Color Title Player Location Finished Date
Krenko Den-Rome 7/19/2012
Márton's Goblins EDH Trogdor! 7/18/2012
Knight watch 2 firelordzero 7/12/2012
EDH Jankin 7/1/2012
my cube E555 6/18/2012
Attack Pata King 8/11/2011
Hazezon Tamar gkraigher 7/26/2011
stack for trade gorelando 7/13/2011
[EDH] RIth, The Awakener mdmcclos 2/12/2011
Knight watch firelordzero 12/11/2010
Boros Fury nible7 10/31/2009

Color Deck Name Creator Format
[Modern] Angel PodWinglerw28Modern
Budget Jund MidrangeBingbadaboomCommander
[Misc] Cards for MiraclesWinglerw28Legacy
Esper ControlDiogucModern
[Pauper] UR DelverWinglerw28Legacy
5 Colors - Infinite DeathXEQSHUNAVintage
UWR VindikatorModern
Genesis waveelementalheroflamewiModern
Doran TokenselementalheroflamewiModern
Leg. Heartless TrashIzzet_Me?Legacy
UB Control T2DiogucStandard
Pony Warriors ArcRavenStandard
Sharuum the cheatertrsblurCommander
Modern DevotionZachithModern
Melira PodkunuchModern
esper artifactsGirokCommander
RU stuffsammy sliverVintage

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