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TCGplayer.com MaxPoint Series Diamond Events

Diamond Events are open to the public (no pre-qualification necessary) and offer the chance to earn cash and exclusive prizes!

Each Diamond Event in the TCGplayer.com MaxPoint Series awards $5,000 in cash and offers sixteen chances to directly qualify for an upcoming TCGplayer.com MaxPoint Championship! Redeem your TCGplayer MaxPoints for byes at Diamond Events!

The next championship event is the $50,000 TCGplayer MaxPoint Championship in Columbus, OH - November 1-3, 2013.

Chicago, IL - August 3rd Event Details
Orlando, FL - August 24th Event Details
Hartford, CT - August 31st Event Details
Minneapolis, MN - September 7th Event Details
Boston, MA - September 14th Event Details
Waco, TX - September 28th Event Details
Providence, RI - October 19th Event Details
Jacksonville, FL - October 26th Event Details


Diamond Event - $5,000 Prize Payout

Place Prize
1st Place $1500.00, Playmat + 60 TCGplayer MaxPoints
2nd Place $800, Playmat + 40 TCGplayer MaxPoints
3rd - 4th Place $350, Playmat + 30 TCGplayer MaxPoints
5th - 8th Place $150, Playmat + 20 TCGplayer MaxPoints
9th - 16th Place $75, Playmat + 20 TCGplayer MaxPoints
17th - 32nd Place $50, Playmat + 10 TCGplayer MaxPoints
33rd+ Place 2 TCGplayer MaxPoints

TCGplayer MaxPoints Redemption

TCGplayer MaxPoints cards are more then just tokens, the cards can also be redeemed for byes or Championship entry!

Redemption at Diamond Events

TCGplayer MaxPoints can be redeemed at TCGplayer.com MaxPoint Diamond Events for byes - 20 TCGplayer MaxPoints for a 1 round bye, or 40 TCGplayer MaxPoints for a 2 round bye.

Redemption at TCGplayer.com MaxPoint Championships

TCGplayer MaxPoints can be redeemed at a TCGplayer.com MaxPoint Championship for entry and byes - 20 TCGplayer MaxPoints for entry, and an additional 30 TCGplayer MaxPoints for a 1 round bye, or an additional 70 TCGplayer MaxPoints for a 2 round bye.

Be sure to collect TCGplayer MaxPoints at local events! Find events near you!


Single Elimination Events - Available on demand all day!

8-Player Booster Draft
Cost: $15
Prize Payout: 1st Prize - 6 boosters / 2nd Prize - 4 boosters/ 3rd/4th Prize - 1 booster

8-Player Standard Win-A-Box
Cost: $15
Prize Payout: 1st place wins a box

8-Player Legacy Win-A-Box
Cost: $15
Prize Payout: 1st place wins a box

8-Player Modern Win-A-Box
Cost: $15
Prize Payout: 1st place wins a box

4-Person Commander
Cost: $10
Prize Payout: Receive 4 boosters for each player you eliminate.

$50,000 TCGplayer.com MaxPoint Series Championship
Columbus: Nov 2013

The TCGplayer.com MaxPoint™ Series all leads up to one of the biggest events of the year, the TCGplayer.com MaxPoint Series Championship!!! The next championship will be held in November 2013 in Columbus, OH. To enter, you will need to redeem 20 TCGplayer MaxPoints. - [Full Details]

Ascension Gaming Network, Inc. ("AGN") is a Naming Rights Holder for the TCGplayer.com MaxPoint Series events and TCGplayer.com Championship Qualifier Events, and is not the Event Holder or Organizer of such events. All aspects of an event, including without limitation, the times, schedules, locations, prize pools and rules of an event, are completely within third party Event Holders' discretion and control.

Collected Company

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Kolaghan's Command

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Narset Transcendent

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Atarka's Command

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Dragonlord Dromoka

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Dragonlord Ojutai

- as low as

Dragonlord Silumgar

- as low as

Dragonlord Atarka

- as low as

Risen Executioner

- as low as

Dromoka's Command

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