Color Title Player Location Finished Date
Glory to Avacyn! AngelOfElysium 12/4/2013
Nostalgia lorkac 9/12/2013
asdfasdf fatboyslimboy 12/22/2012
Tokens Invisible Man 12/16/2012
Boros Soldiers onuris 11/7/2012
Cho Manno Insanity onuris 10/18/2012
Reya the Necromancer westers209 3/5/2012
UW control flyer nsalaka 2/24/2012
Rune Tail EDH ORG4NS 2/13/2012
Soldiers of Fortune Perch 7/21/2011
Signal the Charge jp523 6/7/2011
Green white aggro pieisfire123 3/3/2011
Soldier mangol 11/29/2009
Soldiers Red_Hawk 9/6/2009
The Draft vikesrule247 10/6/2007
A Soldier Life Manvo 1/21/2005
Patriotic marspete 3/30/2004

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Color Deck Name Creator Format
Bg DevotioncgreenmagicModern
Mentor MiracleskillerlilninjaLegacy
Instant ReplayFoolsPlayStandard
Rally Burnafruc15Standard
Bant Companyafruc15Standard
Heroic DelveraalistorModern
grixis delvebgamerModern
GW Collected CompanyaalistorModern
Living Endbcphilli88Modern
Green Stompycolinm16Modern
American TwinMaaxx82Modern
UB artifactinakikenStandard
Mardu MidrangeSulacSolStandard
Vine GiftsaalistorModern
Liliana, HereticSprockCommander
mono green stompylegomitch02Modern
UB Thopter ControlTheHighlife5Standard

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