday, and EDH playing every other day besides that. We are also avid Warhammer players, and we have tons of board games that are available to play for free. Check us out on Facebook, and our website should be done shortly!

One last thing, and I'll let you guys go – I will be at the Gaming Goat Schaumburg on Friday night. Jeff the Goat Man invited me out for some EDH'ing, and I couldn't refuse... because he offered me dinner. Oh, and Craig Wescoe, the champion himself, is going to be there as well. I don't know if he plays EDH though.

Thanks for reading!

- Cassidy Silver