Location: Modern Silver TCQ - Niles, IL - 3/3/13

Color Title Player Location Finished Date
Azorius Midrange Robin Lingatong  Modern Silver TCQ - Niles, IL - 3/3/13 1st 3/7/2013
Burn Alex Javed  Modern Silver TCQ - Niles, IL - 3/3/13 2nd 3/7/2013
Grixis Delver Tyler Mollenkopf  Modern Silver TCQ - Niles, IL - 3/3/13 3rd - 4th 3/7/2013
Aggro Loam Brandon Boylan  Modern Silver TCQ - Niles, IL - 3/3/13 3rd - 4th 3/7/2013

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Color Deck Name Creator Format
Dromoka 2.0 edharcticfox2012Commander
Jeskai MasterMaaxx82Standard
reanimatorhybrid theoryStandard
Ojutai's TokensSteelSnakeStandard
M12 aegis Angel introbaihaiModern
5-Color Blue DragonsXxTPMxX97Standard
Temur AggroGaspoflifeModern
Thunder Fall RegentsMaaxx82Standard
Simic MorphlofzfreakStandard
Grixis DragonsTBS HoodratStandard
Mardu DragonsraphlwesStandard
Infinite Turnshybrid theoryStandard
Grixis DelvebiboModern
pc 7armywolfVintage
MB Aggro - BudgetSporter2Standard
UB Faeries 3.0filiooModern
UBGR controlale81Modern
[Modern] 5C ZooWinglerw28Modern

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