Color Title Player Location Finished Date
Karador Graveyard FreeloaderMC 7/21/2016
Blue Wizards FreeloaderMC 6/24/2016
Sen Triplets Planeswalker FreeloaderMC 6/22/2016
Keranos Competitive FreeloaderMC 6/19/2016
Maelstrom Superfriends FreeloaderMC 3/26/2016
Rhys Elf Tribal FreeloaderMC 3/12/2016
Narset Superfirneds FreeloaderMC 3/10/2016
Rakdos Eldrazi FreeloaderMC 2/1/2016
Bant Superfriends FreeloaderMC 1/26/2016
Sen Triplets Control FreeloaderMC 1/22/2016
Ojutai Control FreeloaderMC 1/21/2016
Mimeo Reanimator FreeloaderMC 1/18/2016
Mayael FreeloaderMC 1/17/2016
Sharuum Reanimator FreeloaderMC 10/28/2015
Sultai Dredge FreeloaderMC 10/8/2014
Tasigur Control FreeloaderMC 10/2/2014
Ghave Planeswalkers FreeloaderMC 10/2/2014
Damia FreeloaderMC 8/23/2014
Mono Black Eldrazi FreeloaderMC 8/18/2013
Rafiq FreeloaderMC 8/16/2013
Jund FreeloaderMC 8/15/2013
Rock 20 FreeloaderMC 8/15/2013
Vintage Rock Depths FreeloaderMC 8/15/2013
Splinter Twin FreeloaderMC 8/10/2013
Waste Not Rock FreeloaderMC 8/8/2013
American Kiki FreeloaderMC 8/7/2013
Karrthus, Tyrant of Jund FreeloaderMC 8/3/2013
Melira Pod FreeloaderMC 8/3/2013
Punishing Jund FreeloaderMC 8/2/2013
Prossh, Skyraider of Kher FreeloaderMC 8/2/2013
Budget Prossh FreeloaderMC 7/21/2013
Damia, Sage of Stone FreeloaderMC 6/17/2013
Mimeoplasm FreeloaderMC 6/17/2013
B/W Discard FreeloaderMC 6/12/2013
Mono Black Discard FreeloaderMC 6/12/2013
B/W Stoneblade FreeloaderMC 6/10/2013
Azorius Faeries FreeloaderMC 6/10/2013

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Color Deck Name Creator Format
Jund EvolutionlaineithmanModern
BG Seasons PastkrakoStandard
B/w AngelsdakotahcottonStandard
BR MadnessbiboStandard
Grixis ShadownizamzModern
Budget DelverHyperdevo89Modern
Keranos ($50)therealpeachesCommander
Doubly RidiculousPureOkieTekModern
Mardu DragonsSerhio666Standard
W Enchantment ControlitsnotmyfaultStandard
Hardened Humans 3itsnotmyfaultModern
Kaalia of the Vast 2Arcticfox2012Commander
BW AngelsglaciusStandard
Filth Rakdos Aggrojp22102000Modern
Jeskai DragonslaineithmanStandard
GP Montreal Sealed PoolevilwarlockStandard
UB Zombie LilianaearmingolStandard
Abzan ControleyewtkasStandard

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