Color Title Player Location Finished Date
Avacyn, Angel of Hope Narular 1/11/2015
Saffi the Safe MusicKing69 7/20/2014
Rith Build 1 Drumfreak101 7/7/2014
Vish Kal EDH Makaasu 6/24/2014
Doran the Exploder Laubstir 4/19/2014
Dori MusicKing69 12/9/2013
Life Ancev 9/14/2013
Bugs EDH Nightass 8/31/2013
Teysa, Orzohv Scion BigFude369 7/30/2013
Elesh Token cuteemoshannon 7/18/2013
asafas Thungus 7/17/2013
doran's demonicvoid 6/28/2013
Brion Stoutarm frost239 5/30/2013
Obzedat tehjakal 5/13/2013
Obzedat, Ghost Council mamgnos 5/11/2013
caaasss abzolutebox 4/18/2013
Obzedat the First vlazuvius 4/2/2013
Lotsa Life RexxBeasley 3/23/2013
Win Huntaren 2/3/2013
Potato huntaren 2/3/2013
brion Lordman 1/27/2013
Asmira ChaoticSlinky 12/31/2012
To the Walls! theloser25 12/19/2012
Teysa Bubbadaslug 12/3/2012
djsnvipadh Bubbadaslug 12/3/2012
White Life Rafa3011 11/1/2012
Ents bdoubleya 10/20/2012
Northern Wall of Briggs hybrid theory 10/11/2012
cloudshift omgwtfbbqpork 8/27/2012
RWB infinite combo magicben1210 8/19/2012
Darien Life Gain EDH Dragondoom 8/11/2012
life omgwtfbbqpork 7/28/2012
Quiet Contemplation Jedei 7/19/2012
Lifelink/Deathtouch akiley 6/10/2012
Vish Kal Gravebound 6/7/2012
Avacyn Soldier Dollaboy85 5/8/2012
Teysa remfan1988 2/7/2012
A very Vishy Deck killersuv 1/25/2012
Doran, the Siege Tower Yaminick 12/22/2011
Wrath of Denise Jack Black 12/7/2011
Collection Herbster543 10/8/2011
zombie hoard 2zettaslow 10/8/2011
Life Gain Sickly_Gazelle 10/5/2011
sxzcfds Cratty 9/24/2011
safsdf cratty 9/24/2011
Mirrodin Replica Shadow Legacy 8/5/2011
Replica Price Check Shadow Legacy 8/5/2011
Vish Edh Encker 6/18/2011
Angel red_king_2099 4/18/2011
Doran EDH wishlist Maskirovka 4/4/2011
Doran EDH Ice Rapture 2/27/2011
Renewal Combo kata124 1/9/2011
Serra Avatar datastrix 12/5/2010
EDH Defender (Doran) Hallowed1 10/26/2010
Cleric Life katsuhiro 9/27/2010
Dawnbringer Once Pure 5/21/2010
Divinity of Life Once Pure 5/20/2010
Smite you! WalkingHand 5/9/2010
Kevin - Land of the Ooze keevin 5/1/2010
Teeg EDH SimplySoy 4/29/2010
reanimation hell katsuhiro 4/27/2010
EDH Gaddok Teeg frend 1/28/2010
Stop at the Walls ChronoMakers 9/20/2009
Wolf Attack freeqtips 5/17/2007
Fungus To The Core damzarg 4/12/2007
Empty Library zidane01970 10/26/2006
[BW] Token WarcraftMasta 6/20/2006
All life Artifact Guru 6/8/2006
DoveTron kaevyn 5/31/2006
Black/White Life giver AceMagicPlayer 5/21/2006
Hulk Gifts DonZaloog 5/15/2006

Color Deck Name Creator Format
Dimir ExploitKanye WestStandard
Jeskai TokenswakaflockaStandard
current standard*shino353Standard
monogreen aggro dragonsmedleymrStandard
Temur Planeswalkersjlmf117Standard
Mardu aggroGlaciusStandard
From another Shimmer!HyperNVs301Vintage
ajani's pride*shino353Standard
extort's end*shino353Extended
abzan blue dragonsmedleymrStandard
here come the hydras*shino353Vintage
Affinity & Taxesnotacanadian24Legacy
BWU szuperbar?tokdavee669Standard
tutor millshino353Modern
mono green infectshino353Modern
turn 2 harassment shino353Modern
look ma no land*shino353Legacy
Jeskai Midrangeanghel412Standard

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