Color Title Player Location Finished Date
Band Aid noobin 7/27/2013
Doran's Big 10 team general guy93 11/20/2012
Skyward Pauper EDH Blacklight52 9/13/2012
Bird Soldier Barage Lankswell 10/1/2011
Sealed Deck Exercise #3 Gab Tsang 3/13/2003
Sealed Deck Exercise #3 Zvi Mowshowitz 3/13/2003
Sealed Deck Exercise #3 Jeroen Remie 3/13/2003

Color Deck Name Creator Format
Narset's Set UpkingoftheclamCommander
Waves 2.0JonathanWatsonStandard
UBG standard control rampale81Standard
Junk modernLuckyLoserModern
Monoblack SuccubusMoratharStandard
UB ControlMT243Standard
Grim ReturnsLupineShadowModern
Orzhov WarriorscervantStandard
Mardu WarriorscervantStandard
UB ControlYeshuaModern
BW Extort (Athreos)phkdCommander
Esper ControlmathroxStandard
Gu devotionmathroxStandard
Yung TasigurYeshuaModern
Mardu ControlwammyModern
Draw PowerKenedyMtLegacy
Blue moon v.1andycoletrainModern

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