Color Title Player Location Finished Date
Slivers titan222 2/12/2015
The Sliver Everything St. Fenix 10/12/2014
Commander sliver Lenny2261 8/29/2014
Sliver Swarm (IP) Hunting4Witchz 7/14/2014
Sliver Overlord MrTwist82 7/4/2014
Sydri Slivers MrTwist82 6/25/2014
pms linkanred 4/8/2014
The Swarm Zabii 12/22/2013
sliver legion theruister 9/15/2013
Sliver Commander bleisle 7/20/2013
Slivers! theoutsyder83 7/7/2013
Slivers Miles123 6/11/2013
Sliver Swarm Fadeblack77 6/6/2013
Slivers Zatiel 5/31/2013
Budget Sliver EDH pickle539 5/9/2013
Slivers natureofforce 4/27/2013
Fast Slivers GUIworm23 4/26/2013
Slivers GUIworm23 4/26/2013
Slivers Left to buy kymeri 4/13/2013
Sliver EDH Paramagus 1/4/2013
Lachlan's Slivers r2data 12/4/2012
Silver Budget Tezloko 12/2/2012
I've got a sliver! DarthBrett 11/21/2012
sliver SuperN00b 11/8/2012
BW Pauper EDH Aionn 11/6/2012
Sliver Legion EDH bforbradley 10/23/2012
G-Money Sliver Flex johntakua 10/21/2012
Sliver EDH (WIP) Chauncey 9/12/2012
Sliver combo yzzinek 8/23/2012
Welcome Your New Overlord Kitai 8/10/2012
Time Spiral block singlet Malakalam 7/27/2012
Sliverswarm Aughisky 7/13/2012
Sliver Overlord Commander Trevor42 7/12/2012
slivers ahoy Sicto 6/23/2012
slivers kentaro13 6/18/2012
Sliver vengence139 5/11/2012
slivers missing Acustar 3/18/2012
sliver Acustar 3/18/2012
Sliver Swarm Hikolasa 2/22/2012
Sliver storm shrubber05 2/14/2012
Sliver O InfiniteAlice 12/2/2011
Sliver Commander EMAW09 11/10/2011
Doomslivs Drake_Summoner 10/9/2011
Slivers EDH Deck jessybrenen 10/8/2011
maggie Gangrene 10/3/2011
Slivers BDog7759 9/1/2011
SLIVERS! Thomazz 6/26/2011
Sliver EDH Jeremyusesred 6/9/2011
Sliver's Galore! AnimeDreamer 6/1/2011
Endrek Sahr's Conspiracy storkx92 5/23/2011
sliver EDH HostilePinata 2/23/2011
Sliverific Shibo 2/3/2011
random cards iammadmad 1/26/2011
slivers darkangel1995 12/4/2010
Sliver Overlord EDH(Help) jkluge626 10/13/2010
another slivers deck ninjakitty666 10/7/2010
Sliver EDH James Ramirez 9/2/2010
sliver edh areoth1 8/23/2010
Sliver Takeover ShadowGlitcher 8/12/2010
Sliver EDH Z-id-ane 5/28/2010
Sliver Chaos urzeldrazexian 4/12/2010
Slivers urzeldrazexian 4/12/2010
Sliver EDH lexxicon 3/23/2010
EXT- Slivers asteady512 3/8/2010
EDH Slivers sacrilegious 12/22/2009
Custom Sliver mattleouf 11/28/2009
Sliver EDH MichaelMCM131 11/5/2009
The Evil Council Aquabuddy 9/28/2009
Sliver Red_Hawk 8/16/2009
Super Sliver Party Aquabuddy 8/8/2009
Sliver zero eujinrei 6/9/2009
Slivers iqzearo 5/31/2009
S. over- combo playing killbot 3/29/2009
Slivertastic (BRW) jayhoo 2/7/2009
Sliver Stand ewaters 12/28/2008
Sliver Life ewaters 12/17/2008
Sliver Deck luckicharm 3/3/2008
Muckdwellers squidgerino 10/12/2007
amry of slivers slivermaster86 5/24/2007
Slivers reborn TheDyingman24 5/15/2007
Budget Sliverama Hero_for_Hire 2/5/2007
Dimir the merrier! Kryotek 2/1/2007
Slivers Norritt75 1/24/2007
Ghostflame blue_jjb 1/3/2007
My Slivers finkleskinner 11/13/2006

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Color Deck Name Creator Format
Casual MBCArcticfox2012Legacy
blue for youMaddVintage
Hootie and the BlowfisharlukeModern
black is the new blackMaddVintage
B/W recyclepumperknicleVintage
red just redMaddVintage
green gentlemanMaddVintage
men it is multicoloredMaddVintage
artifact jackMaddVintage
lands ladsMaddVintage
Budget doomsday checkSudsyGiraffeLegacy
esper affinityGet MonsteredCommander
Jeskai HarbingerMT243Modern
Grixis Control 5/23RoySilverbladeModern
Ink-Treader's Swell ComboWriterofWrongCommander
Hedron MidrangeAuburnFTWStandard
Olivia's Coven MobilisedNerrzullCommander
GW Humanssadz956Standard

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