Color Title Player Location Finished Date
Green Red Bloodrush BlackEagleMBT 3/12/2013
Aggro Bloodrush G/R BlackEagleMBT 3/12/2013
G/R Gruul Bloodrush Aggro BlackEagleMBT 3/12/2013
G/R Bloodrush Aggro BlackEagleMBT 3/8/2013

Color Deck Name Creator Format
Nicol bolas nicol bolasthefatcreatureModern
Jeskai TokensbillybobjonesStandard
dumb infinite turnsZulrockVintage
UWR MiraclesemiklanLegacy
budget counterburnjanuswilderStandard
Artificer's Intuitiontitan222Legacy
Dead to Visaraneke82Commander
Kiki-Jiki Chaosneke82Commander
Sultai ControlOut OutStandard
Omanth of the Landneke82Commander
Mono U IllusionsSchlabbesModern
Life of Oloroneke82Commander
Mogis, God of Vampiresneke82Commander
Teferi can't winneke82Commander
Mardu ControlWrenbloodStandard
Crushing AlgaeKinofthestarsModern
Kaalia OFVfendisaomingCommander

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