Color Title Player Location Finished Date
Controlslaver Roras 10/6/2015
Werewolf Stompy Roras 5/3/2013
Animar Roras 4/12/2013
Patron of the Orochi Roras 4/8/2013
Equisite Esper Roras 4/4/2013
UB Mincrank Roras 3/28/2013
Rats Roras 3/26/2013
Green Flash Roras 3/24/2013
GR garbage Roras 3/17/2013
TurboZvi Roras 3/12/2013
Humanimator Roras 3/9/2013
tst2 Roras 2/25/2013
tst Roras 2/25/2013
Relentless Rats Roras 1/31/2013
Hate Life Roras 1/8/2013

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Color Deck Name Creator Format
Deck de CedGabourukLegacy
blue moonandycoletrainModern
Eldrazi ModernGlassjaw11Modern
RUG Peddler~WoOt~Modern
Modern Tooth and Nailjordanc86Modern
080216 EsperArturo JaiimeStandard
Blue-Red EldraziModern
Bant CompanybradbittmanStandard
Bring to Light Gifts 3JAmes72899Modern
Legacy EldraziJAmes72899Legacy
Jeskai MidJAmes72899Modern
Kiki ControlJAmes72899Modern
Kalitas, the TR8R!WriterofWrongCommander
C/G Eldrazi Ramp 2dws501Standard
Sultai ControlghychModern
LSV Eldrazireddawn7Modern
Eldraziricky lifeStandard
duels deckmedleymrStandard

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