Color Title Player Location Finished Date
cr<=2 jakman999 1/8/2013
Discard/Deckout brock616 7/26/2011
Nihil-top Skyhammer 8/27/2010
Discard(still needs work) 5/19/2010
Discard(still needs work) 5/19/2010
No Rest 4 the Wicked taho420 4/25/2010
The Frigid Alliance Yu'Shaa 1/20/2007
K.C. Masterpiece JesseG 10/5/2006
4 (budget/newby friendly) Xeyd 8/23/2006

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Color Deck Name Creator Format
Omnath, Locus of Ragejosh_aeCommander
Phyt for your Ritedyank69Legacy
Rakdos Bazaar TradercaptainfreddyModern
Descent Of DragonsstahlscStandard
Maelstrom WanderercaptainfreddyCommander
UR ProwessDandtheswangLegacy
Domri ObliteratorlaineithmanModern
Hedron Alignmentgiant twinkyModern
Artifact EDHnojuice1Commander
Eldrazi GRMonocromonModern
Junk MoontescrinLegacy
Budget vintage andycoletrainVintage
Halimar TokensJoshfred21Modern
Why so OP ?elementalheroflamewiLegacy
Simic EldraziHajileStandard
Eldrazi ClonesJoshfred21Modern
UR Prowessblueberry1337Standard
Red Lobsterhyperdevo89Modern

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