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Legacy Decks - Latest Event Locations

314 Total Events Entered
Eternal Weekend Legacy - 8/22/15
2015 StarCity Open Legacy - Charlotte - 8/24
2015 StarCity Open Legacy - Washington, DC - 8/8
MaxPoint Platinum - Phyrexian Games - 7/26/15
2015 MKM Series - Legacy Main Event - 7/25
2015 StarCity Open Legacy - Richmond - 7/26
2015 StarCity Open Legacy - Chicago - 7/19
2015 Grand Prix Lille - 7/4
2015 StarCity Open Legacy - Baltimore - 6/28
2015 StarCity Open Legacy - Indianapolis - 6/21
2015 StarCity Open Legacy - Columbus - 6/7
2015 StarCity Open Legacy - Worcester - 5/23
2015 StarCity Open Legacy - Dallas - 5/17
2015 StarCity Open Legacy - Portland - 5/3
2015 StarCity Open Legacy - Cleveland - 4/26
2015 StarCity Open Legacy - Providence - 4/19
2015 Grand Prix Kyoto - 4/18
2015 StarCity Open Legacy - Syracuse - 4/5
2015 StarCity Invitational Legacy - Richmond
2015 StarCity Open Legacy - Richmond - 3/29

Legacy Decks - Latest 1st Place Decklists

271 Total 1st Place Decks Entered
Grixis Delver by Bob Huang
Omni-Tell by Chris VanMeter
Omni-Tell by Josh Pelrine
Death and Taxes by Micah Greenbaum
Jeskai Control by Miguel Alcoriza
Jeskai Stone-Bl by Anthony Laflamm
Elves by Mike Rekow
Jeskai Miracles by Claudio Bonanni
Sultai Delver by Bob Marshall
Monored Burn by Adam Minniear
Grixis Delver by Noah Walker
Grixis Delver by Noah Walker
Ad Nauseam Tend by Dustin Carriere
Jeskai Miracles by Joe Lossett
Grixis Pyromanc by Jason Smith

Legacy Decks - Latest Public Decklists

79041 Total Public Decks Entered
American Ultra by linkdafourf
Pauper Trinket by Shinro
Pauper Dimir Co by Shinro
Pauper GR Eldra by Shinro
W/G Vial Taxes by Heavens Knight
Pauper UB Reani by Shinro
legatec by floaty162
Burn by Heavens Knight
Phasenought by EolTheDarkElf
U/R Delver by reddawn7
MUC by hegemonForte
Fish by reddawn7
BUG Delver by Slipper14
manlandmania by St. Fenix
Pauper - Goblin by kenedymt
Pauper - UW Clo by kenedymt
Crazy Cat Lady by kitkatrr
Budget Elves by Jonmussell
Stupid Stompy by avion
Red Cross by St. Fenix




Legacy at Eternal Weekend
Legacy at Eternal Weekend by Adam Barnello This past weekend was Eternal Weekend, where the Legacy Championships took place. Adam takes a look at the Top 8 and what the results of the event mean for Legacy when the title of Legacy Champion hung in the balance.

Five Reasons You Lose in Legacy
Five Reasons You Lose in Legacy by Adam Barnello Legacy can be complicated. With one of the largest card pools of any format it can be difficult to figure out. Adam can help. Inside he proposes five ways that Legacy players, both new and old, can use to prevent handicapping themselves.

Magic Origins in Legacy
Magic Origins in Legacy by Adam Barnello With Magic Origins making its presence known, Adam takes a look at how the new set might impact Legacy. Find out which cards could be hits in the Eternal format and which cards fall flat.

Battling Legacy at Grand Prix Lille
Battling Legacy at Grand Prix Lille by Raphael Levy In search of Platinum, Hall of Famer Raph Levy found his way to Grand Prix Lille to battle Legacy this past weekend. Find out how he did with Omni-Tell, why he chose the deck, and what changes he would make inside.

The Five Sweetest Legacy Decks of All-Time
The Five Sweetest Legacy Decks of All-Time by Adam Barnello Last week Adam took a look at the five best Legacy decks of all-time, but that ranking said nothing of how cool they were. This week he takes a look at the top five sweetest Legacy decks of all-time, and boy are some of them out there.

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Color Deck Name Creator Format
BR moonbigchuckModern
U/B DragonsbillybobjonesStandard
Omnath, Locus of Rage EDHDfectivProductCommander
BR shadowbigchuckModern
The Black Rose's ThornsA_NicXIIICommander
Esper DelverAmcburgermanModern
American UltralinkdafourfLegacy
Modern ChantresshegemonForteModern
Pauper Trinket ControlShinroLegacy
Pauper Dimir ControlShinroLegacy
Mardu DragonsejikazumaStandard
Elf Rallyvideogamer99Standard
Jund midrange2ZulrockStandard
Pauper GR EldraziShinroLegacy
Consorte RedGlaciusStandard
Consorte WarriorsGlaciusStandard
UR Hive MindrickyjcoxModern

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