Color Title Player Location Finished Date
Vintage Rally PrinceofPauper 7/6/2016
Isperia's Wings mysteryking 2/23/2016
Budget Edric videogamer99 11/30/2015
Animar pod orange242424 10/22/2015
Real Goals - Owls Joshfred21 7/21/2015
Pauper Reanimated Pybro 3/25/2015
Imperial animar mac9891 3/19/2015
Kangee, Aerie Keeper 2 Girok 2/8/2015
Animar EDH Pheodix 12/13/2014
Monoblue (Casual) FlappyFish 6/12/2014
Edric GravyTrain 3/23/2014
Birds Cwalkith666 11/1/2013
Animar 1v1 nate57 8/5/2013
Kangee, Aerie Keeper EDH sumopdude 4/24/2013
Rugedh sokits 12/9/2012
Owl Tribal for Pauper qbob2 5/9/2012
Birds dudasat 4/2/2012
Birdsy omnath 2/14/2012
Birds EDH darth luch 12/4/2011
Animar Recruiter Jester831 9/28/2011
Budget Swan Burn Meddling Mage 3/18/2011
Cavern Harpy NightAssailant 1/24/2011
Kangee, Aerie Keeper Warwillow 1/14/2011
Owls qbob2 8/14/2010
This Deck is a HOOT PhosOx 8/8/2010
Swan Burn Meddling Mage 3/7/2010
Kangee EDH cilleysf 2/10/2010

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Color Deck Name Creator Format
Emrakul, Promised EDHOphilyCommander
RUG rampsammy sliverStandard
landfall v.2sammy sliverStandard
Thomas M. BaxaDeathHarvestModern
Boros HumanHeavens KnightStandard
GB Delirium AggroGlaciusStandard
Curel thing DudefaceModern
usa delver *2 chms220Modern
Architect's TutelageiantewksModern
Waste not combo DudefaceModern
RB Vampiressnip3r19Standard
Nahiri BoomlnazarioModern
Walkers CompanySerhio666Modern
BR VampiresYokidragonStandard
Esper Controlnojuice1Standard
goldfish madnessnilsonStandard

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