Color Title Player Location Finished Date
Doran the Exploder Laubstir 4/19/2014
Edgewalker Marsh Casualty 10/28/2013
Eventide Life Drain sketchanderase 1/28/2013
Heal and Smack God of Muffins 5/3/2012
Your cards are now black! NobodyAkagi 5/16/2011
Black and White dragon1979 7/23/2010
goat deck need help***** monie200 12/16/2009
goat deck 2 need advice!! monie200 12/16/2009
goat deck monie200 12/11/2009
Goat Deck (Daily MTG) mighty_tuna 9/28/2009
Kithkin Red_Hawk 9/1/2009
When Goats Attack d4rkphilosophe 7/22/2009
W Flying Aggro Vodka1 7/13/2009
White/Black Token rmac90 1/25/2009
Lifegain Flanking insanelode 10/14/2008
Blessed Kithkin SwampRat45 8/1/2008

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Color Deck Name Creator Format
Grixis Aggro/Controlarcticfox2012Standard
5 Color Bring to LightSteelSnakeStandard
Intet, the DreamerJoshfred21Commander
Abzan's LegendsmazyngaStandard
Abzhan AlliesdragosiStandard
Monogreen rampdragosiStandard
Grixis DragonsYoru_SunekuLegacy
Mono Black InfectC0mrad3Modern
BW TokensC0mrad3Modern
Jeskai Control VintageJAmes72899Vintage
Miracles 2.0JAmes72899Legacy
GR Landfall WilloflightStandard
Creatureless MiraclesJAmes72899Legacy
Abzan life gain WilloflightStandard
$50 RakdosbefuddlementCommander
Esper DragonsarendalStandard
Punishing MiraclesJAmes72899Legacy

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