Color Title Player Location Finished Date
bant dq911 6/12/2012
duke dq911 6/11/2012
UR walker dq911 6/8/2012
MBC dq911 5/2/2012
gw run dq911 4/26/2012
ug delver dq911 4/10/2012
dream halls dq911 3/13/2012
WW dq911 2/7/2012
storm dq911 2/1/2012
grixis lich dq911 1/31/2012
ooze dq911 1/30/2012
br aggro control dka dq911 1/28/2012
rg wolf pod dq911 1/27/2012
BG rock dq911 1/18/2012
UR control dq911 1/16/2012
rug control dq911 1/7/2012
bant control dq911 1/7/2012
bug heartless pod dq911 1/7/2012
rug delv dq911 1/7/2012
UG aggro control dq911 1/6/2012
grix delver dq911 1/3/2012
LD run dq911 12/30/2011
ur delver modern dq911 12/30/2011
ug mayor secrets dq911 12/28/2011
knights dq911 12/24/2011
u/b delver dq911 12/22/2011
ur delver dq911 12/21/2011
rb bloodhall dq911 12/11/2011
modern loam dq911 11/29/2011
gwr dq911 11/20/2011
rug post worlds dq911 11/20/2011
vengeance control dq911 11/7/2011
pyro dq911 10/19/2011
u/w walker dq911 10/9/2011
mono black dq911 10/7/2011
infect combo dq911 10/3/2011
infect dq911 10/3/2011
mayor dq911 9/27/2011
ur dq911 9/25/2011
br aggro dq911 9/25/2011
gr wolves? dq911 9/25/2011
elves dq911 9/25/2011
ug mayor dq911 9/25/2011
gr genesis wrath dq911 9/21/2011
gw tokens dq911 9/21/2011
u/w aggro control dq911 9/19/2011
next level blue dq911 9/12/2011
brown control dq911 9/12/2011
agro loam dq911 8/17/2011
modern turbofog dq911 8/14/2011
modern merfolk dq911 8/14/2011
combo modern dq911 8/12/2011
pyromill dq911 8/9/2011
ug mill dq911 8/9/2011
turbo dq911 8/9/2011
rug temp dq911 8/1/2011
gr beats dq911 8/1/2011
turbofog d dq911 8/1/2011
RUG dq911 7/30/2011
mono green dq911 7/30/2011
b/w discard+answers dq911 7/28/2011
BUG dq911 7/27/2011
sparkblade dq911 7/26/2011
turbofog dq911 7/24/2011
MB dredge dq911 7/23/2011
combo dq911 7/23/2011
stiflenaught budget dq911 7/21/2011
lavapox dq911 7/19/2011
RG force dq911 7/18/2011
u/w midrange cawtroll dq911 7/17/2011
u/g shaman dq911 7/17/2011
mono green bestow beats dq911 7/17/2011
r/b pox mancer beats dq911 7/17/2011
u/r mage counterburn hlp dq911 7/17/2011
u/g vine dq911 7/17/2011
r/u/g aggro dq911 7/16/2011
rug tempo, help dq911 7/16/2011
u/g turboland dq911 7/16/2011
u/w/r aggro control, help dq911 7/16/2011
psyche trap draw out help dq911 7/15/2011
luminarch dq911 7/15/2011
venser hmm dq911 7/15/2011
white weenie suture dq911 7/15/2011
u/b aggro control dq911 7/3/2011
u/w post ban dq911 6/28/2011
boros m12 dq911 6/28/2011
u/r counterburn m12 dq911 6/28/2011
u/w venser, post ban dq911 6/28/2011
white weenies dq911 6/22/2011
white weenie dq911 6/22/2011
turboland adapted dq911 6/19/2011
genesis elves cmnt dq911 6/18/2011
architect k dq911 6/18/2011
mono black aggro dq911 6/17/2011
architect dq911 6/15/2011
junk dq911 6/13/2011
comment? dq911 6/13/2011
exarch jiki, comment dq911 6/12/2011
mono red, help dq911 6/12/2011
twin cheap dq911 6/6/2011
twin comment cheap dq911 5/31/2011
quest is back dq911 5/28/2011
mono white control cmnt dq911 5/19/2011
u/g infect, comment dq911 5/18/2011
u/g combo infect commnt dq911 5/15/2011
pyro shrine cmnt dq911 5/10/2011
soul sisters dq911 5/9/2011
dredge standard dq911 5/6/2011
black crank dq911 5/5/2011
vamp crank dq911 5/5/2011
temp steal dq911 5/5/2011
venser u/w budget com dq911 5/4/2011
aggro control vamps dq911 4/30/2011
genesis dq911 4/23/2011
a new take on gobs dq911 4/19/2011
vamps (cmnt) dq911 4/18/2011
bant venser (comment) dq911 4/3/2011
dredge dq911 3/31/2011
Goblin no koth dq911 3/31/2011
venser dq911 3/30/2011
mono black vamps dq911 3/28/2011
tourney qualifier gob com dq911 3/26/2011
WW luminarch dq911 3/24/2011
MBC help, budget dq911 3/22/2011
U/r control, tested dq911 3/21/2011
Bant allies dq911 3/17/2011
ally, fnm help dq911 3/16/2011
white weenies (viable?) dq911 3/15/2011
tempered stampede (com) dq911 3/15/2011
jund aggro dq911 3/14/2011
jund rock (comment) dq911 3/14/2011
has any1 thought of this? dq911 3/9/2011
red assault (comment) dq911 3/7/2011
the budget deck to play dq911 3/7/2011
RDW gobs dq911 3/7/2011
rdw returns dq911 3/7/2011
defender ramp dq911 3/2/2011
u/w clone knights dq911 3/2/2011
boros cry (viable?) dq911 3/2/2011
red cry (viable?) dq911 3/2/2011
Ally mill, it works dq911 2/28/2011
u/r control, comment dq911 2/27/2011
questcry (comment) dq911 2/26/2011
caw and polymorph dq911 2/20/2011
r/u/b control (budget) cm dq911 2/20/2011
w/g tapout (help) dq911 2/16/2011
g/w tapout wave comment! dq911 2/13/2011
w/g bounce (comment) dq911 2/12/2011
g/r landfall dq911 2/10/2011
the ONLY viable discard dq911 2/9/2011
mass fogymorph (insane) dq911 2/8/2011
solid budget morph dq911 2/7/2011
Black aggro comment dq911 2/6/2011
u/b tezifacts comment dq911 2/6/2011
budget flyers dq911 2/3/2011
budget naya standard dq911 2/2/2011
novablast knight dq911 2/2/2011
Boros knights (comment) dq911 2/2/2011
U/B artifact control, v4 dq911 2/2/2011
Kuldotha tier one? dq911 2/1/2011
U artifact control v3 com dq911 1/31/2011
artifact control v2 cmnt dq911 1/30/2011
U control, comment dq911 1/30/2011
vat agro (comment) dq911 1/30/2011
mUc (comment) dq911 1/29/2011
budget u/b vat comment dq911 1/27/2011
land rape comment dq911 1/24/2011
thief (comment) dq911 1/23/2011
boros relatively budget dq911 1/22/2011
black aggro control dq911 1/21/2011
r/w peasent comment dq911 1/17/2011
mono black vat dq911 1/15/2011
black red sacrifice vat dq911 1/15/2011
merfolk tribal dq911 1/14/2011
infection perfection dq911 1/14/2011
the kiln fiend perfected dq911 1/12/2011
luminarch angels, comment dq911 1/9/2011
Angel ramp tribal-comment dq911 1/8/2011
valakut for the poor dq911 1/4/2011
R/B equipment+invincible dq911 12/28/2010

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Color Deck Name Creator Format
Jund EvolutionlaineithmanModern
BG Seasons PastkrakoStandard
B/w AngelsdakotahcottonStandard
BR MadnessbiboStandard
Grixis ShadownizamzModern
Budget DelverHyperdevo89Modern
Keranos ($50)therealpeachesCommander
Doubly RidiculousPureOkieTekModern
Mardu DragonsSerhio666Standard
W Enchantment ControlitsnotmyfaultStandard
Hardened Humans 3itsnotmyfaultModern
Kaalia of the Vast 2Arcticfox2012Commander
BW AngelsglaciusStandard
Filth Rakdos Aggrojp22102000Modern
Jeskai DragonslaineithmanStandard
GP Montreal Sealed PoolevilwarlockStandard
UB Zombie LilianaearmingolStandard
Abzan ControleyewtkasStandard

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