Color Title Player Location Finished Date
My Collection Wrenblood 11/13/2013
Black Destruction iamstasis 11/13/2012
Eldrazi Urzatron Myrback steelwall1 10/13/2012
He Who is Without Mercy WriterofWrong 2/16/2012
Binder stuff Vyria 7/21/2010
Emrakul edh Trogdor! 4/14/2010

Color Deck Name Creator Format
BR Aggrojlmf117Standard
Esper ControlMT243Standard
Jeskai Delverpwnsince1988Modern
Jeskai ControlHir0shigeStandard
Kolaghan EDHarcticfox2012Commander
Mono Black ControlSWINGFORLETHALStandard
dragons rawrgoose39Standard
mono black testitsbjdStandard
Dromoka's hatebearsElementalheroflamewiModern
Bad CompanyRazorStarStandard
mardu small midrangeMr.timmyModern
Good temurwil love lillyStandard
Mono Black InfectSiliuseLegacy
ovaltine controlhybrid theoryStandard
UG Venser RampnzmbleederModern
Blasting StationnzmbleederModern
Abzan aggroduffman93Standard
Mind of WeaverHyperNVs301Modern

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