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Standard Decks - Latest Event Locations

3548 Total Events Entered
2015 StarCity Open Standard - Indianapolis - 10/3
2015 StarCity Open Standard - Milwaukee - 9/19
2015 StarCity Open Standard - Worcester - 9/12
2015 StarCity Open Standard - Cincinnati - 9/6
2015 StarCity Open Standard - Somerset - 8/29
2015 StarCity Invitational Standard - Somerset
2015 Grand Prix Prague - 8/29
MTGO Standard Daily (4-0) - Week of 8/17/15
MTGO Standard Daily (4-0) - Week of 8/10/15
MTGO Standard Daily (4-0) - Week of 8/3/15
MTGO Standard Daily (4-0) - Week of 7/27/15
TCGplayer Open 5K Orlando, FL - 8/29/2015
2015 Magic World Championships - Standard
2015 StarCity Open Standard - Charlotte - 8/23
2015 Magic Online PTQ - 8/15
2015 Grand Prix London - 8/15
2015 Grand Prix San Diego - 8/8
Pro Tour Magic Origins
2015 StarCity Open Standard - Washington, DC - 8/9

Standard Decks - Latest 1st Place Decklists

3090 Total 1st Place Decks Entered
R/G Aggro by Brian Demars
Red Deck Wins by Jory White
Esper Control by Michael Deidolo
Red Deck Wins by Jonathan Benson
BR Midrange by Eliott Boussaud
GR Devotion by Alex Bastecki
Jeskai Tempo by Robert Sabol
Red Deck Wins by Justin Alderman
Abzan Control by Seth Manfield
Abzan Rally by Nicholas Charla
Abzan Aggro by Fabrizio Anteri
Bant Heroic by Todd Anderson
Abzan Rally by Justin Slone
GR Devotion by Will Hochman
UR Mill by Michael Majors

Standard Decks - Latest Public Decklists

227848 Total Public Decks Entered
Rally the Ally' by Surfkatt
Temur by Bingbadaboom
Standard Esper by econlol
Grixis Dragons by Moss
Grixis Dragons by arcticfox2012
Selesnya One Dr by hegemonForte
WTemur by eladramari
Grixis Dragons by arcticfox2012
UB Control by HeyDJ
Skies by hegemonForte
Esper/G Dragons by TYBG
Temur Land Kill by siopaokiko
BW ally rally by klokanjj
b/g sacrificed by Cateran
Grixis Standard by arcticfox2012
Hangarback Abza by CrimsonLiege
4C Collected Co by shinysyduck
Jund Reanimator by devonDaibon
Abzan retreat by bh13
U/B eldrazi by natureofforce

Standard's Hottest 100 Cards!!!
Standard's Hottest 100 Cards!!!




Video Deck Tech - Bant Turns
Video Deck Tech - Bant Turns by Frank Lepore With the rotation quickly approaching, Frank takes this opportunity to take infinite Standard. Find out how along with why he thinks the deck is one of the most underappreciated in the format.

Anything But Siege Rhino
Anything But Siege Rhino by Jadine Klomparens While many players are concerned about a Siege Rhino dominated Standard, Jadine isn't worried at all. Find out why she thinks Battle for Zendikar will provide a welcome change along with why there will be plenty of variety to go around.

Magic Duels Monday: Moneyball
Magic Duels Monday: Moneyball by Jon Corpora Jon fires up Magic Duels to see if sometimes the riskiest deck isn't that. Find out how a white/green deck full of auras might just be one of the best options against the competition, despite the looming threat of two-for-ones.

A Reigning World Champion's World Championship Report
A Reigning World Champion's World Championship Report by Shahar Shenhar As the Two-Time Reigning World Champion, Shahar Shenhar had a lot to fight for at Worlds. While things didn't go as well he hoped, he still took away some valuable lessons and played some memorable games. Find out all about them inside.

Let's Make Mana Bases!
Let's Make Mana Bases! by Michael Flores Mike thinks the new dual lands are some of the best that have been printed in some time and that they will single handedly reshape Standard. Inside Mike goes over the amazing impact they will have on even the simplest of mana bases in Standard.

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Color Deck Name Creator Format
Rally the Ally'sSurfkattStandard
Standard EspereconlolStandard
Bring to LightcgreenmagicModern
Grixis DragonsMossStandard
Grixis Dragons 2.0arcticfox2012Standard
Selesnya One Drops hegemonForteStandard
Swans AdvantagearlukeModern
Grixis Dragons Standardarcticfox2012Standard
UB ControlHeyDJStandard
Skies hegemonForteStandard
Esper/G DragonsTYBGStandard
Land tax controlJAmes72899Legacy
Temur Land KillsiopaokikoStandard
BW ally rallyklokanjjStandard
b/g sacrificed alliesCateranStandard
Grixis Standard Turboarcticfox2012Standard

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