Color Title Player Location Finished Date
Beast in the sky gerald 1/2/2015
Bad Esper xOSmileyFace 8/5/2013
chaos reigns bobsorules 5/17/2013
Chaos Reigns jacksonchase 11/20/2012
budget animar abyssal 11/4/2012
Horde of Emotions pizzini3000 10/8/2012
blue/white Arboreth 8/20/2012
Wrexial Bernie_Lomax 7/29/2012
Time Spiral block singlet Malakalam 7/27/2012
Miller Trolls DJVampiri 6/18/2012
venser deck sherloc7 5/2/2012
Venser Wizards of the Coast  Duel Decks: Venser vs. Koth 3/22/2012
Venser MiniLuv 3/21/2012
my cube hunter113 1/27/2012
Angelus Syl Karagh 12/11/2011
maggie Gangrene 10/3/2011
Elementals FTW djkyota 3/29/2011
Imposter EDH Xaeric 1/2/2011
Blue awesome jcmgames 7/22/2010
vorosh remix gregjent19 1/23/2008
urw blink Yoda 24 7/23/2007
give and discard siegfried999 2/25/2007

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Color Deck Name Creator Format
Blue moonterrytheexpertModern
Jeskai Black 3.0NecronDraconisStandard
RW Land DestructiontehutiModern
Abzan AggroMT243Standard
Bant WallsjohnskmModern
blue moonkyddjaceModern
B/R AggroExoToxStandard
Eldrazi TronSeviforModern
BG Death Cloudigot8001Modern
Modern Esper ControlJojocalypsoModern
Eldrazi mudrifeddeadmanLegacy
Displacer Infinite Combo4lter3goStandard
Rock LobsterHyperdevo89Modern
Cube: Benthic ExperimentHyperNVs301Chaos
Bant of the Cobra RetreatHyperNVs301Modern
Jund MegamorphHyperNVs301Modern
Relentless AssaultHyperNVs301Modern

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