Location: 2011 States - Arizona

Color Title Player Location Finished Date
UB Control Adam Prosak  2011 States - Arizona 1st 10/17/2011
Red Deck Wins Kevin McCoy  2011 States - Arizona 2nd 10/17/2011
Wolf Run Ramp Joey Kurtz  2011 States - Arizona 3rd - 4th 10/17/2011
Esper Control Jake Herter  2011 States - Arizona 3rd - 4th 10/17/2011
Monoblack Infect Larry Kaufmann  2011 States - Arizona 5th - 8th 10/17/2011
Wolf Run Ramp Christian Nickerson  2011 States - Arizona 5th - 8th 10/17/2011
Solar Flare James Vigg  2011 States - Arizona 5th - 8th 10/17/2011
Solar Flare Gary Wong  2011 States - Arizona 5th - 8th 10/17/2011

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Color Deck Name Creator Format
Legacy jund aggrojdtannehillLegacy
GW CountersA Fluffy SquidStandard
U/B AggroCrimsonLiegeStandard
Soldiers' Legacy RocEgg123Legacy
Elves OriginsMrZizzlesVintage
Modern elfball Controlfreak44Modern
BUG SuperfriendsMT243Standard
Elf DoorUkiModern
Grand Arbiter's LockdownShanghiaKidCommander
Sweeping Oloro EDHsimonrileyVintage
Fly Away!!!Yoru_SunekuLegacy
BUG delver?DandtheswangLegacy
No Goyf BugDandtheswangLegacy
Bant Stoneblade XxTPMxX97Legacy
U/R DelverXxTPMxX97Modern
Azban Aggro XxTPMxX97Standard
Sultai Control XxTPMxX97Standard
Temur Aggro XxTPMxX97Standard

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