Color Title Player Location Finished Date
Jeskai Control ash_202457 3/3/2016
Taking Turns ash_202457 11/24/2015
Blue Moon ash_202457 6/3/2015
Takin' Turns ash_202457 5/13/2014
BUG Superfriends ash_202457 4/3/2014
Mindcrank the Delver ash_202457 3/8/2014
Elves ash_202457 2/20/2014
Dova's Army ash_202457 2/18/2014
Monored Burn ash_202457 2/15/2014
Vamps in the Night ash_202457 2/14/2014
Get there Dungrove ash_202457 2/12/2014
Mayael's Legion ash_202457 1/31/2014
Big Red ash_202457 1/21/2014
Simic Infect ash_202457 1/8/2014
Orzhov Tokens ash_202457 1/1/2014
Grixis Control ash_202457 12/13/2013
Izzet a Control deck ash_202457 12/3/2013
Rakdos Midrange ash_202457 11/30/2013
Riots of Rakdos ash_202457 11/27/2013
It's Mill Time ash_202457 11/14/2013
Esper Control ash_202457 10/26/2013
Terror from the Deep ash_202457 10/17/2013
It's Valakut, Need Aloe ash_202457 10/14/2013
The Aldmeri Dominion ash_202457 10/12/2013
Heliod's Followers ash_202457 10/10/2013
Monored Devotion ash_202457 10/9/2013
Nylea's Hunting Party ash_202457 10/2/2013
Monstrous Gruul ash_202457 10/2/2013
March of the Hydras ash_202457 9/18/2013
Might of Purphoros ash_202457 9/18/2013
Elves of Golgari ash_202457 9/11/2013
Demons in the Shadows ash_202457 9/6/2013
American Delver ash_202457 8/19/2013
BWR Tokens ash_202457 8/15/2013
Esper Mill ash_202457 8/2/2013
Grixis Superfriends ash_202457 7/30/2013
Selesnya Humans ash_202457 7/28/2013
Delver on Fire ash_202457 7/20/2013
Feast Of Blood ash_202457 7/17/2013
Dimir Mill ash_202457 7/13/2013
The Slivers Hive ash_202457 7/12/2013
Red Deck Wins ash_202457 7/12/2013
True Knights ash_202457 7/5/2013
Mono-Green Control ash_202457 7/4/2013
Krenkos Mob ash_202457 6/30/2013
RDW ash_202457 6/18/2013
Obzedat's Council ash_202457 6/15/2013
Undying Evil ash_202457 5/27/2013
Worldfire's Bane ash_202457 5/4/2013
It's Elvish Time ash_202457 5/2/2013
Turbo Fog Leg. ash_202457 5/2/2013
Dredge Emrakul ash_202457 5/2/2013
U/B/W Mill ash_202457 4/21/2013
Infinte Life = Win ash_202457 4/10/2013
Rakdos Demons ash_202457 11/17/2012
RGW Allies ash_202457 11/14/2012
U/R Delver ash_202457 11/8/2012
causal elves ash_202457 10/25/2012
U/R Blister ash_202457 10/23/2012
Rock Control ash_202457 9/20/2012
Get'er Dungrove ash_202457 9/12/2012
Grixis Walker Control ash_202457 9/10/2012
R-B Vampires ash_202457 8/13/2012
Armed Miltia ash_202457 8/8/2012
Eldrazi Green Mod. ash_202457 7/21/2012
Goblins ash_202457 7/9/2012
R/W Humans ash_202457 6/8/2012
Avacyn Restored ash_202457 5/9/2012
G/W Humans ash_202457 5/3/2012
Venser's Moon ash_202457 4/25/2012
Cloning Riku ash_202457 4/9/2012
Relentless Green ash_202457 3/29/2012
Kuldotha Red ash_202457 2/18/2012
RDW-Cheap ash_202457 10/31/2011
Aggro Elves ash_202457 10/27/2011
Primordial Dungrove ash_202457 10/25/2011
R/W Kuldotha ash_202457 10/23/2011
R/B Vampires ash_202457 10/17/2011
Self-Mill ash_202457 10/13/2011
Kuldotha ash_202457 10/11/2011
U/G Infect ash_202457 10/1/2011
Burning Soul ash_202457 9/26/2011
Green Infect ash_202457 8/22/2011
U/B Mill ash_202457 8/18/2011
Garruk's Elves ash_202457 5/25/2011
The Haunting Traumatize ash_202457 5/19/2011
Elvish Ramp ash_202457 5/12/2011
Eldrazi Green ash_202457 5/12/2011
Rampaging Green ash_202457 5/11/2011
Valakut ash_202457 5/11/2011
Cheap Valakut ash_202457 5/6/2011

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Color Deck Name Creator Format
Jund EvolutionlaineithmanModern
BG Seasons PastkrakoStandard
B/w AngelsdakotahcottonStandard
BR MadnessbiboStandard
Grixis ShadownizamzModern
Budget DelverHyperdevo89Modern
Keranos ($50)therealpeachesCommander
Doubly RidiculousPureOkieTekModern
Mardu DragonsSerhio666Standard
W Enchantment ControlitsnotmyfaultStandard
Hardened Humans 3itsnotmyfaultModern
Kaalia of the Vast 2Arcticfox2012Commander
BW AngelsglaciusStandard
Filth Rakdos Aggrojp22102000Modern
Jeskai DragonslaineithmanStandard
GP Montreal Sealed PoolevilwarlockStandard
UB Zombie LilianaearmingolStandard
Abzan ControleyewtkasStandard

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