Color Title Player Location Finished Date
infinite crawlin iceman_rs2001 2/10/2012

Color Deck Name Creator Format
Bant FlashFree7hinkerModern
mono black temposillybommersStandard
Grave UBGale81Modern
Karaborn ApostlePanzerkuhCommander
Ur a wizard harrySwagonModern
Legacy BR Control UPDATEDFirebrans13Legacy
Temur Meaner LegendsclackityclackStandard
BW TokensAstartisModern
U/B Control XxTPMxX97Standard
G/R Devotion XxTPMxX97Standard
Azban MidrangeXxTPMxX97Standard
Naya MidrangeXxTPMxX97Standard
W/U heroic XxTPMxX97Standard
Jeskai TokensXxTPMxX97Standard
Mono Red aggro XxTPMxX97Standard
U/G RampXxTPMxX97Standard
5C Aggro XxTPMxX97Standard
Merfolk EDHmysterykingCommander
Twin for reallllcoryw010Modern
[Commander] SidisiWinglerw28Commander

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