Color Title Player Location Finished Date
Mono White Jubilation HyperNVs301 8/4/2016
Super Mill Zeinth Combo HyperNVs301 8/4/2016
Icy Blue Genesis Wave HyperNVs301 8/4/2016
Icy Blue Zeinth HyperNVs301 8/4/2016
Bant Hate Commander HyperNVs301 8/4/2016
Mana Genesis HyperNVs301 8/3/2016
Jeskai Prowless Master HyperNVs301 7/26/2016
Fist of Hideaway HyperNVs301 5/14/2016
Ego's Blue Sun HyperNVs301 5/7/2016
Altered Biomancer HyperNVs301 5/7/2016
Mutation~Company`s Chords HyperNvs301 5/3/2016
Mutation~Chord HyperNvs301 5/3/2016
Mulch and March HyperNVs301 4/27/2016
Scry Hardware HyperNVs301 4/27/2016
Humans Appeal, Firemind HyperNVs301 3/19/2016
Pyromancing Or Palinchron HyperNVs301 3/19/2016
To an Chord! HyperNVs301 3/19/2016
Prime Commandeer HyperNVs301 3/16/2016
Jund Delve HyperNVs301 3/5/2016
Amulet from the Loam HyperNVs301 3/5/2016
Bant Hate HyperNVs301 3/3/2016
Jeskai Shift HyperNVs301 3/3/2016
Hate Bear Master HyperNVs301 3/3/2016
Omni Time~Goods HyperNVs301 2/29/2016
Kiki~Meloku Mirrors HyperNVs301 2/25/2016
4c Kiki~Chord HyperNVs301 2/23/2016
Cube: The Artificial Core HyperNVs301 2/12/2016
Shocking Atlas Retreat HyperNVs301 2/12/2016
Cube: Strionic Resonator HyperNVs301 2/11/2016
Walking to Coralhelm HyperNVs301 2/11/2016
Cube: Benthic Experiment HyperNVs301 2/8/2016
Bant of the Cobra Retreat HyperNVs301 2/8/2016
Jund Megamorph HyperNVs301 2/8/2016
Relentless Assault HyperNVs301 2/8/2016
Emblem of the Warmind HyperNVs301 2/7/2016
Eldrazi Cube's HyperNVs301 1/30/2016
Madru Control HyperNVs301 1/30/2016
Elemental Cube HyperNVs301 1/30/2016
Pauper Cubs Hypernvs301 1/29/2016
Luminarch Ascension Cube Hypernvs301 1/29/2016
NeverBribery HyperNvs301 1/28/2016
Reanimater Thragtusk HyperNVs301 1/26/2016
Bant Noble Isolation HyperNVs301 1/26/2016
Cobra Manamophose's HyperNVs301 1/24/2016
Specter Silence HyperNvs301 1/21/2016
Cosi's Retreat HyperNvs301 1/21/2016
Reliquary Retreat HyperNvs301 1/21/2016
Proteus Megamorph HyperNVs301 1/19/2016
Bant's Natures Will HyperNVs301 1/13/2016
Mythic Cobra HyperNvs301 12/30/2015
ManaGrape HyperNVs301 12/20/2015
Taxes in Company HyperNVs301 12/17/2015
Finest Mightest Control HyperNVs301 12/15/2015
Jeskai/Agent Grand Master HyperNVs301 12/15/2015
5C Ramp Noxious/Servitude HyperNvs301 12/14/2015
Naya/Ramp Grand Master HyperNvs301 12/14/2015
Xenagos Grand Champion HyperNvs301 12/13/2015
Visia Grand Master HyperNVs301 12/12/2015
momentary Blink Control HyperNVs301 12/8/2015
Supreme Exemplar 1.0 HyperNVs301 7/2/2015
Bant Midrage HyperNVs301 6/29/2015
Delver and the Haunted HyperNVs301 6/26/2015
Mind Funeral HyperNVs301 6/26/2015
Supreme Exemplar HyperNVs301 6/20/2015
Esper Stalker HyperNVs301 6/18/2015
Aura Bant Miracle HyperNVs301 6/18/2015
Rest in Peace HyperNVs301 6/9/2015
Rest in Peace HyperNVs301 6/9/2015
From another Shimmer! HyperNVs301 4/20/2015
Token Impersonator HyperNVs301 4/14/2015
Replication Seasons HyperNVs301 4/13/2015
Mind of Weaver HyperNVs301 3/31/2015
BUG Combo HyperNVs301 3/17/2015
Selesnya Mirage HyperNVs301 3/14/2015
Feeding the Beastly Eater HyperNVs301 3/11/2015
Fantasy Breakfast HyperNVs301 3/5/2015
Grixistorming 2.0 HyperNVs301 2/25/2015
Grixistorming HyperNVs301 2/25/2015
Grixis Study HyperNVs301 2/20/2015
4c Shimmer Removal HyperNvs301 2/17/2015
4C Shimmer HyperNvs301 2/17/2015
Bant Aura HyperNVs301 6/15/2013

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Color Deck Name Creator Format
Jund EvolutionlaineithmanModern
BG Seasons PastkrakoStandard
B/w AngelsdakotahcottonStandard
BR MadnessbiboStandard
Grixis ShadownizamzModern
Budget DelverHyperdevo89Modern
Keranos ($50)therealpeachesCommander
Doubly RidiculousPureOkieTekModern
Mardu DragonsSerhio666Standard
W Enchantment ControlitsnotmyfaultStandard
Hardened Humans 3itsnotmyfaultModern
Kaalia of the Vast 2Arcticfox2012Commander
BW AngelsglaciusStandard
Filth Rakdos Aggrojp22102000Modern
Jeskai DragonslaineithmanStandard
GP Montreal Sealed PoolevilwarlockStandard
UB Zombie LilianaearmingolStandard
Abzan ControleyewtkasStandard

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