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Win A Major Event Recently?

If so, Brainburst wants your tournament report. Aside from the fame and accolades which come with getting published on the #1 Magic the Gathering Resource website, you will receive a good deal of financial compensation!

This promotion is geared specifically toward competitors who have had a superior performance at a major event. To be more specific, we're looking for Top 8 reports (with Champions getting precedence) from the following:

  • Pro Tour

  • Masters

  • Grand Prix

  • Nationals

  • Worlds

  • Any other premiere events (not PTQs)

  • Interested and think you have what it takes? Wouldn't mind adding some more cash to that prize? Here are the key elements we're looking for:

    Prelude to the Event

  • Background and playtesting information, such as your perception of the metagame, difficult deck-building decisions that came up, how they were handled and why.

  • An introduction to the deck you played and how it works.

  • For Draft and other Limited events, what your strategy was going in, why, and how you came to that decision.

  • Any other interesting items which you can include to make the article more readable and informative.

  • Report on the Event

  • In-depth round by round coverage. This should typically contain a minimum of one paragraph of information for each duel. Submissions must also include sideboarding information for each round (including reasoning).

  • Conclusion and Deck Analysis

  • This is your chance to really stand out. Whereas many reports stop once the event does, this is actually where most of the important information for the reader should come - how did the deck work out? What would you change? (What wouldn't you change?) What is your analysis of the deck now that you've finished the event? The same things apply to draft as well - How did your strategy work out? What would you have done differently? How will the experience affect your decisions in the next event? The goal here is to teach the readers about your deck or strategy, so the more you can accomplish here, the more likely they are to come away satisfied.

  • Summary

    The key to a great report is remembering the reader. The more you can address the simple question of "why should they read this?" the more successful your report will be. Also, remember that the focus should be on analyzing the deck for your readers. The round by round, for most readers, is just another way of getting backup for the analysis by seeing how it actually worked. Writers that skip (or skimp on) the actual deck analysis tend to end up with reports that will leave most readers dissatisfied. Instead, come from the angle of teaching them all about your deck, and use the round by round coverage as just one more way to show what your deck does.


    All prospective writers should make sure to check out the official Brainburst Submission Policy [] for specific details on submitting articles. Depending on quality and scope, submissions may be considered for use either on Brainburst Premium or the Community Side of, at the sole discretion of the site's management. Monetary compensation will be agreed upon before an article is placed live to the site.

    Collected Company

    - as low as

    Kolaghan's Command

    - as low as

    Narset Transcendent

    - as low as

    Atarka's Command

    - as low as

    Dragonlord Dromoka

    - as low as

    Dragonlord Ojutai

    - as low as

    Dragonlord Silumgar

    - as low as

    Dragonlord Atarka

    - as low as

    Risen Executioner

    - as low as

    Dromoka's Command

    - as low as


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