Color Title Player Location Finished Date
Esper sumnerdoughty 9/29/2013
B/W Control sumnerdoughty 7/13/2013
Boros sumnerdoughty 7/10/2013
UWR Delver sumnerdoughty 6/25/2013
ghdhnf sumnerdoughty 3/12/2013
dimir sumnerdoughty 2/26/2013
White Green Overrun sumnerdoughty 6/23/2012
Unblockable sumnerdoughty 6/22/2012
BG infect Help please sumnerdoughty 6/9/2012
blue white humans ryan sumnerdoughty 6/8/2012
RUG sumnerdoughty 6/1/2012
blue bounce sumnerdoughty 5/24/2012
TibaltDW sumnerdoughty 5/15/2012
wolfs revamped sumnerdoughty 3/27/2012
Ultimate confusion sumnerdoughty 3/4/2012
Goblin Army sumnerdoughty 2/17/2012
invisible incineration sumnerdoughty 2/16/2012
ORDER! sumnerdoughty 2/11/2012

Color Deck Name Creator Format
UWR StandardGlassjaw11Standard
CubeDraft BorosDWwonderdogLegacy
junk modern ktkProckhimselfModern
UG DelveTman85Standard
Always JamDragonmaster22Modern
Chromanticoredomincan dueliStandard
big reddavee669Standard
burning moonCateranModern
big moonCateranModern
4c MidrangeKhelokStandard
Dredgevine 3.0filiooModern
Jeskai ProwessKhelokStandard
Esper ControlKhelokStandard
big skred redCateranModern
Multiplayer deckSteffenBlakeVintage
Healing HoardLupineShadowLegacy
Zurgo's SamuraibleisleCommander

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