Updated - 7/21/2015

This Hot 100 Standard is calculated from all decks entered from the ORI Standard format. (Prices reflect values as of 7/21 at 9:00 AM EST)

# Card Name Set Name High Mid Low
1Courser of KruphixBorn of the Gods $17.27$5.01$3.56
2ThoughtseizeTheros $60.63$23.74$16.40
3Lightning StrikeMagic 2015 (M15) $0.65$0.15$0.07
4Stoke the FlamesMagic 2015 (M15) $8.30$2.74$1.00
5Hero's DownfallTheros $15.68$3.75$2.45
6Wild SlashFate Reforged $1.90$0.88$0.18
7Elvish MysticMagic 2015 (M15) $0.90$0.18$0.09
8Den ProtectorDragons of Tarkir $8.99$6.61$3.75
9Sylvan CaryatidTheros $17.50$3.50$2.00
10Goblin RabblemasterMagic 2015 (M15) $25.65$10.00$6.25
11Hordeling OutburstKhans of Tarkir $3.00$1.75$0.74
12Monastery SwiftspearKhans of Tarkir $5.10$2.50$1.50
13Dig Through TimeKhans of Tarkir $13.90$5.29$3.99
14Dragon FodderMagic Origins $0.70$0.14$0.03
15Siege RhinoKhans of Tarkir $15.00$4.14$2.99
16Deathmist RaptorDragons of Tarkir $27.99$22.24$16.80
17Bile BlightBorn of the Gods $4.73$1.67$0.43
18Thunderbreak RegentDragons of Tarkir $12.00$5.43$3.50
19LanguishMagic Origins $13.99$10.95$7.80
20Rattleclaw MysticKhans of Tarkir $8.00$1.96$0.80
21Stormbreath DragonTheros $26.00$5.89$3.99
22Draconic RoarDragons of Tarkir $1.25$0.45$0.15
23Valorous StanceFate Reforged $5.95$2.00$0.54
24Whisperwood ElementalFate Reforged $17.13$6.50$3.90
25Silumgar's ScornDragons of Tarkir $2.00$1.02$0.20
26Zurgo BellstrikerDragons of Tarkir $4.26$2.08$0.89
27Dragonlord OjutaiDragons of Tarkir $37.46$17.68$11.86
28Fleecemane LionTheros $6.48$2.50$1.55
29Exquisite FirecraftMagic Origins $5.99$4.15$2.80
30Soulfire Grand MasterFate Reforged $22.25$8.55$6.49
31DissolveTheros $3.00$1.19$0.49
32Dromoka's CommandDragons of Tarkir $11.24$5.03$3.00
33Treasure CruiseKhans of Tarkir $1.30$0.26$0.05
34Satyr WayfinderMagic 2015 (M15) $0.60$0.12$0.02
35Lightning BerserkerDragons of Tarkir $1.50$0.60$0.20
36Hangarback WalkerMagic Origins $8.95$6.38$4.87
37Foul-Tongue InvocationDragons of Tarkir $3.10$0.62$0.24
38Seeker of the WayKhans of Tarkir $2.95$0.59$0.12
39Ultimate PriceDragons of Tarkir $1.70$0.34$0.07
40Dragonlord AtarkaDragons of Tarkir $21.08$10.00$8.00
41Collected CompanyDragons of Tarkir $24.99$14.00$9.85
42Erebos's TitanMagic Origins $14.99$9.32$3.75
43Nissa, Vastwood SeerMagic Origins $34.98$26.99$22.99
44Polukranos, World EaterTheros $8.95$1.79$0.50
45Jace, Vryn's ProdigyMagic Origins $30.25$22.03$17.00
46AnticipateDragons of Tarkir $1.50$0.32$0.12
47Magma JetTheros $1.70$0.34$0.19
48Genesis HydraMagic 2015 (M15) $5.00$1.38$0.30
49Shrapnel BlastMagic 2015 (M15) $1.25$0.25$0.10
50Atarka's CommandDragons of Tarkir $8.99$6.07$4.00
51Day's UndoingMagic Origins $22.79$14.95$12.90
52Dwynen's EliteMagic Origins $2.00$1.10$0.72
53Monastery SiegeFate Reforged $2.40$0.48$0.20
54Brimaz, King of OreskosBorn of the Gods $30.24$10.38$8.18
55Kytheon, Hero of AkrosMagic Origins $22.64$15.49$10.01
56Elvish VisionaryMagic Origins $0.90$0.18$0.05
57Goblin HeelcutterFate Reforged $0.60$0.12$0.02
58Raise the AlarmMagic 2015 (M15) $0.80$0.16$0.04
59Crackling DoomKhans of Tarkir $4.25$0.85$0.48
60Shaman of the PackMagic Origins $3.68$2.34$0.93
61Sylvan MessengerMagic Origins $1.29$0.45$0.15
62Banishing LightJourney Into Nyx $2.85$0.57$0.22
63Bloodsoaked ChampionKhans of Tarkir $4.50$1.72$0.69
64Ensoul ArtifactMagic 2015 (M15) $2.00$1.09$0.45
65Murderous CutKhans of Tarkir $2.70$0.54$0.25
66OrnithopterMagic 2015 (M15) $1.20$0.24$0.09
67Liliana, Heretical HealerMagic Origins $29.99$24.61$20.74
68NegateMagic Origins $0.75$0.15$0.03
69Sphinx's TutelageMagic Origins $1.98$0.79$0.26
70Defend the HearthTheros $0.65$0.13$0.03
71Knight of the White OrchidMagic Origins $3.82$2.21$0.99
72Soldier of the PantheonTheros $2.45$0.49$0.22
73Thopter EngineerMagic Origins $1.70$0.34$0.15
74Crux of FateFate Reforged $6.03$2.40$1.23
75End HostilitiesKhans of Tarkir $5.45$1.09$0.50
76Anafenza, Kin-Tree SpiritDragons of Tarkir $6.00$2.24$0.91
77Pia and Kiran NalaarMagic Origins $4.02$1.53$0.55
78Winds of Qal SismaFate Reforged $1.15$0.23$0.05
79Archangel of TithesMagic Origins $19.99$14.43$10.00
80Chief of the FoundryMagic Origins $2.10$0.75$0.25
81Chord of CallingMagic 2015 (M15) $19.83$8.29$6.99
82Gnarlroot TrapperMagic Origins $1.69$0.75$0.15
83Searing BloodBorn of the Gods $2.30$0.78$0.16
84Thopter Spy NetworkMagic Origins nbsp;$7.99$4.20$2.99
85Abbot of Keral KeepMagic Origins $5.13$3.49$2.03
86Despoiler of SoulsMagic Origins $3.25$1.46$0.29
87Gray Merchant of AsphodelTheros $0.95$0.19$0.04
88Fleshbag MarauderMagic Origins $0.99$0.23$0.05
89Secure the WastesDragons of Tarkir $8.00$2.37$0.80
90Titan's StrengthMagic Origins $1.19$0.24$0.05
91Dragon HunterDragons of Tarkir $1.50$0.30$0.12
92Hidden DragonslayerDragons of Tarkir $2.77$0.95$0.39
93Mardu Woe-ReaperFate Reforged $1.70$0.34$0.15
94Warden of the First TreeFate Reforged $9.28$3.77$2.37
95Anafenza, the ForemostKhans of Tarkir $9.00$3.88$2.00
96Rakshasa DeathdealerKhans of Tarkir $4.50$0.90$0.40
97Sign in BloodMagic 2015 (M15) $0.75$0.15$0.05
98Jeskai AscendancyKhans of Tarkir $4.75$0.95$0.49
99Mantis RiderKhans of Tarkir $4.25$0.85$0.47
100Spear of HeliodTheros $2.00$0.50$0.24

Color Deck Name Creator Format
Nahiri JeskaiSWINGFORLETHALStandard
Blue Moon 1.2SchlabbesModern
A really bad Naya Zoo Kemnitz714Modern
Angry PuppersKemnitz714Modern
Wishlist (Blue Tron)winglerw28Modern
Zada, Hedron GrinderElfSunStandard
BG DeliriumSadPanda187Standard
RW Angels 2Kemnitz714Modern
Esper ProcessteastStandard
UR Prowess2billyd107Standard
Mono Black ControlmossModern
Artifact GolemedmageModern
GB Deliriumbillyd107Standard
EMN Gruul AggroNP-completeStandard
Heartless EldraziCHA!Modern
Mono Black EldrazisjgreybarStandard
R/W tokensNate9837Standard
Abzan EvolutionCHA!Modern

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