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Standard Decks - Latest Event Locations

3683 Total Events Entered
2016 SCG Open Standard - Columbus - 7/23
MTGO Competitive Standard League (5-0): 7/11-7/17
2016 SCG Classic Standard - Worcester - 7/10
2016 Grand Prix New York
MTGO Standard PTQ: 7/4
2016 Grand Prix Taipei
2016 Grand Prix Pittsburgh
2016 SCG Open Standard - Orlando - 6/18
2016 SCG Open Standard - Atlanta - 6/4
2016 Grand Prix Costa Rica
2016 Grand Prix Minneapolis
2016 Grand Prix Manchester
2016 Grand Prix Manchester (GPT)
MTGO Competitive Standard League (5-0): 5/9-5/15
2016 Grand Prix Tokyo
MTGO Competitive Standard League (5-0): 5/2-5/8
2016 Grand Prix Toronto
Pro Tour Shadows over Innistrad
MTGO Competitive Standard League (5-0): 4/18-4/24
MTGO Standard PTQ: 4/23

Standard Decks - Latest 1st Place Decklists

3182 Total 1st Place Decks Entered
Bant Company by Devin Koepke
W/G Tokens by Mike Sigrist
Nahiri Naya by kuchinawa
Bant Company by Yuuki Ichikawa
W/G Tokens by Evan Petre
W/R Humans by Tom Ross
W/R Humans by Tom Ross
W/G Tokens by Seth Manfield
W/G Tokens by Alex Johnson
W/G Tokens by Raphael Levy
Nahiri Naya by Riku Kumagai
White-Black Con by Seth Manfield
Esper Dragons by Robert Lombardi
W/G Tokens by Steve Rubin

Standard Decks - Latest Public Decklists

229263 Total Public Decks Entered
Box by auburnftw
Zada, Hedron Gr by ElfSun
BG Delirium by SadPanda187
Esper Process by teast
UR Prowess2 by billyd107
Murica by nerdyQWERTY
GB Delirium by billyd107
EMN Gruul Aggro by NP-complete
Mono Black Eldr by sjgreybar
R/W tokens by Nate9837
Bant Midrange by Hammer_Koth
Vamps! by estuey
EMN RG Aggro by NP-complete
Mono Red Agro by Nate9837
U/W Enchantment by Nate9837
Bant midrange by Nate9837
4C Walkers by Nate9837
Jeskai Walkers by Nate9837
Mardu Control by Nate9837
fogle bant by TERRYTHEEXPERT

Standard's Hottest 100 Cards!!!
Standard's Hottest 100 Cards!!!




Mossy, Bossy Mardu and the Eldrazi
Mossy, Bossy Mardu and the Eldrazi by Ali Aintrazi Ali gives us some of his best ideas for Oath of the Gatewatch Standard, including updating some old favorites, and providing some newer ones!

Everything You Need to Know about Eldrazi
Everything You Need to Know about Eldrazi by Melissa DeTora With Oath of the Gatewatch dropping this week, Melissa takes a look at some of the best Eldrazi from the set that she's excited to find Constructed homes for. Did your favorite alien monster make the cut? Find out inside!

G/W Tokens in Oath Standard
G/W Tokens in Oath Standard by Craig Wescoe Craig thinks there's some real potential in a G/W Tokens list come Oath of the Gatewatch. Find out what he has in mind for the deck along with what he played at Grand Prix Oakland to his Top 32 finish.

The Art of Doing Nothing
The Art of Doing Nothing by Jadine Klomparens Sometimes doing nothing is simply the correct choice. Jadine goes over the lesser known strategy of simply doing nothing and knowing the exact moments to gain an advantage over our opponent thanks to mana efficiency.

Preparing for OGW: Re-Evaluating the Standard Cardpool
Preparing for OGW: Re-Evaluating the Standard Cardpool by Adam Yurchick Adding a set like Oath of the Gatewatch to Standard doesn't just put a spotlight on the new cards. It also puts one on the old cards that get a huge boost from from a set entering the format. Adam takes a look at what these impacts might be.

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Color Deck Name Creator Format
Wishlist (Blue Tron)winglerw28Modern
Zada, Hedron GrinderElfSunStandard
BG DeliriumSadPanda187Standard
RW Angels 2Kemnitz714Modern
Esper ProcessteastStandard
UR Prowess2billyd107Standard
Mono Black ControlmossModern
Artifact GolemedmageModern
GB Deliriumbillyd107Standard
EMN Gruul AggroNP-completeStandard
Heartless EldraziCHA!Modern
Mono Black EldrazisjgreybarStandard
R/W tokensNate9837Standard
Abzan EvolutionCHA!Modern
Brown funpochyLegacy
Bant MidrangeHammer_KothStandard
Giant TribalMilkshake2100Modern
RB Goblin SacrificeMilkshake2100Modern

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