Updated - 11/17/2013

This Hot 100 Standard is calculated from all tournament decks entered from the KTK Standard format, and includes all non-common cards. (Prices reflect values as of 11/17 at 9:00 AM EST)

# Card Name Set Name High Mid Low
1Sylvan CaryatidTheros $67.60$13.52$7.86
2Courser of KruphixBorn of the Gods $29.99$12.95$9.24
3Hero's DownfallTheros $53.45$10.69$7.75
4Goblin RabblemasterMagic 2015 (M15) $21.71$16.07$11.43
5Temple of MaladyJourney Into Nyx $19.00$10.95$8.79
6Windswept HeathKhans of Tarkir $21.98$13.99$10.00
7Llanowar WastesMagic 2015 (M15) $10.00$7.42$4.99
8ThoughtseizeTheros $40.00$20.99$16.00
9Seeker of the WayKhans of Tarkir $1.99$0.53$0.16
10Siege RhinoKhans of Tarkir $12.99$5.16$2.96
11Stoke the FlamesMagic 2015 (M15) $6.99$4.74$3.44
12Sandsteppe CitadelKhans of Tarkir $2.46$0.53$0.25
13Temple of TriumphTheros $8.20$4.91$2.50
14Battlefield ForgeMagic 2015 (M15) $10.99$8.99$6.99
15Magma JetTheros $2.44$0.52$0.18
16Abzan CharmKhans of Tarkir $2.53$0.65$0.15
17Caves of KoilosMagic 2015 (M15) $5.00$2.61$1.25
18Temple of SilenceTheros $10.53$4.39$2.46
19Sorin, Solemn VisitorKhans of Tarkir $32.71$23.49$17.50
20Wooded FoothillsKhans of Tarkir $40.00$11.38$8.39
21Polukranos, World EaterTheros $17.00$11.39$7.25
22Shivan ReefMagic 2015 (M15) $10.28$7.93$4.25
23Dig Through TimeKhans of Tarkir $14.99$8.17$5.41
24Bloodstained MireKhans of Tarkir $30.00$10.99$7.50
25Elspeth, Sun's ChampionTheros $35.00$26.70$20.24
26Mystic MonasteryKhans of Tarkir $2.47$0.52$0.10
27Fleecemane LionTheros $10.00$3.54$1.75
28Flooded StrandKhans of Tarkir $35.00$15.08$12.00
29Mana ConfluenceJourney Into Nyx $25.00$15.00$11.00
30Sarkhan, the DragonspeakerKhans of Tarkir $45.91$23.10$16.25
31Wingmate RocKhans of Tarkir $21.71$13.52$9.25
32Jeskai CharmKhans of Tarkir $1.75$0.58$0.15
33Nomad OutpostKhans of Tarkir $2.00$0.49$0.15
34Monastery SwiftspearKhans of Tarkir $4.23$2.50$0.98
35Murderous CutKhans of Tarkir $2.62$0.75$0.33
36Mantis RiderKhans of Tarkir $12.00$3.28$1.25
37Stormbreath DragonTheros $42.00$17.04$12.00
38DissolveTheros $2.99$0.99$0.30
39Hordeling OutburstKhans of Tarkir $1.35$0.37$0.10
40Urborg, Tomb of YawgmothMagic 2015 (M15) $9.99$5.06$3.75
41Crackling DoomKhans of Tarkir $5.00$1.56$0.31
42Butcher of the HordeKhans of Tarkir $5.79$2.01$0.76
43Nykthos, Shrine to NyxTheros $16.45$3.29$1.89
44Hornet QueenMagic 2015 (M15) $8.00$3.96$2.00
45Temple of EpiphanyJourney Into Nyx $14.60$10.35$7.21
46Temple of AbandonTheros $8.99$3.19$0.99
47Bile BlightBorn of the Gods $2.44$0.64$0.20
48Yavimaya CoastMagic 2015 (M15) $7.91$5.66$3.00
49Banishing LightJourney Into Nyx $3.99$1.78$0.94
50Polluted DeltaKhans of Tarkir $40.00$14.99$11.50
51Temple of DeceitTheros $15.50$3.20$1.70
52Genesis HydraMagic 2015 (M15) $7.08$2.49$1.15
53Eidolon of BlossomsJourney Into Nyx $5.99$1.69$0.49
54Crater's ClawsKhans of Tarkir $3.19$1.34$0.30
55Brimaz, King of OreskosBorn of the Gods $43.71$30.35$21.76
56Rattleclaw MysticKhans of Tarkir $7.99$2.19$1.39
57Frontier BivouacKhans of Tarkir $2.44$0.51$0.15
58Chained to the RocksTheros $2.50$0.91$0.25
59Doomwake GiantJourney Into Nyx $3.28$1.55$0.49
60Favored HopliteTheros $1.25$0.29$0.12
61Temple of EnlightenmentBorn of the Gods $12.65$5.59$3.90
62Whip of ErebosTheros $3.91$2.39$1.30
63Savage KnucklebladeKhans of Tarkir $8.75$2.03$0.75
64Heir of the WildsKhans of Tarkir $0.95$0.19$0.04
65Temple of MysteryTheros $8.97$2.45$0.90
66Rakshasa DeathdealerKhans of Tarkir $8.51$1.78$0.36
67Utter EndKhans of Tarkir $8.00$1.99$0.50
68Opulent PalaceKhans of Tarkir $2.41$0.49$0.15
69Herald of TormentBorn of the Gods $4.07$1.56$0.94
70Firedrinker SatyrTheros $3.50$0.95$0.30
71Ashcloud PhoenixKhans of Tarkir $12.00$5.80$4.00
72Boon SatyrTheros $4.00$0.99$0.50
73Anafenza, the ForemostKhans of Tarkir $7.99$4.25$2.15
74Temple of PlentyBorn of the Gods $9.49$6.00$2.41
75Xenagos, the RevelerTheros $25.00$10.49$6.75
76Temur CharmKhans of Tarkir $1.90$0.38$0.15
77Ajani, Mentor of HeroesJourney Into Nyx $29.00$18.00$14.75
78DespiseKhans of Tarkir $1.65$0.33$0.10
79Jeskai AscendancyKhans of Tarkir $10.00$3.48$1.89
80Jace's IngenuityMagic 2015 (M15) $0.85$0.17$0.03
81Perilous VaultMagic 2015 (M15) $12.99$7.19$5.54
82End HostilitiesKhans of Tarkir $4.99$2.07$0.90
83Temple of MaliceBorn of the Gods $8.99$4.66$2.00
84Prognostic SphinxTheros $4.95$0.99$0.35
85Chandra, PyromasterMagic 2015 (M15) $11.99$7.17$5.33
86Ordeal of ThassaTheros $1.00$0.20$0.05
87Arbor ColossusTheros $1.75$0.35$0.18
88Bloodsoaked ChampionKhans of Tarkir $6.00$2.00$1.25
89Coordinated AssaultTheros $1.15$0.23$0.05
90Frenzied GoblinMagic 2015 (M15) $1.00$0.20$0.05
91Hero of IroasBorn of the Gods $12.85$2.57$1.43
92Stubborn DenialKhans of Tarkir $1.70$0.34$0.15
93Sidisi, Brood TyrantKhans of Tarkir $7.79$3.94$1.50
94Battlewise HopliteTheros $0.90$0.18$0.05
95Nissa, WorldwakerMagic 2015 (M15) $49.21$27.45$18.97
96Anger of the GodsTheros $4.99$3.42$2.00
97Brain MaggotJourney Into Nyx $1.75$0.54$0.25
98Phalanx LeaderTheros $1.25$0.30$0.10
99Silence the BelieversJourney Into Nyx $5.35$1.07$0.50
100Nylea, God of the HuntTheros $13.51$6.03$3.75

Color Deck Name Creator Format
Esper Controlbcphilli88Modern
Mardaeu Midrange?arlukeModern
Affinity LegacyGlassjaw11Legacy
Mardu Midrage 141121mgvmmvStandard
Temur ControlelementalheroflamewiStandard
UW control (b)3testiclesModern
Seeker StormAzixModern
Everyone LosesTheGreatestModern
Temur AggroLaurenttStandard
nath discard elvesquantumbleaperCommander
erhnam and burn'emfiend hunterVintage
Junk Aggrocade34Standard
GW HeroicDicewraithStandard
Soldiers UniteLupineShadowExtended
BW WarriorsMachineDynamoStandard
Jeskai ControlBryan770Standard

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