Color Title Player Location Finished Date
U/G ELVES(Japanese Tech) crucialian 5/23/2008
B/R Aggro/Haste crucialian 5/21/2008
Ol' Skool U/G Tempo crucialian 4/3/2008
U/G/W Control Post-Lorwyn crucialian 10/7/2007

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Color Deck Name Creator Format
Scion SpawnJoshfred21Modern
Esper Dragons - BattleHyperdevo89Standard
4c MidrangecrazybucketStandard
Sac balmungStandard
Vintage Stormarcticfox2012Vintage
Omnath's Elementalsneptune07Standard
Abzan Walkers - BFZCalvinTTrgrStandard
Allied retreatdeckstorage2Standard
RGHeavens KnightStandard
Legacy Merfolk 10/03l0rdacexLegacy
4 color good stufflance.isaacStandard
Abzan aggrolance.isaacStandard
In good companydeckstorage2Standard
SeeLessNa MegaCenaJewishPinoyStandard
Grixis Dust (WIP)deckstorage2Standard
Vintage Azoriousarcticfox2012Vintage
Cutthroat MardugignoranceStandard

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