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Standard Decks - Latest Event Locations

3350 Total Events Entered
Pro Tour Khans of Tarkir
2014 Grand Prix Stockholm - 10/25
2014 Standard State Championships - Alabama
2014 Standard State Championships - Hawaii
2014 StarCity Open Standard - Minneapolis - 10/25
MaxPoint $5K - Indianapolis, IN 10/25/14
2014 MaxPoint Championship
2014 Grand Prix Los Angeles - 10/18
MaxPoint Gold - Legion Games - 10/18/14
2014 Standard State Championships - Florida
MaxPoint Gold - Unity Games - 10/12/14
2014 Standard State Championships - New York
2014 Standard State Championships - Pennsylvania
2014 Standard State Championships - Tennessee
2014 Standard State Championships - Puerto Rico
2014 Standard State Championships - South Dakota
2014 Standard State Championships - Alaska
2014 Standard State Championships - Arkansas
2014 Standard State Championships - Michigan
2014 Standard State Championships - Illinois

Standard Decks - Latest 1st Place Decklists

2942 Total 1st Place Decks Entered
Jeskai Tempo by Matej Zatlkaj
Monoblack Aggro by Joey McTaggart
Abzan Superfrie by Philippe Martin
Jeskai Tempo by Andrew Johnson
Mardu Midrange by Andrew Baeckstr
RG Midrange by Daniel Scheid
Jeskai Tempo by Cyle Cramer
Jeskai Control by Shawn Harper
Mardu Midrange by Manuel Orellana
BW Aggro by Josh Rohr
Abzan Midrange by Brian Embry
Monoblack Aggro by Jason Serrano
Jeskai Tempo by Brandon Binns
Mardu Midrange by Nik Dinnis
Jeskai Tempo by Matthew Hudson

Standard Decks - Latest Public Decklists

224796 Total Public Decks Entered
BR constellatio by davee669
redburn by davee669
Burninator Ktk by cgreenmagic
TEMUR by Surfkatt
Temur control by KingCrow
mardu midrange by harper0402
Nut Slap by Alchoholic MTG
Sultai Devotion by A Fluffy Squid
BU Heroic by onksmeister
Mono Black Devo by jub77
RW Devotion by onksmeister
Jeskai wins by gbnubcake
W heroic by domincan dueli
UB Control (kha by timconnors2
Prophetic Mardu by Morbid28
4cJeskaiAscenda by clackityclack
Abzan Midrange2 by Azix
Mardu Midrange by SulacSol
Nighmare in the by firebear
UR Sligh by Uneckra

Standard's Hottest 100 Cards!!!
Standard's Hottest 100 Cards!!!




Everything you need to know about Mardu Midrange
Everything you need to know about Mardu Midrange by Melissa DeTora Melissa goes over the Mardu deck she piloted to an 11th place finish at the TCGplayer MaxPoint Championship along with what changes she's made to the list.

Building Around Whip of Erebos
Building Around Whip of Erebos by Seth Manfield Seth thinks that the format is ripe for reanimation strategies; specifically those involving Whip of Erebos. Find out what lists he recommends inside and why he thinks they're so well positioned.

Analyzing the Archetypes of the #TCG50k
Analyzing the Archetypes of the #TCG50k by Adam Yurchick The 2014 MaxPoint Championship drew out a diverse Standard metagame with thirteen unique archetypes played by the top 32 finishers. Today I'll give a run-down of all thirteen archetypes and their tournament results, what makes them tick, and explain the reasons for their successes

Make the Play Monday - Black/White Bonus
Make the Play Monday - Black/White Bonus by Michael Flores Mike proposes not one but two questions this week with his own BW Midrange list. Get either one correct by agreeing with Mike or his celebrity guest and you could win $25 in TCGplayer store credit!

2014 MaxPoint Championship - Top 5 Cards
2014 MaxPoint Championship - Top 5 Cards by Frank Lepore The TCGplayer $50,000 MaxPoint Championship is upon us! Let's take a look at some of the top cards we should expect to be battling against or seeing in action during the live coverage (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) in the next couple of days!

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Color Deck Name Creator Format
Esper control (30$)3testiclesModern
BR constellationdavee669Standard
Heartless MyrsSchlabbesModern
Nahiri's ToysAngelOfElysiumCommander
Esper midrange (budget)3testiclesModern
Burninator KtkcgreenmagicStandard
RDW ModernLuke.HModern
White SoildersHarsa47Modern
Temur controlKingCrowStandard
Muzzio EDHTheHighlife5Commander
mardu wilrow87Modern
mardu midrangeharper0402Standard
Nut SlapAlchoholic MTGStandard
Sultai DevotionA Fluffy SquidStandard
BU HeroiconksmeisterStandard
EDH Olivia Vamp Tribalkor6sic6Commander

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