Location: 2012 States - Illinois

Color Title Player Location Finished Date
Selesnya Aggro Andrew Patterson  2012 States - Illinois 1st 10/17/2012
American Control Matthew Hoey  2012 States - Illinois 2nd 10/17/2012
Esper Tokens Shawn Novak  2012 States - Illinois 3rd - 4th 10/17/2012
Jund Midrange James Bush  2012 States - Illinois 3rd - 4th 10/17/2012
Bant Control David Gleicher  2012 States - Illinois 5th - 8th 10/17/2012
American Delver Nate Phillips  2012 States - Illinois 5th - 8th 10/17/2012
Jund Midrange Adam Murray  2012 States - Illinois 5th - 8th 10/17/2012
Jund Midrange Wylie Mok  2012 States - Illinois 5th - 8th 10/17/2012

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Color Deck Name Creator Format
Draw Burn IIIforeverzeroStandard
Merfolk ModernGlassjaw11Modern
Alesha LDd3@thCommander
Mardu DragonsNP-completeStandard
Casual dredgeSpaceman_SplifModern
Abzan aggro megamorphGlaciusStandard
Jeskai Ascendancy Mentor4lter3goStandard
Marath Tiny LeadersCrovax11Vintage
Seeing Double EDHJelaniCommander
Sen TripletsF1ks3rCommander
Champion of LambholtJoshfred21Modern
UWr StonebladelinkdafourfLegacy
Zurgo, SMASHd3@thCommander
Shaman IIIforeverzeroStandard
Cookie CrisphegemonForteLegacy

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