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All Sorts of Mana
All Sorts of Mana by Conley Woods Conley explores the importance of mana fixing in three color formats along with which cards in Khans of Tarkir are going to help enable such startegies. Whether you're playing one color or five, Conley shares the best way to do it.

Khans of Tarkir Standard Testing Gauntlet
Khans of Tarkir Standard Testing Gauntlet by Adam Yurchick Adam puts together some of the format's first potential aggro decks in shells such as Mardu, Jeskai, and Abzan. Read on to see if he's on the right track and which sweet Khans of Tarkir cards he's eager to try out.

Make the Play Monday - Book of Genesis
Make the Play Monday - Book of Genesis by Michael Flores Mike has updated his MonoGreen Value Creatures deck, adding black for a Garruk, Apex Predator splash. Today he asks us to make the play with the rotation-safe list. Doing so correctly could net you $25 in TCGplayer store credit!

Mardu Tokens and Jeskai Counter Burn
Mardu Tokens and Jeskai Counter Burn by Craig Wescoe Craig has put together two preliminary lists to start off Khans of Tarkir Standard including a Jeskai Counter Burn deck and a Mardu Tokens strategy. Could these be one of the best starting points for the new format?

Flores Rewards Friday - Two-for-One
Flores Rewards Friday - Two-for-One by Michael Flores This week Mike invites the one and only Hall of Famer Jon Finkel himself to help us make the play. Find out where he stands on our decision with Mike's monogreen value deck and if you've won $25in TCGplayer store credit for agreeing.

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Sarkhan, the Dragonspeaker - as low as $19.94
Polluted Delta - as low as $18.99
Flooded Strand - as low as $16.72
Windswept Heath - as low as $14.50
Wooded Foothills - as low as $14.35
Bloodstained Mire - as low as $13.45
Sorin, Solemn Visitor - as low as $10.50
Surrak Dragonclaw - as low as $9.50
Clever Impersonator - as low as $9.00
Rattleclaw Mystic - as low as $4.75

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