Color Title Player Location Finished Date
Titania billybobjones 10/31/2014
Karn XScorpion 8/10/2014
Maralen Pheodix 4/30/2014
Karn Silver Golem aaragon2 6/16/2013
Terrible Cube kazbar 5/12/2013
Eman Kced Insane 4/23/2013
ad nausem mark13093 4/1/2013
Karn + Eldrazi candyman4247 11/29/2012
ad nauseam edh amarion 12/27/2011
UB mil Lorwynkid 3/22/2011
Karn 2.0 Llan2193 2/23/2011
type four new cards Lorwynkid 12/8/2010
Emrakul EDH redkid12 7/7/2010
Storm Grapeshot Help Plz channelblaze 5/29/2010
Emrakul edh Trogdor! 4/14/2010

Color Deck Name Creator Format
Esper DragonsarendalStandard
Dimir ExploitKanye WestStandard
Jeskai TokenswakaflockaStandard
current standard*shino353Standard
monogreen aggro dragonsmedleymrStandard
Temur Planeswalkersjlmf117Standard
Mardu aggroGlaciusStandard
From another Shimmer!HyperNVs301Vintage
ajani's pride*shino353Standard
extort's end*shino353Extended
abzan blue dragonsmedleymrStandard
here come the hydras*shino353Vintage
Affinity & Taxesnotacanadian24Legacy
BWU szuperbar?tokdavee669Standard
tutor millshino353Modern
mono green infectshino353Modern
turn 2 harassment shino353Modern
look ma no land*shino353Legacy

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