Color Title Player Location Finished Date
Grimgrin Zombie Tribal PrimalGarruk94 3/7/2015
Bennie's Sidisi theliontamer 2/24/2015
Undead Parade EDH Jelani 2/22/2015
Sidisi's Brood Seraph777 2/19/2015
Sidisi sigma85 12/16/2014
Grimgrin and Friends czolgosz14 12/6/2014
Binder 5 rayanami 9/15/2014
GrimGrin, Lord of zombies apoisonousduck 6/17/2014
Mind Slash MrTwist82 5/7/2014
Call to the Grave MrTwist82 3/9/2014
Geth Zombie Reanimator Railian86 1/29/2014
Zombie tribal kupo12 1/10/2014
2.0 cleric edh erozorch 12/22/2013
Zombie EDH Gilly7691 12/22/2013
Mikaeus, the Unhallowed Gilly7691 12/1/2013
Zombie Apocalypse glasscobra 11/11/2013
Sygg Zombie Wizard Master EricTMoses 10/26/2013
Grimgrin panface 9/16/2013
Rise of the Zomborgs JManBz 7/10/2013
Power Zombie tuckchuck 6/23/2013
Lim Dul, Zombie Person Klinscy 5/18/2013
asd Warbrother 5/17/2013
Sedris InstaGib Win Jophiel 5/11/2013
Grimgrin v5 hellbound1345 3/11/2013
Mikaeus zombie edh daddock 3/6/2013
GrimGrin, Corpse-Born countrspellboy 2/21/2013
My Rare Binder stardude900 2/17/2013
zombie cycle thesandman99 12/17/2012
EDH Grimgrin, Corpse-Born meffeo 12/6/2012
Dralnu Zombies Dementia55372 10/31/2012
Zombie gang Vagpowner 10/14/2012
GRIMGRIN zombies dbctim 9/15/2012
Thraximundar's Decree dezzz 8/30/2012
Zombies!!! emillang1000 7/5/2012
Sedris, the Traitor King Reindert 6/27/2012
Grimgrin the hungry v2 xbbr31x 6/25/2012
Lim-Dul the Necromancer habid42 6/14/2012
Grimgrin v3 hellbound1345 6/3/2012
Damia Zombies manongpatrick 5/31/2012
Grimgrin, Corpse-Born Ho Nugget 5/28/2012
Zambees phoenikix 5/3/2012
EDH ZEES hunter113 4/5/2012
Zombies Timmah5000 3/3/2012
Whispers of Sheoldred Got_Lo? 2/27/2012
U/B Zombies gohanz7 2/16/2012
Grimgrin's Horde komodoski 2/12/2012
Grimgrin's Zombocalypse 2 WriterofWrong 2/8/2012
BUG Zombie COMMENT BioPrince 1/26/2012
My Zombie deck Tarroo 1/23/2012
Up up and away! brett1138 1/19/2012
Balthor the Defiled sumopdude 11/29/2011
zombie JEWRIGHTSMAN 11/25/2011
Zombies Zombies Zombies putra 11/13/2011
Thraximundar bmatzelle 10/28/2011
MyZombies Xutdafacup 10/15/2011
Grimgrin's Zombocalypse WriterofWrong 10/13/2011
Lim-Dul the Necromancer RestlessHero 9/20/2011
Om Nom Zombies scottlingley 9/11/2011
Grimgrin EDH hellbound1345 9/9/2011
B/U Zombies EHD WIP itssully 9/8/2011
zombie shorty dill 8/16/2011
ZombAAACCHINA?! Jaker 8/14/2011
Wrexial EDH - Zombies nonjon 8/13/2011
Garza Zol, Swag Queen vitalfroogle 7/31/2011
Zombie EDH lolbifrons 5/30/2011
EDH Balthor Zombie Dablosnic 1/23/2011
Changeling bh13 1/13/2011
Zombies [EDH] CaseyDuke 7/22/2010
Karona EDH AnimalDX150 11/3/2009
Walking Dead Glattyator 8/6/2009
Zombies Eat Brains ZEB bluesub6 5/29/2008
Zombie Beatdown winkles 8/10/2007
Night Of The Living Dead undead_warrior 6/10/2006
We don't stay dead long guildmage 5/4/2006
Zombie March Klepsus 4/15/2006
Zombie/Destruction Deck madteaparty18 2/19/2005
From the Grave! Remy Lupira 12/5/2004
Zombie 'Ombie Soulless_Hybrid 9/30/2004
Mass Murder ZombieOverrun DragonCollector741 7/4/2004
Limit Break Sean Roney 4/20/2004

Color Deck Name Creator Format
Twin SilumgarSoullessKillaStandard
BR Aggrojlmf117Standard
Esper ControlMT243Standard
Jeskai Delverpwnsince1988Modern
Jeskai ControlHir0shigeStandard
Kolaghan EDHarcticfox2012Commander
Mono Black ControlSWINGFORLETHALStandard
dragons rawrgoose39Standard
mono black testitsbjdStandard
Dromoka's hatebearsElementalheroflamewiModern
Bad CompanyRazorStarStandard
mardu small midrangeMr.timmyModern
Good temurwil love lillyStandard
Mono Black InfectSiliuseLegacy
ovaltine controlhybrid theoryStandard
UG Venser RampnzmbleederModern
Blasting StationnzmbleederModern
Abzan aggroduffman93Standard

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