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Standard Decks - Latest Event Locations

3517 Total Events Entered
2015 Grand Prix Providence - 6/20
TCGplayer Open 5K Kansas City, MO - 5/23/2015
MaxPoint Platinum - Kirwans Game Store - 6/13/15
2015 Grand Prix Buenos Aires - 6/27
2015 StarCity Open Standard - Baltimore - 6/27
MTGO Standard Daily (4-0) - Week of 6/8/15
MTGO Standard Daily (4-0) - Week of 6/1/15
2015 StarCity Open Standard - Indianapolis - 6/20
TCGplayer Open 5K Orlando, FL - 6/20/2015
MTGO Standard Daily (4-0) - Week of 5/25/15
MTGO Standard PTQ - 6/13
MaxPoint Gold - Legendary Games - 5/30/15
2015 StarCity Open Standard - Columbus - 6/7
2015 StarCity Invitational Standard - Columbus
2015 TCGplayer Invitational
MTGO Standard Daily (4-0) - Week of 5/18/15
MTGO Standard Daily (4-0) - Week of 5/11/15
MTGO Standard PTQ - 5/24/15
2015 StarCity Open Standard - Worcester - 5/24
TCGplayer Open 5K Flint, MI - 5/23/2015

Standard Decks - Latest 1st Place Decklists

3070 Total 1st Place Decks Entered
Abzan Midrange by Derek Snyder
Abzan Control by Pascal Maynard
Abzan Aggro by Andrew Boswell
RG Midrange by Jamie Kelly
GR Devotion by Sky Mason
Mardu Midrange by Max Ackerman
Red Deck Wins by Dalton Mott
Abzan Control by Adam Pannel
Mardu Aggro by Jeff Hoogland
Naya Dragons by Ali Aintrazi
GR Devotion by Chris Fennell
GR Devotion by Knazpa
Abzan Aggro by John McCarthy
Red Deck Wins by Jacob Tilk
Mardu Midrange by Jeovoni Alonzo

Standard Decks - Latest Public Decklists

226776 Total Public Decks Entered
Sultai Control by nickles
RDW Tarkir by RustyBanana
UR Artifact by rickyjcox
Chieves by kooba
Red Deck Wins by stahlsc
brood by Solarm08
Battlefield of by Slakx
Goblins Again by Sporter2
Counterburn Con by plumpkett
GW Ramp by Willoflight
Bobby Birmingha by haaat
Bant Midrage by HyperNVs301
UR Riddle by rickyjcox
Goatswipe by justdude45
BW Tokens by SulacSol
Abzan Megamorph by JewishPinoy
UW Dragons Cont by 4lter3go
Bant Fogtrol by justdude45
Lots of Thunder by dyank69
GR Dragons by buonoxc

Standard's Hottest 100 Cards!!!
Standard's Hottest 100 Cards!!!




Video Deck Tech - RW Tokens
Video Deck Tech - RW Tokens by Frank Lepore Frank takes a look at a $75 RW Token list that has been having some success in Standard that includes cards like Great Teacher's Decree, Monastery Mentor, and even Triplicate Spirits!

Breaking Down Magic Origins Spoilers
Breaking Down Magic Origins Spoilers by Seth Manfield Magic Origins spoilers are rolling in. Seth takes a look at some of the set's first offerings along with where he thinks cards like Liliana, Nissa, Kytheon, Bounding Krasis, and Starfield of Nyx will fit into both Standard and Modern.

Brewing New Decks With Magic Origins
Brewing New Decks With Magic Origins by Adam Yurchick Excited to toy around with Magic Origins, Adam proposes several new decklists utilizing powerful cards such as Pia and Kiran Nalaar, Blessed Spirits, Bounding Krasis and more.

Five Monocolored Decks
Five Monocolored Decks by Jeff Zandi With the format being a haven for multicolor decks, Jeff takes a look at five different monocolored offerings in Standard. He then pits them against one another to find out which ones come out on top.

New Decks to Dominate With
New Decks to Dominate With by Ali Aintrazi Ali takes a look at a Four Color Midrange deck that tries to exploit Prophet of Kruphix and Mastery of the Unseen, along with some unique gems like Ephara, God of the Polis and Colossus of Akros.

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Color Deck Name Creator Format
Sultai ControlnicklesStandard
RDW Tarkir RustyBananaStandard
Pure SteelbigchuckModern
new wildfiredamsp20Legacy
Grixis ControlJewishPinoyModern
bw tokensourdiezelLegacy
Abzan AggrobakmageModern
Tempered SteelbakmageModern
uw controlsourdiezelLegacy
bw controlsourdiezelLegacy
CoCo RollnrgblastModern
abyssal fallsourdiezelLegacy
Thopter NexushardrawkModern
Jace ProliferateWriterofWrongCommander
Mayael the AnimaDrumfreak101Commander
UR ArtifactrickyjcoxStandard
Big Death & Big TaxesBlackhawk23xModern

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