Color Title Player Location Finished Date
Midnite Pauper Combo chumpblocckami 8/24/2014
Spores leonbread 7/17/2014
GW combo pauper Gamaral 3/31/2014
Fungal Infection Extinguisher 3/27/2014
gw tokens pauper Annibaleo 3/26/2014
Grave MyrMaster1 12/19/2013
GW tokens pauper eagle1909 11/7/2013
PauperCube MMA Pricecheck Ponjo 10/22/2013
Pauper Saporlings Izak616 10/10/2013
sporacalypse natureofforce 9/18/2013
Pauper Saprolings -spooky- 9/8/2013
Rhys Token EDH Verusb 9/3/2013
M White Inigshi 8/10/2013
Spores bigfattauren 7/18/2013
Ghave EDH Mehtacos 7/1/2013
ghave - token Elsismegaspar 7/1/2013
You're a Bunch of Saps vmike 6/11/2013
Modern Master's Price Kalgon 6/3/2013
fungus g0m3s 5/28/2013
Win Huntaren 2/3/2013
Potato huntaren 2/3/2013
Ghave Tokens vladd04 1/22/2013
gw pauper Mephist0 12/27/2012
bant fungus woskwich 11/27/2012
Guru Ghave gormesh 10/30/2012
Pauper - Midnight ETB n3onlights 10/23/2012
Trust the Fungus SimplySoy 9/20/2012
Skyward Pauper EDH Blacklight52 9/13/2012
Ghave Mark 2 Meowsy 8/30/2012
Ghave Tester Meowsy 8/14/2012
Pauper Life gain spel565 8/1/2012
Time Spiral block singlet Malakalam 7/27/2012
Fungus Refined spiffer10 7/24/2012
Sigil Captain CML 7/20/2012
WGB Fungus Tokens Landstar 7/9/2012
Farmer Ghave Yoishan 7/4/2012
MODERN PAUPER CUBE Kalmos 5/24/2012
Fungus Sanfax 5/13/2012
Saproling Tokens pope2014 4/28/2012
Soul Sisters ZacTurgeon 4/18/2012
MushLily Nurgleadept 4/15/2012
Ghave, Guru of Spores Bubbadaslug 4/2/2012
-- Furwin's Want List -- Furwin 2/13/2012
Fungus EDH banditman 2/6/2012
fungus EDH stealther500 1/6/2012
Ghave, Guru of Spores Fizzzard 12/8/2011
Ghave, Guru of Spores sojo10242 9/29/2011
Ghave, Guru of Spores deckideas1 9/27/2011
Rhys the Redeemed edh buddha66667 8/20/2011
Saprol vagrant77 7/29/2011
It's Alive! pope2014 7/23/2011
Saproling EDH Deck stealther500 7/5/2011
G\W Tokens .1 Suggestion? DROblivion 7/1/2011
Ghave Commander of Spores currentdecks 6/28/2011
Anti-Nunes amos106 5/30/2011
ghhg ninjadog39 4/13/2011
Rith, the Token Awakener Code-G 3/16/2011
Fun with Fungus Lexington 3/16/2011
Double the Fun! nellneb 3/8/2011
Pauper Saproling GW deanthomas333 12/25/2010
Thallid Storm OldNorthState 12/1/2010
Put the FUN in FUNgi exJscar 10/14/2010
Saproling try Dablosnic 9/16/2010
fungus edh Death Envoy 9/1/2010
Needs Matt the Great 7/31/2010
Ignore This Please Matt the Great 6/20/2010
fungus Gorgar 6/12/2010
Kitchen Table Saprolings Matt the Great 6/7/2010
fungi timb 5/5/2010
Rhys Token EDH AnimalDX150 1/7/2010
Thallids and Saprolings sirdannykins 12/18/2009
Fungal Growth DFChan 9/10/2009
Token domination dead baby 9/5/2009
Saproling Overwhelm sozan 7/14/2009
Saproling Swarm v1 effward 6/18/2009
gbw fungus hpl324 12/28/2008
Thallid Bar fatal_GRACE 9/26/2008
Fungus elFurlong 3/28/2008
Overgrowth GusStorm 2/27/2008
Pumped Weenies lx52 6/26/2007
G/W Thallid Power/Control assjack09 6/14/2007
Thallid ckhrysze 6/13/2007
token recover yagu2 5/26/2007
Moldy Death Mintskoal 4/11/2007
Fungi Command MagnetHero 2/15/2007
G/W Thallid saber0680 2/9/2007

Color Deck Name Creator Format
Geist Tiny LeadersrayanamiCommander
crapin' cap'nsgignoranceStandard
Grixis DelverloudshadowrossModern
4 Color Control(No White)laineithmanStandard
br testitsbjdStandard
BW Midrangejub77Standard
Sultai DelveFeargausStandard
Mono-White AggrorickyjcoxStandard
Punishing JundFrostySpazkinsLegacy
Control - ModernMaulczeModern
myr powersheepyfrankVintage
Grixis DelverSlipper14Modern
Abzan masterygbnubcakeStandard
Shared Fate 2darth luchModern
Shared Fatedarth luchModern
BR aggro midrangeSoulReaperStandard
Doran Ascendancy elementalheroflamewiModern
Thraximundar Voltrond3@thCommander
myth poxraydigga232Modern

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