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Legacy Decks - Latest Event Locations

276 Total Events Entered
2014 StarCity Open Legacy - Minneapolis - 10/26
2014 StarCity Open Legacy - Edison - 9/28
TCGplayer Open 5K Waco, TX - 9/27/2014
2014 StarCity Open Legacy - Indianapolis - 9/28
2014 StarCity Open Legacy - Atlanta - 9/14
2014 StarCity Open Legacy - St. Louis - 9/7
2014 StarCity Invitational Legacy - Somerset
2014 StarCity Open Legacy - Somerset - 8/31
2014 StarCity Open Legacy - Washington - 8/24
2014 StarCity Open Legacy - Syracuse - 8/10
2014 StarCity Open Legacy - Dallas - 8/23
2014 StarCity Open Legacy - Kansas City - 7/27
2014 StarCity Open Legacy - Baltimore - 7/20
2014 StarCity Open Legacy - Worcester - 7/6
2014 StarCity Open Legacy - Portland - 6/29
2014 StarCity Open Legacy - Las Vegas - 6/22
2014 StarCity Invitational Legacy - Columbus
2014 StarCity Open Legacy - Columbus - 6/15
2014 StarCity Open Legacy - Providence - 6/8
2014 StarCity Open Legacy - Indianapolis - 6/1

Legacy Decks - Latest 1st Place Decklists

233 Total 1st Place Decks Entered
Jeskai Delver by Anthony Leen
UR Delver by Bob Huang
Elves by Bobby Colegrove
Jeskai Miracles by Chi Hoi Yim
Elves by Steve Medanic
UG Infect by Tom Ross
American Miracl by Dan Musser
Shardless BUG by Jake Mondello
UW Miracles by Sam Roukas
American Miracl by Shane Remelt
Death and Taxes by Colin Logan
Shardless BUG by Lloyd Kurth
American Delver by Dan Jordan
Shardless BUG by James Nguyen
Monored Burn by Bryan Cambidge

Legacy Decks - Latest Public Decklists

77874 Total Public Decks Entered
Pip Pip Cheerio by Joshfred21
[Legacy] UR Pai by Winglerw28
UWR Delver by Frenadol
UR Delver Prown by loerien
[Legacy] Dark G by Winglerw28
Meathooks by lifeisgood765
DnT Legacy by phoenixx101
Charming Walker by Danielfb
Cascabalance by Gardon321
UR Delver Legac by Prockhimself
RUG Delver KTK by Prockhimself
MartyrProc by damon_dusk
[Misc] Cards I by Winglerw28
Enchantress Nee by Tr11pod
Izzet Control by snipes1191
sac by natureofforce
Infect by dothack335
[Legacy] Tezz C by Winglerw28
Lands by wozmaz
UW Top Control by WoahWhoDat?




Flores Rewards Friday - Teams Teams Teams
Flores Rewards Friday - Teams Teams Teams by Michael Flores Mike goes over the results of Make the Play Monday, where we have to decide what our opening play is for RUG Delver. Did you make the play that Mike Flores and Owen Turtenwald suggest, and did it win you $25 in TCGplayer store credit?

Make the Play Monday - Teams Teams Teams
Make the Play Monday - Teams Teams Teams by Michael Flores Mike challenges us to play our first turn with RUG Delver in Legacy for this week's Make the Play Monday. Can you find the correct sequence though multiple options? Let us know in the comments for your chance to win $25 in TCGplayer store credit!

Legacy Lessons
Legacy Lessons by Melissa DeTora Despite begrudgingly taking a break from Pro Tour testing this past weekend to attend Grand Prix Paris, Melissa actually knows quite a bit about Legacy. Find out some of the more subtle plays from the UWR Delver list she piloted inside.

Grand Prix Washington DC Report – Top 8
Grand Prix Washington DC Report – Top 8 by Craig Wescoe This week Craig discusses Death and Taxes: how to play and sideboard with it, how it did at GP D.C., and why he chose to play it and plans to continue playing it in future Legacy tournaments.

Bring 'Em Back, Alive!
Bring 'Em Back, Alive! by Conley Woods For GP D.C., Conley saw dead people... as a viable deck choice. But was Dredge or Reanimator the best choice? Read inside as Conley looks at these two Legacy deck options!

View all Legacy Articles

Color Deck Name Creator Format
Grixis Control KTRyeaimjanStandard
Pip Pip CheeriosJoshfred21Legacy
Guided by Nature PreContheanomaly00Commander
Sworn to Darkness PreContheanomaly00Commander
Peer Through Time PreContheanomaly00Commander
Forged in Stone PreContheanomaly00Commander
[Legacy] UR PainterWinglerw28Legacy
Built from Scratch PreContheanomaly00Commander
Draft Deck 2electedrobocopStandard
UWR DelverFrenadolLegacy
Polymorph U/GflopModern
UR Delver PrownessloerienLegacy
Mono WhitedepfanModern
R/W AggroOnksmeisterStandard
Abzan AggroCrimsonLiegeStandard
[EDH] ProgenitusWinglerw28Commander
Wait WoahSwagonModern
Temur MidrangeIPaperClipStandard
Jalira for AranDualisCommander

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