Location: MTGO Modern Premier - 2/11/13

Color Title Player Location Finished Date
Jund kbr3  MTGO Modern Premier - 2/11/13 1st 2/15/2013
Rakdos Aggro zsmiley  MTGO Modern Premier - 2/11/13 2nd 2/15/2013
Unburial Gifts pyromaniac4290  MTGO Modern Premier - 2/11/13 3rd - 4th 2/15/2013
Junk PTPaul  MTGO Modern Premier - 2/11/13 3rd - 4th 2/15/2013
UW Tron shoktroopa  MTGO Modern Premier - 2/11/13 5th - 8th 2/15/2013
Master Affinity RandomDrooler  MTGO Modern Premier - 2/11/13 5th - 8th 2/15/2013
Boggled Enchantments Soriagus  MTGO Modern Premier - 2/11/13 5th - 8th 2/15/2013
Splinter Twin gottabekd  MTGO Modern Premier - 2/11/13 5th - 8th 2/15/2013

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Color Deck Name Creator Format
oopps all spellskillerlilninjaLegacy
Rally Purphorosshargon14@yahoStandard
Shu Yun Tiny LeadersdwchangVintage
Mono-Green Aggro A Fluffy SquidStandard
Centaur ZooelementalheroflamewiModern
Gixis Dragonssammy sliverStandard
abzan aggrobigjamesStandard
Monoblack Control JankL0rdAceXLegacy
Monoblue DevotionL0rdAceXStandard
DADShybrid theoryLegacy
Crushing CentaursLupineShadowModern
Green Aggro ModernGlassjaw11Modern
Elves ModernGlassjaw11Modern
WG Human AggrocalourStandard
5 Color I dont evenweevkinStandard
mardu aggro dragonshounddog572Standard

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