Color Title Player Location Finished Date
Bant masterc 2/11/2015
Jund with Adun masterc 3/8/2014
Modern Elves masterc 5/31/2013
Rats masterc 3/14/2013
Mono Green EDH masterc 12/6/2012
RWU Caw masterc 4/26/2012
Doran masterc 4/24/2012
Genesis Wave masterc 4/14/2012
Esper Singleton masterc 4/10/2012
Clueless Morgan's Type-4 masterc 3/25/2011
Kaervek The Merciless EDH masterc 12/6/2010
Garza Zol EDH masterc 12/6/2010

Color Deck Name Creator Format
Dromoka Life-Gainarcticfox2012Commander
UBGR controlale81Modern
[Modern] 5C ZooWinglerw28Modern
Temur DelverFrostySpazkinsModern
[Standard] Esper DragonsWinglerw28Standard
Abzan ControljayhooStandard
RG Aggrojlmf117Standard
gw masterymedleymrStandard
5 Color WeevkinStandard
Den Raptor AbzanmedleymrStandard
Grixis DragonsA Fluffy SquidStandard
UB Death's Shadowl0rdacexLegacy
Merfolk 05/04l0rdacexModern
Modern WGxSylthKeyModern
Vintage MerfolkBaldwinVintage
zdawghybrid theoryLegacy
Thalia Tiny LeadersFrostySpazkinsVintage
UW DevotionGlaciusStandard
jeskai dragonikeymanStandard

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