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Legacy Decks - Latest Event Locations

294 Total Events Entered
2015 StarCity Open Legacy - Dallas - 3/15
2015 StarCity Open Legacy - Baltimore - 3/1
2015 StarCity Open Legacy - Los Angeles - 2/22
2015 StarCity Open Legacy - Houston - 2/15
2015 StarCity Open Legacy - Indianapolis - 2/1
2015 StarCity Open Legacy - Washington - 1/25
2015 StarCity Open Legacy - Philadelphia - 1/10
2014 StarCity Players Championship - Legacy
2015 StarCity Open Legacy - Columbus - 1/4
2014 StarCity Invitational Legacy - Seattle
2014 StarCity Open Legacy - Seattle - 12/14
2014 StarCity Open Legacy - Portland - 12/7
2014 StarCity Open Legacy - Atlanta - 11/30
2014 StarCity Open Legacy - Richmond - 11/23
2014 Grand Prix New Jersey - 11/15
2014 StarCity Open Legacy - Columbus - 11/9
2014 StarCity Open Legacy - Worcester - 10/19
2014 StarCity Open Legacy - Oakland - 11/2
2014 StarCity Open Legacy - Minneapolis - 10/26
2014 StarCity Open Legacy - Edison - 9/28

Legacy Decks - Latest 1st Place Decklists

251 Total 1st Place Decks Entered
Ad Nauseam Tend by Caleb Scherer
Painted Stone by Jack Kitchen
Bant Stone-Blad by Alex Gellerman
Food Chain by Jeffrey Chen
Sultai Delver by Jim Davis
Sneak and Show by Daniel Cosiem
Temur Delver by Daryl Ayers
Sneak and Show by Brad Nelson
Jeskai Ascendan by Robert Graves
UR Delver by Dylan Donegan
Jeskai Miracles by Joe Bass
GW Aggro by David McDarby
UR Delver by Will Fleischman
Death and Taxes by Marc Konig
Jeskai Stone-Bl by Brian Braun-Dui

Legacy Decks - Latest Public Decklists

78758 Total Public Decks Entered
UW Stoneblade by Slipper14
naya by bane(slayer)
Insects by Yoru_Suneku
life drain for by treecea13713
team italia leg by Bane(slayer)
Sultai Delver by bertschtree3
2CMC Deceit by mirvana
Simic2 by Yoru_Suneku
blck by buonoxc
R/W Painter by FrostySpazkins
Nic Fit by Alexthehutt
Bant Aggro by andyrut
Ugin MUD by lifeisgood765
Sidisi Four Hor by NoL
Price check by Unnknow
Goblins by Glacius
Burning Reanima by DarkBugz
Dredge by Gilly7691
Budget Post by Winglerw28
Monored Burn (G by Gorereo




Wallet Slaying
Wallet Slaying by Adam Barnello Adam takes a look at why the cost of Legacy is so prohibitive, along with giving us a list if potential alternatives for some of the format's most costly offenders and tips on how to get your Legacy collection started.

The Solidarity Fallacy
The Solidarity Fallacy by Adam Barnello Adam takes a look at the old guard in Legacy to give us some insight as to why older strategies become obsolete. He provides some great ideas as to why we no longer see decks like Solidarity at the top tables.

Go Big or Go Home
Go Big or Go Home by Adam Barnello Adam goes over the Food Chain deck that recently won the Legacy Premier IQ and gives his opinions on why decks like this come along so infrequently in the format. Could Food Chain be the real deal?

Times are Changing - The Future of Legacy
Times are Changing - The Future of Legacy by Adam Barnello Adam takes a look at where legacy might be headed due to recent changes to the SCG Open Series, along with the potential impact that Khans of Tarkir and Fate Reforged might have that has yet to be seen.

Knowing All, Showing All
Knowing All, Showing All by Adam Barnello TCGplayer is proud to welcome Adam Barnello, a Legacy specialist who plans on specializing in Legacy each Wednesday. Inside he'll go over why leaving Dig Through Time unbanned was a huge book for Omni-Tell.

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Color Deck Name Creator Format
frog doublefirebearModern
Mono Green Aggro-Swill-Standard
Blue Aggro-Swill-Standard
BW Devotion (DTK)-Swill-Standard
Sarkhan's DragonsgeminiguyStandard
4 color LegendsWrenbloodStandard
Mono W DevotionSlayer131Standard
Seismic AssaulttenkukenModern
Summoning GreenwonderdogModern
BW WarroirsArcRavenStandard
Mardu AristocratslaineithmanModern
GW Assaultshiwei87tanModern
CalebD UR Delver RustyBananaModern
Nin or shu yunnyxamalfVintage
Walls and TricksGrouchVintage

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