Location: MTGO Modern Premier - 2/18/13

Color Title Player Location Finished Date
BUG Infect oyola  MTGO Modern Premier - 2/18/13 1st 2/25/2013
UW Tron shoktroopa  MTGO Modern Premier - 2/18/13 2nd 2/25/2013
RG Tron _Blaze777_  MTGO Modern Premier - 2/18/13 3rd - 4th 2/25/2013
RG Tron Brogoth  MTGO Modern Premier - 2/18/13 3rd - 4th 2/25/2013
Azorius Midrange sam51087  MTGO Modern Premier - 2/18/13 5th - 8th 2/25/2013
Master Affinity Putput  MTGO Modern Premier - 2/18/13 5th - 8th 2/25/2013
American Midrange Babadascoopy89  MTGO Modern Premier - 2/18/13 5th - 8th 2/25/2013
Doran kaelari  MTGO Modern Premier - 2/18/13 5th - 8th 2/25/2013

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Color Deck Name Creator Format
5 Color Ultimatum EDHSwordedManCommander
UWR Geist/Delvershiwei87tanModern
Grixis DelversupitslokiModern
mono red devdkay182Modern
EDH Sidisi ReanimatorSpaceman SpiffCommander
Legacy Merfolk 06/29L0rdAceXLegacy
Counterburn ControlplumpkettStandard
Army of Darkness EDHJelaniCommander
Mardu BurnSeraph777Modern
WW Giant Sized ArmageddonIAMABYSSVintage
RW Splinter TwintheredjokerModern
Cat EquipMister FishmanModern
Haste CompanyeladramariModern
Tunnel TripletsSurgeslayerCommander
GW RampWilloflightStandard
Thunder and Lightningjordanc86Modern
illness orchardUnnknowModern
Golgari DredgevineaalistorModern
RW hate bigchuckModern

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