Color Title Player Location Finished Date
rites sekisko 9/12/2012
- Strictly Worse Cards - Furwin 2/29/2012
Silvos, Rogue Elemental mealsolutions 6/4/2011
JUNK AGO 12/6/2010
Rofellos EDH cardpool faeriedusted 2/13/2010

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Color Deck Name Creator Format
Mono White Tempered SteelmonocromonModern
UW ModernvainityModern
UR Delver BudgetDilbaoModern
Sultai Control v2GhychModern
Pauper Boros TokensomnathLegacy
Arjun Budget EDHepicjuiceboxCommander
Standard GoblinsHeavyMetalLinkStandard
Oloro ControlGodines12Commander
Esper MidrangeHammer_KothStandard
Goryo's Vengancereddawn7Modern
Suicide ZooTr11podModern
MWC Displacerblackhawk23xStandard
Esper token valueSjonasLegacy
RG EldraziTheeWoodStandard
PT Top 8 Eldrazi Balancedjoshfred21Modern
Budget InfectAmbergrisMonkModern
Bogles BudgetAmbergrisMonkModern
Weird ComboGoober1501Modern

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