Color Title Player Location Finished Date
Mavis, the First Acshinobi 9/23/2015
titania Prockhimself 12/26/2014
Ghave, Guru of Spores thebest105 7/26/2014
Saprolings, UNITE! HandheldToast 7/23/2014
Saproling Beatdown rma1219 4/7/2014
Infected Mushroom Madness2.4 2/6/2014
fungusy doom Kezarah 1/7/2014
Saproling Explosion elbon27 11/3/2013
Prossh tokens PhobicSuperior 8/21/2013
Trostani, Tokens Tokens! Necrode 8/14/2013
asafas Thungus 7/17/2013
Ag-Grow darkforce547 6/17/2013
You're a Bunch of Saps vmike 6/11/2013
Rith's Sap gen venser09 6/2/2013
Mono-Green Edh Oreimo 5/11/2013
Saprolol Mister Fishman 4/19/2013
Thallidy Goodness Sengachi 4/3/2013
Let's have FUNgus daleyplanit 2/8/2013
Thelon FUNgus kingkongownz 2/4/2013
Growth Spurt TrueIndigo 11/17/2012
Saproling Might SMG_freak 10/30/2012
Fungus Amongus Sircumference 8/24/2012
Saprol to win! gabrielfjs 8/23/2012
Hidden Shrines nodachie 8/19/2012
GW Edh boss buffs jerichomrtn 8/5/2012
Time Spiral block singlet Malakalam 7/27/2012
G/W Token/Jinxed Idol orca 7/25/2012
Farmer Ghave Yoishan 7/4/2012
Tree Folk EDH Funkboy111 6/21/2012
Blessed Growth Shadowclaimer 6/11/2012
Tim Waterdrops 5/25/2012
Fungus Sanfax 5/13/2012
Fungus fun xDave12 5/11/2012
mycoloth ChaoticLoki 5/10/2012
Ulasht Rowan 5/8/2012
Saprolosis Fogbean 4/30/2012
Saproling Tokens pope2014 4/28/2012
mass polydump fundudeman 4/20/2012
Rith, the Awakener Gilly7691 4/16/2012
Hate Seed megasqid 4/6/2012
Thalon of Havenwood kingkongownz 4/4/2012
Fun With Fungus ironmaiden93 3/4/2012
Saprolings rasna 1/22/2012
fungus EDH stealther500 1/6/2012
Saprolings patatouille 12/31/2011
Token Boost and munch stealther500 12/25/2011
Prison Deck ChaoticLoki 12/16/2011
saporling overrun mutton button 12/1/2011
Genju of the Realm MoeRapples 11/28/2011
Verdeloth's Forest Maurepas 11/26/2011
Saproling? pommydragon2525 10/14/2011
Vegetation Madness AndreasMolsted 10/10/2011
Token Infestation lughin 9/22/2011
Counterpunch rebuild xvxcolorado 9/21/2011
omnath edh xvxcolorado 9/7/2011
Saprol vagrant77 7/29/2011
Saproling EDH Deck stealther500 7/5/2011
token time sftht 6/29/2011
Saproling Boosting V.2 stealther500 6/28/2011
thelon amarion 6/15/2011
Saprolings KidoftheThird 5/23/2011
saproling deck nathan555 5/18/2011
Fungus/ Saproling red_king_2099 4/18/2011
fungus digit77 4/14/2011
FuNgUs FuN plz CMT stealther500 3/28/2011
Mycoloth encablossa 3/15/2011
Kamahl, Fist of Krosa Tuurtles 3/13/2011
Saporlings love power cmt stealther500 3/6/2011
Ulasht edh! owen! 2/13/2011
heavy fungus lince 1/22/2011
thelon [PMP]Krevvy 1/18/2011
Elfungus uncletiggy 1/14/2011
INFINITE SAPROLING HELP senorhong 1/11/2011
Fungus Deck joekickazz 12/20/2010
Gwb Sappos wasoe 12/6/2010
Thallid Explosion bmkass 11/22/2010
Saproling sir003 11/7/2010
Saproling Tokens Cheap V2 yurist 10/23/2010
Saproling Landfall exJscar 10/14/2010
Saprolicious Marginal0 10/3/2010
Saproling Token Epic Hit yurist 9/14/2010
fungus edh Death Envoy 9/1/2010
Rise of the Saproling julliboy 8/14/2010
FUNgus mrhamster101 8/12/2010
Brain Freeze Steam313 5/24/2010
Saprolings shaley4 5/13/2010
Mono Green Fungi Anor 5/9/2010
fungi timb 5/5/2010
Pauper Challenge Deadat27 4/27/2010
Saprolings DeathSpeach 4/22/2010
fungai. donkeypuncher_snatch 4/19/2010
Fungal Jungle Zeratul3 4/7/2010
Bahaha Thallids :) saywaffletime 2/26/2010
The Land Says Aquabuddy 10/25/2009
Sap 2.0 Yanng 9/14/2009
Fungal Growth DFChan 9/10/2009
Saproling Overwhelm sozan 7/14/2009
Indestructo-saprolings encablossa 7/10/2009
Green Token Deck th3ninjasnwman 7/4/2009
EDH Elves phantom 6/30/2009
fun-dub-mentals brice_tuttle 9/29/2008
Thallid Bar fatal_GRACE 9/26/2008
Token Trouble RoboEndslow 7/21/2008
Druid deck kimimama 6/12/2008
Token Freedom naverue 4/30/2008
Fungus elFurlong 3/28/2008
Druid aarrgghh87 2/5/2008
Enchanted Forest jdragonman 2/1/2008
Fungus Amungus psilosimon 12/12/2007
Treefolk kill-joy 12/5/2007
Land Combo (Comment Plz denton222 11/22/2007
Acorn Recursion elocinanna 11/11/2007
The Swarm minkus 11/2/2007
Treefolk Tribal jah 10/19/2007
Life and Limb mort for short 10/16/2007
EFG gaia2171 10/1/2007
saprolings are my freinds greeniac 8/30/2007
Fungus Aggro scififreak3099 7/1/2007
Thallid ckhrysze 6/13/2007
Salad Shooter M.IV shadzar 5/26/2007
double the fungus FS kriol21 4/24/2007
Tokens OverRun BOOMStcX 4/7/2007
G/W Thallid saber0680 2/9/2007
GlareControl bof... 2/1/2007
double the fungus kriol21 11/3/2006

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Color Deck Name Creator Format
Dredge ZombieMrTwist82Modern
Soul BlastMrTwist82Modern
Sultai ControlMrTwist82Modern
Mono Blue Ramp4lter3goStandard
Mardu NahiriNightshade1203Standard
Bant FlashlaineithmanModern
Casual MBCArcticfox2012Legacy
blue for youMaddVintage
Hootie and the BlowfisharlukeModern
black is the new blackMaddVintage
B/W recyclepumperknicleVintage
red just redMaddVintage
green gentlemanMaddVintage
men it is multicoloredMaddVintage
artifact jackMaddVintage
lands ladsMaddVintage
Budget doomsday checkSudsyGiraffeLegacy
esper affinityGet MonsteredCommander

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