Color Title Player Location Finished Date
My Collection Wrenblood 11/13/2013
Black Destruction iamstasis 11/13/2012
Eldrazi Urzatron Myrback steelwall1 10/13/2012
He Who is Without Mercy WriterofWrong 2/16/2012
Binder stuff Vyria 7/21/2010
Emrakul edh Trogdor! 4/14/2010

Color Deck Name Creator Format
modern druCateranModern
Abzan Aggro v2Los805Standard
Turn 2 Infinity MillFieryArtificerModern
Blue Moon TwinamnesiakModern
4C DelverlaineithmanModern
Living EndwakaflockaModern
Temur DelverlaineithmanModern
Sultai Controlbertschtree3Legacy
TradesRyan MielbyeLegacy
birthing companyKinofthestarsModern
Black AggrowilloflightStandard
Red AggrowilloflightStandard
Living Endcursed_scrotumModern
Jeskai ControlcreamyModern
Mogis EDHMoonlink47Commander
g devotion modernjlpell88Modern
RG Midrangedyank69Standard
Bring forth New PhyrexiaBloodsfuryCommander

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