Color Title Player Location Finished Date
underworld dreams vash2332 4/22/2016
Intet, the Dreamer Joshfred21 10/10/2015
fafwegasd BoBisAWESOME 6/12/2015
april wish list ausamsam 4/9/2015
Mind Grind wuzzifizit 11/10/2014
Draw down casyoual 9/29/2014
Group hug Czar Beans IV 8/15/2014
Nekusar (COM) Sign_in_Blood 11/8/2013
Grixis Hug V0.9 Killme304 10/24/2013
Budget Lazav shinysyduck 7/29/2013
Dimir Mania arthurhjl9798 7/27/2013
25$ Megrim Sloths4Marx 6/24/2013
Discard/Burn O_Kaire 5/7/2013
Crosis FireSpore 2/24/2013
Play Faster Meatak 2/15/2013
BU Discard alukard27 2/10/2013
B/U Discard (help) HadesSldr 12/17/2012
Devoted Quill messup aN1x 11/17/2012
Transmute Megrim godfat 8/21/2012
etdsf BlitzKriegRDS 8/11/2012
Teferi, Mage of Zhalfir BlitzKriegRDS 8/11/2012
Kami Of The Crescent Moon BlitzKriegRDS 8/4/2012
Tomorrow Azami's EDH Drakestormstar 6/21/2012
The Vissionary mikekop 6/5/2012
Sen Group Hug Chintan 4/25/2012
Gwafa Hazid EDH remfan1988 4/14/2012
Drawwww Vindale 2/24/2012
Megrim Jack Black 12/9/2011
Deck Commander Kickass Jaycko1er 11/6/2011
Turbo Wits jphsnake 11/2/2011
Silly Milly ewentz79 9/5/2011
One for All MDspider 9/5/2011
Discard/Deckout brock616 7/26/2011
Dagron haproon 7/26/2011
Edric likes to help. remfan1988 7/6/2011
Kami Djcrac3 6/19/2011
Fun Multiplayer wolforous 5/15/2011
Just Draw Blaz3x86 4/28/2011
Galvanoth encablossa 3/31/2011
big purple hippo saiucrozier 3/15/2011
Korona, Group Hug EDH jace19 2/16/2011
God Deck EDH smadam813 12/17/2010
Molten Psyche (comments?) BudgetDecks 10/30/2010
UB Discard Chimaera 5/23/2010
Megrim ryukiza 4/17/2010
edh-release the kraken! bmac1815 3/13/2010
U discard U lose mcbainer 11/5/2009
B/U Mill Discard Deck cl_k24 10/18/2009
Discard VanBeliever12 9/14/2009
B/U Discard jostens 9/13/2009
Black N Blue Discard KidFlash 7/6/2009
DD's Mill Deck v2 phatty 6/20/2009
Draw or Discard? (ver. 2) The_Marshall 12/30/2008
Power Mill midge2006 12/20/2008
Yes Cards No Cards alitabitiliterit 11/17/2008
Artifice Combo Deux Ingalls 11/5/2008
megrim dreams bong 5/30/2008
Megrim Eat_A_Pie 5/22/2008
the howling underworld jettytoots 8/16/2007
unstable constable jettytoots 8/14/2007
bg Storytesller (MP) dabenji 6/24/2007
2007 Regionals - 2nd Place Justin Meyer  2007 Regionals Minneapolis, Minnesota 2nd 6/18/2007
2007 Regionals - 6th Place Amar Dattani  2007 Regionals Coventry, England 6th 6/18/2007
My Narcobridge duplax65 6/16/2007
narco-bridge Mr PURPLE419 6/12/2007
NarcoBridge Zac Hill 6/8/2007
Gauntlet NarcoBridge 6/8/2007
Hao can you Dredge A80H 6/2/2007
bridge mlong74844 5/25/2007
The Fridge wydogg5305 5/5/2007
Frozen aether darkscout 4/16/2007
Deck-out alexpascal 2/7/2007
Destroy library nba_panos 10/3/2006
UB Discarder Vash_Templar 8/8/2006
Budget BU Control flair 6/10/2006
Harvestor darvius 4/2/2006
Blue discard deck v.1 redklaws 2/27/2006
Junktroller Control AdminOfPain 2/24/2006
Draw a Card kemon 2/11/2006
Izzet Milling ShadowOfDeath 2/10/2006
My New U/G Madness leandro25 1/29/2006
Christmas Gifts Reanimate bregmann 12/25/2005
Dimir Deckout hebrewhammer31 11/1/2005
MBAu the gauntlet dude 10/2/2005

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Color Deck Name Creator Format
Dark CardsforeverzeroStandard
Infect CommanderFrankDTank16Commander
Please Commentnightshade1203Modern
Mono Green ModernArcticfox2012Modern
Price Check 1ironocyModern
Infinite BurnVolustoVintage
Temur CompanydevinwuStandard
ugly uncommonsMaddVintage
States Blackswordman554Modern
white is right?MaddVintage
Mime Mime Mimevivlav144Commander
Delver PauperblueballsVintage
Death and TaxesCHA!Modern

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