Color Title Player Location Finished Date
Charge Cards daleyplanit 3/12/2013
Hot poker daleyplanit 2/17/2013
Crucible daleyplanit 2/16/2013
Tap Dance daleyplanit 2/16/2013
You Rant Chinese foooood? daleyplanit 2/16/2013
EDHorrible daleyplanit 2/15/2013
Mod Squad daleyplanit 2/15/2013
Spirit Guide daleyplanit 2/10/2013
Taped Out daleyplanit 2/10/2013
Milli Vanilli daleyplanit 2/10/2013
The Clone Zone daleyplanit 2/8/2013
Repercussion daleyplanit 2/8/2013
Boros Yeltsin daleyplanit 2/8/2013
EDH All-Stars daleyplanit 2/8/2013
A-Myr daleyplanit 2/8/2013
Let's have FUNgus daleyplanit 2/8/2013
Stally Shore daleyplanit 2/5/2013
MA! Where's My Protean?! daleyplanit 2/4/2013
Boobies daleyplanit 2/4/2013
Kobold & Beautiful daleyplanit 2/4/2013
You're the Pest Around daleyplanit 2/4/2013
Stop if you've heard this daleyplanit 2/4/2013
Bant Jemima daleyplanit 2/4/2013
Panoptic Nerve daleyplanit 2/4/2013
Brion's Song daleyplanit 2/4/2013
Grave Digger daleyplanit 2/4/2013

Color Deck Name Creator Format
BRushWorld AblazeStandard
Zendi GobsYoru_SunekuModern
Shadow GobsYoru_SunekuModern
GW AggroWorld AblazeStandard
Orzhov Humansjohnson512n28Modern
Orzhov Agrojohnson512n28Modern
UW ControlgerhbStandard
BW TokensCalvinTTrgrModern
Bant Flashjohnson512n28Modern
Dimir is good wakaflockaStandard
R/G MidAggroRangeMonsterswakaflockaStandard
Modern stuff PriceJboro99Modern
Ghostway michaelapolloModern
RB DrawSTEELIX123Standard
[Legacy] 12 Post (C)Winglerw28Legacy
b\w warriors lance.isaacStandard
UG ManifestSteffenBlakeStandard
Dark Tezzeret conceptaalistorModern

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