Color Title Player Location Finished Date
UW splash G Locknload 1/4/2014
Esper Control Locknload 12/5/2013
Jund Domri Locknload 11/20/2013
American Midrange Locknload 7/4/2013
Junk Rites Locknload 7/4/2013
Bant Midrange Locknload 6/29/2013
UWR Control Locknload 6/8/2013
Bant Flash Locknload 5/22/2013
U/W/R Reckoner Locknload 5/6/2013
Orzhov Control Locknload 4/30/2013
Naya Aggro Locknload 2/25/2013
Naya Midrange Locknload 2/6/2013
Black Red Locknload 1/2/2013

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Color Deck Name Creator Format
Grixis DragonsAckaronStandard
Jumpman 23 DaysSwagonModern
UW Titan - FNMcgreenmagicModern
Grixis Delver For FNMcgreenmagicModern
Zada RushHammer_KothCommander
UW Control BFZTheHighlife5Standard
ub control eldrizWilloflightStandard
U/B ControlHeyDjStandard
Naya AlliestheredjokerStandard
Phoenix AggrohegemonForteStandard
UW conrtolWilloflightStandard
RDW SlighshardoonStandard
Taking TurnsRelmmagusStandard
5c AggrobradbittmanStandard
Unwinding EngineXyxVintage
Grixis Pauper MPblueballsLegacy
jeskai tutelagedakotahcottonStandard
R/W Searing MeditationdogigyModern
Lifegen AllywonderdogStandard

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