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Commander's Arsenal Printable Price Guide
Name Cost Set Name R High Med Low
 Chaos Warp 2R  Commander's Arsenal R N/A N/A N/A
 Command Tower  Commander's Arsenal C $17.88 $17.44 $14.09
 Decree of Pain 6BB  Commander's Arsenal R $8.88 $7.41 $5.94
 Desertion 3UU  Commander's Arsenal R N/A N/A $7.92
 Diaochan, Artful Beauty 3R  Commander's Arsenal R N/A N/A $4.37
 Dragonlair Spider 2RRGG  Commander's Arsenal R N/A N/A $4.95
 Duplicant 6  Commander's Arsenal R N/A N/A $11.87
 Edric, Spymaster of Trest 1GU  Commander's Arsenal R N/A N/A $25.99
 Kaalia of the Vast 1WBR  Commander's Arsenal M N/A N/A $27.55
 Loyal Retainers 2W  Commander's Arsenal U $76.00 $74.60 $22.55
 Maelstrom Wanderer 5URG  Commander's Arsenal M N/A $45.00 $34.90
 Mind's Eye 5  Commander's Arsenal R N/A N/A $8.68
 Mirari's Wake 3GW  Commander's Arsenal R N/A N/A $17.84
 Rhystic Study 2U  Commander's Arsenal C N/A N/A $7.20
 Scroll Rack 2  Commander's Arsenal R $25.00 $24.50 $23.50
 Sylvan Library 1G  Commander's Arsenal R $60.00 $53.00 $39.99
 The Mimeoplasm 2GUB  Commander's Arsenal M N/A N/A $5.39
 Vela the Night-Clad 4UB  Commander's Arsenal M N/A N/A $3.16

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Brimaz, King of Oreskos - as low as $20.45
Kiora, the Crashing Wave - as low as $15.00
Xenagos, God of Revels - as low as $7.00
Courser of Kruphix - as low as $6.74
Mogis, God of Slaughter - as low as $5.90
Phenax, God of Deception - as low as $5.77
Temple of Enlightenment - as low as $5.25
Ephara, God of the Polis - as low as $4.00
Temple of Malice - as low as $3.31
Karametra, God of Harvests - as low as $2.25

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