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Legacy Decks - Latest Event Locations

353 Total Events Entered
2016 SCG Classic Legacy - NJ - 8/21
MTGO Competitive Legacy League (5-0): 7/11-7/17
2016 SCG Open Legacy - Worcester - 7/9
2016 SCG Classic Legacy - Atlanta - 6/5
2016 Time Vault Games Open Legacy - Tacoma - 6/25
2016 SCG Classic Legacy - Orlando - 6/19
2016 Grand Prix Prague
2016 Grand Prix Columbus
2016 MOCS Championship - Legacy
MTGO Legacy League (5-0): 5/9-5/15
MTGO Modern League (5-0): 5/9-5/15
MTGO Competitive Standard League (5-0): 5/9-5/15
MTGO Modern League (5-0): 5/2-5/8
MTGO Legacy League (5-0): 5/2-5/8
2016 Time Vault Games Legacy Open - 4/10
MTGO Modern League (5-0): 4/18-4/24
MTGO Legacy League (5-0): 4/18-4/24
2016 SCG Classic Legacy - Columbus - 4/17
2016 StarCity Classic Legacy - Baltimore - 4/10
2016 StarCity Open Legacy - Philadelphia - 2/27

Legacy Decks - Latest 1st Place Decklists

302 Total 1st Place Decks Entered
Storm by Brandon Osbourn
Grixis Delver by Ed Dimicco
Esper Stoneblad by Cody Lindgelbac
Sneak & Show by Dan Savage
Storm by Rodrigo Togores
Infect by Clay Spicklemir
Death & Taxes by Adrian Throop
Sneak & Show by Niels Noorlande
Lands by Zach Lincoln
Grixis Delver by Brian Coval
Shardless Sulta by Tyler Bailey
Grixis Delver by Noah Walker
Goblins by John-Peter Reil
Miracles by Chris Boozer
Grixis Delver by Dylan Donegan

Legacy Decks - Latest Public Decklists

79662 Total Public Decks Entered
checklist d by TheGreatest
Esper Standstil by SteffenBlake
Cost by sokits
American Miracl by Dandtheswang
Eldradradra by Joshfred21
drew by lordsidro
toed by lordsidro
Tree by nerdyQWERTY
UG Segnalini by pochy
UR Fun by pochy
Brown fun by pochy
RG Lands by xiGoose
nicfitpod by kunuch
Grixis Delver by AncestralLotus
Boros by Dandtheswang
American Miracl by Dandtheswang
UR pyromancer by salomandra
4 CoCo by Dandtheswang
hggv by sheepyfrank
Intruder Alarm by telltalereaper




The Legacy Metagame After Sensei's Diving Top
The Legacy Metagame After Sensei's Diving Top by Brian Braun-Duin Sensei's Divining Top is gone, and with it the established Legacy metagame. BBD checks in on the new format and where things are headed from here.

The Ultimate Guide to Death and Taxes
The Ultimate Guide to Death and Taxes by Craig Wescoe Death and Taxes is an established Legacy deck, and has begun to make waves in Modern as well. No one knows the archetype better than Craig Wescoe, and he has the ultimate guide here.

Taking Miracles to the (Sensei's Divining) Top 4
Taking Miracles to the (Sensei's Divining) Top 4 by Brian Braun-Duin Fresh off his Top 4 appearance at Grand Prix Louisville, the world champ breaks down the Miracles deck he piloted and why he approaches the deck differently than anyone else.

A Guide to Infect in Legacy
A Guide to Infect in Legacy by Seth Manfield Fresh off a Top 32 performance at Grand Prix Louisville, Seth has all the details of the Infect deck he successfully piloted in Kentucky. You too can combo opponents and win games.

Black Stax in Legacy
Black Stax in Legacy by Ali Aintrazi If there's one thing Ali is fond of, it's prison-style decks. if you're not sure what those are, or just want to check out the latest potential prison deck in Legacy, this is the article for you.

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Color Deck Name Creator Format
Jund EvolutionlaineithmanModern
BG Seasons PastkrakoStandard
B/w AngelsdakotahcottonStandard
BR MadnessbiboStandard
Grixis ShadownizamzModern
Budget DelverHyperdevo89Modern
Keranos ($50)therealpeachesCommander
Doubly RidiculousPureOkieTekModern
Mardu DragonsSerhio666Standard
W Enchantment ControlitsnotmyfaultStandard
Hardened Humans 3itsnotmyfaultModern
Kaalia of the Vast 2Arcticfox2012Commander
BW AngelsglaciusStandard
Filth Rakdos Aggrojp22102000Modern
Jeskai DragonslaineithmanStandard
GP Montreal Sealed PoolevilwarlockStandard
UB Zombie LilianaearmingolStandard
Abzan ControleyewtkasStandard

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