Color Title Player Location Finished Date
Abzan retreat bh13 10/8/2015
4 color wombo bh13 12/30/2013
UB notion lock bh13 12/30/2013
BUG Flash bh13 12/30/2013
Mono Bwue bh13 12/27/2013
sum mo bant fo mi bh13 11/16/2013
I didn't choose bant life bh13 10/10/2013
Notion sickness bh13 6/12/2013
Jund Fling bh13 5/24/2013
Izzet stuffs bh13 5/14/2013
Milli vanilli bh13 5/13/2013
Golgari v2 bh13 5/11/2013
Rock bh13 5/10/2013
Bug control? bh13 5/10/2013
Dying wish Jund bh13 5/9/2013
CMC 1 bh13 5/8/2013
Esper aggro bh13 5/7/2013
MB Sac Midrange bh13 5/7/2013
Bant shenanigans bh13 5/1/2013
hooty hoot bh13 4/29/2013
Bant Life Control bh13 4/21/2013
Bant life Chose me v2 bh13 4/21/2013
Bant life chose me bh13 4/16/2013
burn bh13 4/7/2013
Mono Black budget 2 bh13 2/21/2013
UB Aggro bh13 2/4/2013
Blue aggro bh13 2/2/2013
Sphere of the Misthollow bh13 12/7/2012
Keyrune Control bh13 12/3/2012
American Electromancer bh13 11/18/2012
American AGGR bh13 11/18/2012
Flayer Rites SB aggro bh13 11/7/2012
UW Safety bh13 11/7/2012
M13 Burn bh13 7/20/2012
BR aggro bh13 6/9/2012
MB Demon Aggro bh13 6/9/2012
Reverb 3 going gobs bh13 4/3/2012
Reverb? 2? bh13 4/3/2012
reverb? bh13 3/26/2012
Marshmillow bh13 3/5/2012
Lich combo bh13 2/26/2012
Green 2s bh13 2/23/2012
Curse fun bh13 2/11/2012
Vamps bh13 1/8/2012
Dr. Pepper bh13 11/3/2011
BG aggro infect bh13 9/26/2011
budget bloodthirst bh13 9/17/2011
2hg MTGO budget v0.2 bh13 9/13/2011
2hg MTGO budget. bh13 9/13/2011
Anew hope bh13 9/11/2011
Brainstorming 2hg MTGO bh13 9/6/2011
Blade Breaker bh13 8/25/2011
Bant Pod bh13 8/23/2011
Sanguine Bond bh13 8/18/2011
Bone wand sucks. bh13 8/9/2011
Judge mills lane bh13 7/16/2011
BUG pod bh13 7/15/2011
Type II aura bh13 7/12/2011
Artifact aggro bh13 6/30/2011
UB attempt one bh13 6/18/2011
Greenlulz bh13 6/14/2011
Sacrifice bh13 6/13/2011
UG Mass poly v2 bh13 6/10/2011
UW mass poly bh13 6/10/2011
Mass poly bh13 6/9/2011
living puresteel bh13 6/8/2011
Venser, WOOO HOO bh13 6/5/2011
5C Sen fun bh13 5/30/2011
Bant bh13 5/16/2011
Colorless bh13 3/28/2011
Persist bh13 3/10/2011
Flying Two-headed bh13 3/9/2011
B/G Sacrifice bh13 3/6/2011
Angels bh13 3/3/2011
Faeries v3 bh13 2/24/2011
Cheaper faeries v2 bh13 2/22/2011
Cheaper faerie's bh13 2/21/2011
Sacrifice *comments* bh13 2/21/2011
Sacrifice n_n bh13 2/20/2011
Cairn Wanderer bh13 2/20/2011
Faeries bh13 1/26/2011
Changeling bh13 1/13/2011
Druids bh13 1/13/2011
The Gorgon's Gaze bh13 12/24/2010
Mono Green Chroma bh13 10/17/2010
Aura bh13 10/14/2010
Treefolk Tri-color bh13 8/21/2010
Ninja Attempt 2 Comments bh13 8/19/2010
Treefolk attempt 1 bh13 8/17/2010

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Color Deck Name Creator Format
Jund EvolutionlaineithmanModern
BG Seasons PastkrakoStandard
B/w AngelsdakotahcottonStandard
BR MadnessbiboStandard
Grixis ShadownizamzModern
Budget DelverHyperdevo89Modern
Keranos ($50)therealpeachesCommander
Doubly RidiculousPureOkieTekModern
Mardu DragonsSerhio666Standard
W Enchantment ControlitsnotmyfaultStandard
Hardened Humans 3itsnotmyfaultModern
Kaalia of the Vast 2Arcticfox2012Commander
BW AngelsglaciusStandard
Filth Rakdos Aggrojp22102000Modern
Jeskai DragonslaineithmanStandard
GP Montreal Sealed PoolevilwarlockStandard
UB Zombie LilianaearmingolStandard
Abzan ControleyewtkasStandard

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