Color Title Player Location Finished Date
Azorius Aggro Jun.I  MTGO Standard Premier - 6488674 - 12/23/13 5th - 8th 12/30/2013
Junk Rites Jun.I  MTGO Standard Premier - 5196350 - 3/23/13 5th - 8th 3/29/2013
UB Infect Jun.I  MTGO Standard Premier - 4/20/12 5th - 8th 4/26/2012
BG Rock Jun.I  MTGO Modern PTQ - 2/25/12 5th - 8th 2/28/2012
Fauna Toolbox Jun.I  MTGO Extended Daily (4-0) - Week of 3-20-11 3/22/2011
UWBrown Jun.I  MTGO Extended Daily (4-0) - Week of 3-6-11 3/13/2011

Color Deck Name Creator Format
Mardu TokensironocyStandard
jeskai tokensmtgdudem10Standard
Standard DereviviolenceCommander
RG DragonscgreenmagicStandard
Mono G DTKcgreenmagicStandard
Grand Pili-PaladiogucModern
Monowhite Weenies HumansdiogucModern
Impact TremorscgreenmagicStandard
Azban MorphsjadecavyStandard
5 color dragonsmedleymrStandard
bw warriorsmedleymrStandard
Rakdos AggroironocyStandard
Olivia VoldarengothjonCommander
Basic Burning reanimatorDandtheswangLegacy
Cozy CompanyamcburgermanModern
RB Destroyprivate publicStandard
Momir ViggothjonCommander
UR fiendidontkonowVintage

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