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Legacy Decks - Latest Event Locations

302 Total Events Entered
2015 StarCity Open Legacy - Dallas - 5/17
2015 StarCity Open Legacy - Portland - 5/3
2015 StarCity Open Legacy - Cleveland - 4/26
2015 StarCity Open Legacy - Providence - 4/19
2015 Grand Prix Kyoto - 4/18
2015 StarCity Open Legacy - Syracuse - 4/5
2015 StarCity Invitational Legacy - Richmond
2015 StarCity Open Legacy - Richmond - 3/29
2015 StarCity Open Legacy - Dallas - 3/15
2015 StarCity Open Legacy - Baltimore - 3/1
2015 StarCity Open Legacy - Los Angeles - 2/22
2015 StarCity Open Legacy - Houston - 2/15
2015 StarCity Open Legacy - Indianapolis - 2/1
2015 StarCity Open Legacy - Washington - 1/25
2015 StarCity Open Legacy - Philadelphia - 1/10
2014 StarCity Players Championship - Legacy
2015 StarCity Open Legacy - Columbus - 1/4
2014 StarCity Invitational Legacy - Seattle
2014 StarCity Open Legacy - Seattle - 12/14
2014 StarCity Open Legacy - Portland - 12/7

Legacy Decks - Latest 1st Place Decklists

259 Total 1st Place Decks Entered
Ad Nauseam Tend by Dustin Carriere
Jeskai Miracles by Joe Lossett
Grixis Pyromanc by Jason Smith
Omni-Tell by Adam Brennan
Jeskai Miracles by Yuta Takahashi
Jeskai Stone-Bl by David Melendez
Temur Delver by Jacob Wilson
Reanimator by Nick Patnode
Ad Nauseam Tend by Caleb Scherer
Painted Stone by Jack Kitchen
Bant Stone-Blad by Alex Gellerman
Food Chain by Jeffrey Chen
Sultai Delver by Jim Davis
Sneak and Show by Daniel Cosiem
Temur Delver by Daryl Ayers

Legacy Decks - Latest Public Decklists

78935 Total Public Decks Entered
Cerulean Wizard by Night Shadow
Imperial Mushro by Night Shadow
Hawk-Egg Thopte by iantewks
zombie by jmfr86
Jess's Elves by jmfr86
Ugin by St. Fenix
Hardened Scales by St. Fenix
Jeskai Stonebla by Snake Servant
lands with abil by havefun
Ponder Miracles by Slipper14
Lossett Miracle by Slipper14
Oops, All Spell by Baldwin
Infect by OldManMagic54
High Tide by loudshadowross
shardless bug by monogreen
Maverick by Olaf Forkbeard
Grixis Pyromanc by Slipper14
OmniTell by guitarmuzick87
Nate - The King by para_04
Nate - Gruul by para_04




The Five Sweetest Legacy Decks of All-Time
The Five Sweetest Legacy Decks of All-Time by Adam Barnello Last week Adam took a look at the five best Legacy decks of all-time, but that ranking said nothing of how cool they were. This week he takes a look at the top five sweetest Legacy decks of all-time, and boy are some of them out there.

The Five Best Legacy Decks of All-Time
The Five Best Legacy Decks of All-Time by Adam Barnello Adam has definitely been around the block when it comes to Legacy, and the format has definitely had its fair share of shakeups over the years. Inside Adam goes over the five best Legacy decks of all time, capable of some extreme brokenness.

Legacy Mentor
Legacy Mentor by Adam Barnello With Monastery Mentor making a splash in Modern, Vintage, and Standard, it was only a matter of time before it hit Legacy. Adam takes a look at the Grand Prix Kyoto list that included the mythic monk and attempts to make a few changes.

Shattering the Illusion
Shattering the Illusion by Adam Barnello With all eight decks in the Top 8 of Grand Prix Kyoto containing the full four copies of Brainstorm, does this say something about the card, or Legacy as a format? Find out what Adam thinks inside.

What Banning Does
What Banning Does by Adam Barnello Adam goes over the history of some recent Legacy bannings and how they impacted the format. He'll also take a look at what cards could be the next to go, as well as why it may never happen.

View all Legacy Articles

Color Deck Name Creator Format
Ojutai AbzanarendalStandard
Abzan RedmedleymrStandard
UG Turbo FogBlackhawk23xStandard
naya control851c0847Commander
Jund backtartasharkModern
Soulfire BurnNubNubMTGModern
Esper Dragons 2.0InstantDeathStandard
domain hondensCateranModern
Temur Dragonsfiend hunterStandard
heroic combo modernjlpell88Modern
Cerulean WizardsNight ShadowLegacy
Imperial MushroomsNight ShadowLegacy
Aura ControlNight ShadowModern
RG AggrocgreenmagicStandard
Lovisa Moonlink47Commander
bant dragoninakikenStandard
Abzan Rally 2cavaleiromortoStandard
UW Tokens MexicanitoGlaciusStandard
Terrible Twos (38-17)Free7hinkerModern

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