Color Title Player Location Finished Date
Pauper Cube alexthehutt 10/13/2014
Green fun MTGN4TI0N 7/24/2013
Pauper Cube Buy List s0lidlyksnak3 7/11/2013
Zombie Ate Mah Neighbors ShizaCoffee 4/6/2013
Time Spiral block singlet Malakalam 7/27/2012
- Strictly Worse Cards - Furwin 2/29/2012
-- Furwin's Want List -- Furwin 2/13/2012
Sheoldred, Whispering One downdog 8/18/2011
400 Cube PrototypeQ 3/14/2011
Sardonic sardonicus 11/18/2010
Zombie Trial alforev 5/21/2010
Merfolk and others LazerMuffins 5/7/2010
Merfolk and zombies LazerMuffins 5/6/2010
Mono-Black Zombies Bad-Religion13 3/27/2009
Zombies in Waves jamesfrancis999 12/1/2008
Salt n' Pepper Rebels jchina2008 4/29/2008
BlackGreen-Argyle argyle013 12/5/2007
Zombie knowsnuthing 11/6/2007
zombie deck undeadjames123 7/19/2007
Zombie Rush thegreenronin 6/3/2007

Color Deck Name Creator Format
Jeskai DragonsMiguStandard
Mono blueironocyStandard
manifest aggrodavee669Standard
naya catSolarm08Modern
revenge of the dorksshino353Vintage
The Damages!billybobjonesStandard
Tower DefenseKaminosaiLegacy
Izzet AggroXxTPMxX97Standard
Mono Blue DevotionNunariStandard
UG InfectFrostySpazkinsModern
mono-u DelveridontkonowVintage
Jeskai ControlWinglerw28Legacy
Draw burnironocyStandard
Esper Control v2.0MT243Standard
Golgari AggrodrizztkambizModern
Atarka goblinsCrimsonLiegeModern
Mardu ControlshyterStandard

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