Color Title Player Location Finished Date
Maralen EastyMoryan 5/1/2015
Titania billybobjones 10/31/2014
Karn XScorpion 8/10/2014
Maralen Pheodix 4/30/2014
Karn Silver Golem aaragon2 6/16/2013
Terrible Cube kazbar 5/12/2013
Eman Kced Insane 4/23/2013
ad nausem mark13093 4/1/2013
Karn + Eldrazi candyman4247 11/29/2012
ad nauseam edh amarion 12/27/2011
UB mil Lorwynkid 3/22/2011
Karn 2.0 Llan2193 2/23/2011
type four new cards Lorwynkid 12/8/2010
Emrakul EDH redkid12 7/7/2010
Storm Grapeshot Help Plz channelblaze 5/29/2010
Emrakul edh Trogdor! 4/14/2010

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Color Deck Name Creator Format
UW Vial Fish 7-15FrenadolLegacy
budget turbo fognanojoStandard
UW MythestueyStandard
Illusion TribalMoses MosesVintage
BW AggroOverlordmarxStandard
GU Aetherling rampjasamusLegacy
Silent TempestforeverzeroStandard
UR Twinjat123Modern
Commander Get ListryangrsmithCommander
Bolas and FriendsmysterykingCommander
Jeskai TempochochlikStandard
Budget jundvedModern
Mardu DragonsGodines12Standard
Azami, Lady Of ScrollsSulacSolCommander
Wink 'N BlinkSulacSolCommander
Pauper BRThe SquirrelyqLegacy
Forgemaster MUDKlavineLegacy
Karona EDHAlexthehuttCommander

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