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Standard Decks - Latest Event Locations

3452 Total Events Entered
2015 StarCity Open Standard - Cleveland - 4/25
MaxPoint Platinum - Hotsauce Games - 4/18/15
2015 StarCity Open Standard - Syracuse - 4/4
MTGO Standard Daily (4-0) - Week of 4/13/15
MTGO Standard Daily (4-0) - Week of 4/6/15
MTGO Standard Daily (4-0) - Week of 3/30/15
MaxPoint Silver - Frogtown Hobbies - 4/11/15
2015 Grand Prix Krakow - 4/18
2015 StarCity Open Standard - Providence - 4/18
Pro Tour Dragons of Tarkir
MaxPoint Platinum - Alpha Players - 4/11/15
MaxPoint Silver - The Illuminaudi - 4/12/15
TCGplayer Open 5K Orlando, FL - 4/11/2015
MTGO Standard Daily (4-0) - Week of 3/23/15
2nd Annual Hunter Burton Memorial Magic Open
2015 StarCity Invitational Standard - Richmond
MaxPoint Gold - Phantasy Hobbies - 3/29/15
MTGO Standard Daily (4-0) - Week of 3/16/15
2015 StarCity Open Standard - Richmond - 3/28
TCGplayer Open 5K St. Louis - 3/28/15

Standard Decks - Latest 1st Place Decklists

3015 Total 1st Place Decks Entered
Bant Heroic by Ross Merriam
BR Control by Will Hochman
Chromantiflayer by Andy Falk
Abzan Reanimato by Oliver Tomajko
Esper Control by Alexander Hayne
Red Deck Wins by Jake Tilk
RG Midrange by James Pelfrey
RG Aggro by Martin Dang
Esper Control by Nathan Kruse
RG Midrange by Chris VanMeter
Red Deck Wins by Henry Vi
Sultai Control by Jackson Hicks
Abzan Midrange by Jacob Wilson
Jeskai Heroic by Joe Lossett
Red Deck Wins by Benjamin Stewar

Standard Decks - Latest Public Decklists

226656 Total Public Decks Entered
Mardu Tokens by ironocy
jeskai tokens by mtgdudem10
RG Dragons by cgreenmagic
Mono G DTK by cgreenmagic
Impact Tremors by cgreenmagic
Azban Morphs by jadecavy
5 color dragons by medleymr
bw warriors by medleymr
Rakdos Aggro by ironocy
RB Destroy by private public
Esper Dragons v by MT243
Jeskai Tempo by Pineapple
Goblin Forerunn by Sporter2
RB Midrange by ironocy
Mardu Tokens by ExoTox
mono black stan by stahlsc
GW Aggro by calour
CC Forever by arluke
UW Something by smellyrebel
Threeve by Donnivan

Standard's Hottest 100 Cards!!!
Standard's Hottest 100 Cards!!!




Michael J Monday - Just Encase
Michael J Monday - Just Encase by Michael Flores And just like that, our own Michael J Flores was once again qualified for the Pro Tour! This is his incredible journey in its entirety, including the creation of the nearly Monoblue Dragon Control list he piloted to victory.

Flores Rewards Friday - Outwit, Outplay, Outlast
Flores Rewards Friday - Outwit, Outplay, Outlast by Michael Flores Not only is Mike flying solo this week, but this is also the week for a Flores Rewards Friday first. Find out what the milestone is inside and why the most seemingly obvious play might not always be the best.

Wizard Squares
Wizard Squares by Jon Corpora Jon is back to give us another look at TCGplayer culture along with the perils of getting too set in your Magical ways. Find out why this is a potential pitfall for every player and how to avoid becoming just another trope.

Video Deck Tech - GW Collected Company
Video Deck Tech - GW Collected Company by Frank Lepore Frank gathers all the friends he can find (for three or less mana, of course) in this Collected Company deck that went an impressive 8-2 at the Pro Tour. Find out what it's all about as he tries the list out on Magic Online.

The Power of Esper Dragons and How to Beat It
The Power of Esper Dragons and How to Beat It by Seth Manfield After premiering at the Pro Tour, Esper Control was the breakout deck of Grand Prix Krakow. Despite some bad luck at the event, Seth played a tweaked version of the deck geared toward beating the mirror and he'd love to share it with you.

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Color Deck Name Creator Format
Mardu TokensironocyStandard
jeskai tokensmtgdudem10Standard
Standard DereviviolenceCommander
RG DragonscgreenmagicStandard
Mono G DTKcgreenmagicStandard
Grand Pili-PaladiogucModern
Monowhite Weenies HumansdiogucModern
Impact TremorscgreenmagicStandard
Azban MorphsjadecavyStandard
5 color dragonsmedleymrStandard
bw warriorsmedleymrStandard
Rakdos AggroironocyStandard
Olivia VoldarengothjonCommander
Basic Burning reanimatorDandtheswangLegacy
Cozy CompanyamcburgermanModern
RB Destroyprivate publicStandard
Momir ViggothjonCommander
UR fiendidontkonowVintage

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