Color Title Player Location Finished Date
Binder 5 rayanami 9/15/2014
EDH Jankin 7/1/2012
Riku RUG Stuff WriterofWrong 6/21/2012
Heartless Hidetsugu EDH dellskch 2/27/2011
Numot EDH mlh 12/18/2010
Storm Grapeshot Help Plz channelblaze 5/29/2010

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Color Deck Name Creator Format
solo lanenatureofforceLegacy
Tiny AmericanSpinnVintage
Elves RallygbnubcakeStandard
Orzhov Warriors (Budget)Adavan1994Standard
BUG DelvercgreenmagicModern
Sultai v.2TYBGModern
Sultai TYBGModern
Tarmo TwintartasharkModern
Pauper FractiusShinroLegacy
Boros HumansejikazumaModern
Pauper UB ReanimateShinroLegacy
Ghave in process, HelpRileyOIrishCommander
UB Fun (could use help)nollielazaflipLegacy
R/W Soul Firejsilver19Standard
BANT Aggroshiwei87tanModern
Omnath Commanderarcticfox2012Commander
grixis walkersjlpell88Standard

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