Color Title Player Location Finished Date
Green Red Bloodrush BlackEagleMBT 3/12/2013
Aggro Bloodrush G/R BlackEagleMBT 3/12/2013
G/R Gruul Bloodrush Aggro BlackEagleMBT 3/12/2013
G/R Bloodrush Aggro BlackEagleMBT 3/8/2013

Color Deck Name Creator Format
Jeskai PyrocgreenmagicModern
Warriors....come plaaaay.DalamarelvenStandard
Bant HatebearskoobaModern
Mono blue martyrvebbing12Legacy
Toshiro UmezawaloudshadowrossCommander
Urza's TronshinseiModern
I Need a Hero!iantewksModern
4C ChromantiflayersurgeslayerStandard
Ezuri, tinygade leaderbalmungLegacy
Brimaz Army(tiny leaders)balmungLegacy
Blood MoneyiantewksModern
Uril combozd3@thCommander
GW HatebearsKloganModern
Esper Super Friends v4.0ColeSpireStandard
Dark DrawsHammer_KothModern
Modern UR DelversupitslokiModern
Boss SleighitsthtguyStandard
UW AGGRODiogucModern

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