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Legacy Decks - Latest Event Locations

352 Total Events Entered
MTGO Competitive Legacy League (5-0): 7/11-7/17
2016 SCG Open Legacy - Worcester - 7/9
2016 SCG Classic Legacy - Atlanta - 6/5
2016 Time Vault Games Open Legacy - Tacoma - 6/25
2016 SCG Classic Legacy - Orlando - 6/19
2016 Grand Prix Prague
2016 Grand Prix Columbus
2016 MOCS Championship - Legacy
MTGO Legacy League (5-0): 5/9-5/15
MTGO Modern League (5-0): 5/9-5/15
MTGO Competitive Standard League (5-0): 5/9-5/15
MTGO Modern League (5-0): 5/2-5/8
MTGO Legacy League (5-0): 5/2-5/8
2016 Time Vault Games Legacy Open - 4/10
MTGO Modern League (5-0): 4/18-4/24
MTGO Legacy League (5-0): 4/18-4/24
2016 SCG Classic Legacy - Columbus - 4/17
2016 StarCity Classic Legacy - Baltimore - 4/10
2016 StarCity Open Legacy - Philadelphia - 2/27
2016 StarCity Open Legacy - Atlanta - 1/24

Legacy Decks - Latest 1st Place Decklists

301 Total 1st Place Decks Entered
Grixis Delver by Ed Dimicco
Esper Stoneblad by Cody Lindgelbac
Sneak & Show by Dan Savage
Storm by Rodrigo Togores
Infect by Clay Spicklemir
Death & Taxes by Adrian Throop
Sneak & Show by Niels Noorlande
Lands by Zach Lincoln
Grixis Delver by Brian Coval
Shardless Sulta by Tyler Bailey
Grixis Delver by Noah Walker
Goblins by John-Peter Reil
Miracles by Chris Boozer
Grixis Delver by Dylan Donegan
Sultai Delver by Jim Davis

Legacy Decks - Latest Public Decklists

79847 Total Public Decks Entered
Brown fun by pochy
RG Lands by xiGoose
nicfitpod by kunuch
Grixis Delver by AncestralLotus
Boros by Dandtheswang
American Miracl by Dandtheswang
UR pyromancer by salomandra
4 CoCo by Dandtheswang
hggv by sheepyfrank
Intruder Alarm by telltalereaper
Mono Value by darkpoet747
miracle blade by kiwibeast1
bgr demigod by sheepyfrank
Legacy Jund by Slipper14
4 color control by Dandtheswang
BUG control by Dandtheswang
Grixis things by Dandtheswang
Sacrificial Sui by H@zz@rD
Gempalm FTW by H@zz@rD
Alternate Elf C by H@zz@rD




Black Stax in Legacy
Black Stax in Legacy by Ali Aintrazi If there's one thing Ali is fond of, it's prison-style decks. if you're not sure what those are, or just want to check out the latest potential prison deck in Legacy, this is the article for you.

Mistakes Were Made at Grand Prix Sea-Tac
Mistakes Were Made at Grand Prix Sea-Tac by Shahar Shenhar Two-Time World Champion Shahar Shenhar attended Grand Prix Indianapolis, but things did not go quite as expected. Find out the lessons he learned as he recounts mistakes on both sides of the table.

Death and Taxes at Grand Prix Sea-Tac
Death and Taxes at Grand Prix Sea-Tac by Craig Wescoe Shahar Shenhar wasn't the only one playing Death and Taxes at Grand Prix Sea-Tac. Find out what the white mage did differently to land his Top 64 finish, including sideboarding choices and what changes he would make going forward.

A New Dawn in Legacy
A New Dawn in Legacy by Adam Barnello With Battle for Zendikar released, has the new set had any impact on Legacy? What changes have the new banned and restricted updated caused? Adam takes a look at the answers for both of these questions inside.

Bowl Fulla Baleful Strix
Bowl Fulla Baleful Strix by Adam Barnello This past weekend saw a resurgence of Baleful Strix in Legacy decklists. What caused the 1/1 card drawing bird to make its way into so many decks, and is it here to stay? Find out inside as Adam explores the strange phenomenon.

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Color Deck Name Creator Format
A really bad Naya Zoo Kemnitz714Modern
Angry PuppersKemnitz714Modern
Wishlist (Blue Tron)winglerw28Modern
Zada, Hedron GrinderElfSunStandard
BG DeliriumSadPanda187Standard
RW Angels 2Kemnitz714Modern
Esper ProcessteastStandard
UR Prowess2billyd107Standard
Mono Black ControlmossModern
Artifact GolemedmageModern
GB Deliriumbillyd107Standard
EMN Gruul AggroNP-completeStandard
Heartless EldraziCHA!Modern
Mono Black EldrazisjgreybarStandard
R/W tokensNate9837Standard
Abzan EvolutionCHA!Modern
Brown funpochyLegacy
Bant MidrangeHammer_KothStandard

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