Color Title Player Location Finished Date
MonoBlack Nyxathid MartyJ 3/12/2013

Color Deck Name Creator Format
Bant TempoaalistorStandard
Monogreen AggroCrashfiyeroStandard
Temur WalkersjdcoplndStandard
UW ControljdcoplndStandard
Mono U Devotionsebas.poisonedStandard
U/W heroictye1010Standard
GW DevotionCrashfiyeroStandard
Mythic Mystic Mono MorphjosephtgormanStandard
barrin master wizarderphilBCommander
GW AggroNightshade1203Standard
Mono Black AggroZulrockStandard
Mono-Red AggroAceEffectStandard
ANT In Progressshadowsmiles42Legacy
Esper Dragonforcethatphilguy13Standard
Sultai Agro KTK_v2VaeggeStandard
Abzan Warriors RileyOIrishStandard
GW AggressiveNightshade1203Standard
frog doublefirebearModern
Mono Green Aggro-Swill-Standard

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