Color Title Player Location Finished Date
Stuff BudgetDecks 11/15/2014
The Sliver Everything St. Fenix 10/12/2014
Sliver Binder CalvinTTrgr 10/8/2014
Commander sliver Lenny2261 8/29/2014
CMDR Slivers ACyee42 8/3/2014
Sliver Swarm (IP) Hunting4Witchz 7/14/2014
Sliver Overlord MrTwist82 7/4/2014
Sydri Slivers MrTwist82 6/25/2014
Sliver EDH2.0 whiteshadw 6/12/2014
Sliver Overlord EDH munckee 12/12/2013
Sliver Overlord abyssal 10/19/2013
Slivers.deck Kenshin324 10/6/2013
No Queen Sliver NickV 9/12/2013
Sliver EDH Beyrs 8/4/2013
sliver john152534 7/12/2013
Slivers Old N New ContradictMe 7/11/2013
Sliver EDH Krohnos 7/8/2013
Slivers! theoutsyder83 7/7/2013
Sliver Horde World Ablaze 4/3/2013
Sliver EDH Forge 3/18/2013
sliver blusentinel 3/9/2013
Sliver Horde! devbot2 2/27/2013
Sliver Legion Aggro Nope 1/21/2013
Casual Rainbow Slivers EpeeGnome 9/21/2012
slivers abyssal 9/15/2012
Sliver EDH (WIP) Chauncey 9/12/2012
Slivers EDH Emopizza 9/3/2012
Slivers KidoftheThird 9/1/2012
slivers Ghych 8/27/2012
Sliver EDH KidoftheThird 7/31/2012
slivers ahoy Sicto 6/23/2012
Sliver vengence139 5/11/2012
Slivers krazybanana 5/8/2012
Cmdr Planeswalkers andyrut 5/2/2012
sliver Acustar 3/18/2012
Sliver Legions srfischer83 1/27/2012
FAT STACKS Slivers WriterofWrong 11/2/2011
Slivers Skitto2005 10/22/2011
Estoque morphonrpg 9/7/2011
Sliver EDH Jeremyusesred 6/9/2011
Slivers EDH Enygmatic 4/12/2011
EDH Slivers rajreb 3/26/2011
sliver EDH HostilePinata 2/23/2011
Sliverific Shibo 2/3/2011
Relentless Slivers phantomseige 1/5/2011
Rainbow Sliver combatwombat16 1/1/2011
Sliver Overlord EDH sojo10245 12/26/2010
Sliver EDH moviecaveman 12/22/2010
Sliver EDH smadam813 12/21/2010
Hive Mind EDH JaMoose 12/5/2010
slivers darkangel1995 12/4/2010
sliver edh areoth1 8/23/2010
Sliver EDH Grouty 8/16/2010
EDH Sliver EDH Advice? NickV 8/3/2010
Sliver EDH lexxicon 3/23/2010
Sly Slivers biarg666 3/18/2010
Sliver EDH MichaelMCM131 11/5/2009
5 Clr Slivers miradus 11/5/2009
Sliver Red_Hawk 8/16/2009
slivers pwn cogitosum 11/1/2005
slivers loxodon reda 10/18/2005
Ultima Sliver Darklus 7/29/2005
Hive of the Slivers Neji_is_king 1/18/2005

Color Deck Name Creator Format
$50 PhenaxBefuddlementCommander
Rhys the Redeemedarcticfox2012Commander
$50 RakdosBefuddlementCommander
Backdraft CubeloudshadowrossLegacy
Grixis DelversmtModern
Amulet BloomwakaflockaModern
RW BurnwakaflockaModern
Impact RedYokiDragonStandard
murica midrangemweissmModern
RG AggroGaspoflifeStandard
Tangle Wire AffinitylithiuxLegacy
Jeskai StonebladeOldManMagic54Legacy
No delve delverWETTVModern

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