Color Title Player Location Finished Date
Esper sumnerdoughty 9/29/2013
B/W Control sumnerdoughty 7/13/2013
Boros sumnerdoughty 7/10/2013
UWR Delver sumnerdoughty 6/25/2013
ghdhnf sumnerdoughty 3/12/2013
dimir sumnerdoughty 2/26/2013
White Green Overrun sumnerdoughty 6/23/2012
Unblockable sumnerdoughty 6/22/2012
BG infect Help please sumnerdoughty 6/9/2012
blue white humans ryan sumnerdoughty 6/8/2012
RUG sumnerdoughty 6/1/2012
blue bounce sumnerdoughty 5/24/2012
TibaltDW sumnerdoughty 5/15/2012
wolfs revamped sumnerdoughty 3/27/2012
Ultimate confusion sumnerdoughty 3/4/2012
Goblin Army sumnerdoughty 2/17/2012
invisible incineration sumnerdoughty 2/16/2012
ORDER! sumnerdoughty 2/11/2012

Color Deck Name Creator Format
UR ContolDoki7518Modern
MARATH ACCELd3@thCommander
WR HEROICamargiStandard
The Gate v2invaderskullLegacy
Artifact AfflictionLupineShadowStandard
Esper ControllaineithmanModern
Modified Dark WaysHyperNVs301Legacy
Dark WaysHyperNVs301Legacy
Alesha's Tiny AristocratsShawnMndSclptrCommander
RDW2Heavens KnightStandard
Uril EDHsimonrileyCommander
RW AggrosillybommersStandard
UB Faeriestayman2037Modern
RG Loam AssaultNP-completeModern
UWR MentorGenlemanStandard
Sultai SuperfriendssillybommersStandard

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